'What Would You Do?': How this son responds after dad asks for gambling money

You’re in a restaurant and overhear that a father is gambling his family’s money away. Do you backup the son or trust the father will work it out?
6:49 | 07/15/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'What Would You Do?': How this son responds after dad asks for gambling money
This is on me, dad. I'm a working man, so -- Thank you, man. I'm proud of you. So I guess this means you can lend the old man a couple bucks? Sure, what for? Well, I just had some minor losses at the track last week. But I'm gonna win it back, really, it's not a problem. Does mom know that you're gambling again? Oh, come on. I'm not hurting anybody here, okay? It was a landmark ruling. Big decision from the supreme court, striking down a federal law that basically banned most states from allowing betting on sports. In 2018, the supreme court lifted the federal ban on sports gambling. Since then, 22 states have legalized sports betting, while another 25 states have pending legislation. Pretty soon, many Americans will be able to place a wager without leaving their state. And that includes the nearly 10 million people struggling with a gambling habit before the ban was lifted. You won't be able to get a seat in a gamblers anonymous room because what happens is people that never would gamble sports illegally are now gambling on sports. I don't mind helping you out, but you kind of have a history here. But I've got it under No, you don't, dad. I'm afraid you have a gambling addiction. You're at a restaurant when you overhear this father gambling with his family's trust. Do you go all in, and back the son, or do you bet that the father will figure it out? "What would you do?" I do not have a gambling problem. I can stop anytime I want. You've been saying that for years. Our hidden cameras are rolling at the royal coach diner. So, let's get to the reason that I brought you here. These first customers listen in as Josh lays it all on the line. I was sort of in a situation at the tracks last weekend. Does mom know that you're gambling again? I don't see any reason to bring her into this. I think you're making a big deal. You're addicted. I'm not addicted. At odds with Dylan over his habit, our dad tries to find support. Do you think gambling addiction is, like, a real thing? Yes. It's a disease, yes. It's a sickness. I get that. And that's not me. Dad, I wouldn't be comfortable giving you the money. It's not a big deal. You're blowing this way out of proportion. It's a pattern. I'm not enabling you. I think we send Dylan away now. I'm gone. With Dylan away, these customers offer their two cents. I kind of see why your son is upset. I really do think I could win everything back this time, and then some. You might not win. It's always easy when you're using someone else's money. If I was your son I wouldn't loan you the money. Why not? Because I say it's the same as alcohol addiction, drug addiction. Wow. But I don't think I'm in the situation where I'm hurting anyone. You're hurting your son. He looked sad. That's a good point. I never saw it that way. With Josh tapped out, we make our way in. It's John Quinones. Oh, my god. Why is it important to speak up? Because he's hurting himself. Addiction is real and by giving him money, it's enabling him and it wouldn't help. Your message to people who are addicted to gambling? To seek help, and try not to hurt your family members. As the day goes on, more customers try their luck at helping Josh. Only you know when you need help. I mean, I don't think I do, but my son thinks I do, and -- If you gamble, and now you have to borrow money from your kid, doesn't that mean you need some help? Some customers go one step further. They have rooms for gambling addiction. Pointing him in the right direction. You need to be around people that can identify with your situation. But first, Josh must acknowledge the problem. It's up to the individual person. It's like taking a horse to water. That don't mean the horse is gonna drink the water, you know what I mean? We roll again. I feel like I'm feeding your addiction. Oh, my god. I'm not some addict. Listen, I can't lend you the money. I can't. Okay. Okay, that's it. We'll leave it at that. I'm going to go to the bathroom. Let's just pretend this conversation didn't happen, okay? Good. With dad away, this customer tries to reassure Dylan. Unfortunately, it's not the answers that they want to hear. I've been in your shoes before. Don't give up. I feel so bad saying no. You have to set boundaries because if not, the cycle will continue and continue. If you lend him the money -- He's gonna keep doing it and know he has that fallback plan to continue to go back to. We're rolling one last time. You shouldn't be gambling in the first place. All right, but there's nothing to worry about. You know what? Let me just cool off. This man overhears the exchange and takes a different approach. Everybody who has a problem, they never think they have a problem. How do you get them to see the problem? Just express how much you love him and you want him to get help. You'll be there with him every step of the way. He takes the time to stress the importance of Dylan's support. That outburst he had was from embarrassment because you know about it. When he realizes that you're in his corner, at least he knows he's not going to be doing it alone. Josh comes up to this man and says -- Is everything all right here? Yeah, everything's cool. How's it going? Thomas, man, nice to meet you. Good. Nice to meet you. With Josh back at the table -- May I have a moment? Of course. Thomas Yates goes all in. I'm here to tell you, us as humans, nobody's perfect. But the important part is that you are here presently now with your son. There's a lot of people out there who don't have anybody in their corner. Listen, I don't really have a problem. I mean, I don't know what he told you, but I don't even consider myself a gambler. You see? Josh tries to pass on the lecture, but Thomas doubles down. Well, the steps to doing that is admission. And if your son is seeing something that maybe you're not seeing, why don't you let him take the lead on this one? Before Josh answers, it's time to introduce ourselves. How are you doing, man? Hey, how's it going, sir? You gave so much of your time. Tell us why. Because I have family who dealt with gambling and I helped them to become a different way in life. You wanted to help? Absolutely, absolutely. And whatever I could have did to help guide them in the right direction, why not be the catalyst to help make that transformation go seamless? The first step on the road to recovery from addiction is acknowledging the problem. And as we learned today, the support of loved ones is paramount to completing that journey.

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{"duration":"6:49","description":"You’re in a restaurant and overhear that a father is gambling his family’s money away. Do you backup the son or trust the father will work it out?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"71787960","title":"'What Would You Do?': How this son responds after dad asks for gambling money","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/son-responds-dad-asks-gambling-money-71787960"}