Galen visits a sugar house in Chester, NH

Galen Druke interviews a New Hampshire voter at her maple syrup farm.
4:27 | 02/11/20

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Transcript for Galen visits a sugar house in Chester, NH
Were few days out from the New Hampshire primary of course the first in the nation and end here in sugar house was Sioux Falls so soon are you planning on voting in the primary on Tuesday. Absolutely and which party's primary gonna be. And Democratic Party. And you know we are very four times challenges you are. A guy who have you narrowed it down. I'm very keen on Amy Grant. And then. Bernie and Elizabeth Warren are both in there as possibilities. And so. An and actually have to. Watched the debate from Friday night as I missed it. Some still using the debates as part of my. Part of our Karl yeah homework -- to see what to do with my vote. Did you hear in general the reviews in the corporate performance in the debate pretty eager have you heard about. I have not heard that now. Haven't really heard it about anybody's particular. Yet so what else you're gonna use to narrow it down from those 32 you know you can vote. I know I think it's gonna come down to my cat gut. Have you voted based on your gut before. Yes and what happens. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. It's India and in what kinds of things attracted you to those three candidates Amy Klobuchar Herbert Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Well I think kicked. All three of them have a good chance to win. That one and that's one of the factors that I really and trying to. Decide between candidates is who can actually win. And taken all the way ink in the White House and what about those candidates make you think a person can be. Gosh I don't I don't know there there's just see you know. This is so many factors and really don't know yet did you vote in the 2016 primary yeah yeah did you report. Between Bernard Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Oh at the time it. Believe that voted for Hillary mountain. Until hunters were in your sugar house where you make here maples here right outside that door how long have you been living in New Hampshire and near death. We've been doing this for air just a little over thirty years and home last. Lived in New Hampshire. For are about 55 years. So is that your entire life you know and moved to New Hampshire when I was nine a crack Paris all of us almost yes. And you know what you think about. New Hampshire's position in the democratic primary as being. You know the first primary in the nation as that important to your word UV OK we're. Maybe shaking up to the order. That's for the politicians as a sign I can't say one way of the other you know what would be better. Overall we do and have people like me your faith ask your. All of your political preference and every warriors are at it would that be a positive or negative. I think it's a good thing I you know people who engaged in this state a lot. And you know I think it really. You know this so much face to face. That I think that really does serve four. Some some good consideration of opinions on who isn't viable person what bear. What they stand for. As ours it's gonna. Playing out in the next. Round of voting. I have to ask you you have a lot of delicious maple syrup all around first of all have you ever had any politicians trying to maples. We actually have children who are a. I'm senator Jeanne Shaheen apparent. And representative Christopher kept this thing have both as an action house. And simple. Answer our raw I'm excited to try some of the excerpts we're gonna have to go to thank you so much for talking to me and good luck and making tonight.

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{"duration":"4:27","description":"Galen Druke interviews a New Hampshire voter at her maple syrup farm. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"68909731","title":"Galen visits a sugar house in Chester, NH","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/galen-visits-sugar-house-chester-nh-68909731"}