How cable news is talking about the protests -- and why it matters | FiveThirtyEight

Database journalist Dhrumil Mehta looks into how the national media has been covering recent protests against police violence following George Floyd's killing.
6:49 | 06/12/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How cable news is talking about the protests -- and why it matters | FiveThirtyEight
If you watch team. She wiped her all of the words commonly used on national news can provide us with a look at how the store. They say we're. Right in high just moved. Sponsor. CNN MSNBC and Fox News have all been quite a couple. All violence and. You're watching new day and it has been a painful night of violence and protests. In Minneapolis. As we mentioned the streets of Minneapolis got more violent as darkness fell tonight with police using nonlethal weapons. Of Fox News alert now violence escalating overnight Minneapolis as rioters. Since the city's third precinct police station on fire. In the wake of the death of George flood. Violent protests raged for a second straight night following the death of George Florida after being. So why does matter. Immediately to funeral it precedes protest movements. Not influenced. You. Or at the university of Minnesota. Research focuses on how are just. Some protests tired stroke her and getting legitimacy. And adding legitimate coverage and another is. A lot of details and it does because there is an over emphasis on actions that are happening in protest. What they're what you're dealing items. We ever watched as mobs of violent credence have burned our cities. Defaced our monuments beaten old women in the street shot police officers and stolen everything in sight. Though the writing. The looting. Let's just let Cisco down the list and we won't start. Good but images that were looking at now this is unacceptable. It's despicable behavior. It actually turns. A lot of Americans against the good cause. So when the protesters cap of less discord that is happening on such a meeting between journalists and critics. And a lot of it is that I write it was an placing blame on other people unending. Here's and it's teaches that and instigate some of the accident protestors take. It would end and it it's as on violence and an accident and unless they did add unit in the heat on. If you come in swing this way you see a parking lot. On this side this is where the target and a grocery store there were getting openly looted people walking in and now running out with items. These actions should not be happening. Okay again understand the anger not the actions this should not be happening a police precincts and not be going up and planes. Just last mile that is needed you really get with us appreciate each and eight a lot of emphasis on by opponents and and riots in. And you know how did you control or confront her arrest them or haven't you. Tear gas and you know eight to them away Whitney they where it is very very disruptive ash and their demands wares are introduced at this. While George flake died and Wexler happened and George flirt birther. It was let's quite distant land and so we have you know eighteen years an apparent Aaron incidents just enter explain. That happens misty them as much. Public attention or media attention needed for. We actually looted it's me and I mention he's black labs matter and asking. Me. Are. Oh. Seventeen. T. Numbered incidents were shot honor integrity. An increase in the mansion on our team following the protests and Ferguson shot brown. And authority's recent times. Thank you mentioned as a matter of sixteen after. Your. Arms. Question many have it's gonna (%expletive) out. As they're looking at this data and your enduring a giant in Asian they just get even though there are some people covers topics more than other topics. All the media trying to work the same. Cash and so. Some studies have focused on just Texas median and that focus on regional and metropolitan media and Kalahari. And senator isn't here at times and I don't really remain. Saying in Arabic is an implicit and explicit. I have questioned agents' ask I act and an. NIC I think you know where we are cool or extension tube police behavior which is always accidents in. And it coverage from the pack. And it is no accident that we rarely are able to account credit statistical models so me DVD is it to confrontation. At a red. Amid this dialogue it is shocking to see images of police. Abusing their power. There are industry differentiation between protesters critics so I think over time I heard and I read several journalists will never that there isn't that the protest is here on avoiding and we teach our. It went home and then there's another good right now. With Turkey and Eric. And many of the protesters that are angry over his death did remain peaceful day we'll tell you that some. Of the demonstrators decided to turn violent but for the most part the vast majority were peaceful protesters. Saw mother father and. On our grandparents out there today. As well as incomplete with the children and then later on in the evening things changed. Well you know there's still likely and I hope it it is lack of progress that has been made in the the circus event that's trying to understand what's going on. It remains to be seen how publicly protested the end. But that reaction. Or. Among the public seems to at least understand why. Recent mama whole. Their actions protesters angered elitist. Eleanor and people only seventy. Action. So are. Our. House or. Arms.

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{"duration":"6:49","description":"Database journalist Dhrumil Mehta looks into how the national media has been covering recent protests against police violence following George Floyd's killing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"71224216","title":"How cable news is talking about the protests -- and why it matters | FiveThirtyEight","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/cable-news-talking-protests-matters-fivethirtyeight-71224216"}