Did Ross Perot cost George H.W. Bush the 1992 Election?

In 1992, George H.W. Bush ran for re-election against Bill Clinton. Enter candidate Ross Perot. Perot stole a part of the show (19% of the vote) and is still said to have robbed Bush of the election.
10:51 | 06/10/18

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Transcript for Did Ross Perot cost George H.W. Bush the 1992 Election?
For a better America and or an endless enduring dream and the thousand points of light this is my mission. And I will come played at the. It. We did pretty good decade of economic growth. Under Reagan and bush who won the Cold War would get Saddam out of Kuwait I mean you've got to say this it was a not a bad decade nearly for the country. Bush in 91 and the commission with some help was so sure to win their lots of Democrats sent out Mario Cuomo wanted saying well you know let. No one's gonna be blessed man. And that is why today I'm proudly announce my candidacy. Bill Clinton didn't trust him they thought he was slimy he'd been through the Gennifer Flowers candles. The Vietnam draft scandal Democrats considered him totally un electable but they hadn't been able to come up with the anybody else. And massive numbers. The American people have voted to make a new beginning. And I this. I've got a claim some proud camp we hear me. There is amid fanfare that if you look back in 1992. When Bill Clinton is only president. Because Ross Perot ran across Ferraro. Absolutely. Cost George H. W. Bush reelection in nineteen there is no evidence. And political thought it. That supports the fact that he cost he won the election. And I suppose. Right. This or any scenario in which you would run for president. Number one I don't want to have an open as her parents you know if you repeat. And that's serious you register me in fifteen states are. His message was pretty concise. It's broke. The deficit is a symptom. They're all politicians. Almost fiction comic guy how or face a threat Alsace and soaring. He capitalized on an anti insider. 1992. Sure enough there was this may need share. Movement by the people to trying get him on the ballot in all fifty states. The notion that you could Kevin grassroots organization DD new on absentee ballots we thought was beyond preposterous. You're need to reach out follies folks who have been supporting President Bush. Because he can't act. The. Hate president 41 bush. A lot of it was Benito Texas in Dallas home he described George Bush's economic recovery plan. I don't play there's more. It was personal grudge against President Bush and the bush family stumbled into Texas that your review pulled. Trying to explain to me I never think you're one of this growth in which could hurt us more than people think. Yeah read my lips. Hispanic the American people are hurting out here that I watch my lips there is a recession. Perot enters the race and he says George H. W. Bush is a liar and said he wasn't gonna raise tax. And he did we're running up huge debt and then all of a sudden you start seeing Bush's approval rating start. Fall and Perot starts moving up in the polls next thing you know he's running first in the running third in the it is quantifiable. It was a demonstrable. The support he was kidding there's Ross Perot obviously taking a lot of votes away from. President Bush he was he was hit Oklahoma there. The Texas billionaire has gone from being viewed as a protest candidate to a position where a majority of respondents. Can win. Yep his initial search and Dan. Miller Democratic Convention I'll poll number start should not. Didn't gross says the you Democratic Party has revitalized and he's getting out. I have concluded that we cannot win in November so therefore are not fans. There he got back can't. Neither political party eighth as effectively address the issue is that popSiren the American people. Her at a station in July archived I apologize. So Borough gets back into direction. They didn't have time did we need more. Oh he was going to be a factor was. Preparation for the first bag he had three debate scheduled between George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton it was not at all guarantee when Ross Perot got back in the race that he wouldn't even get a place on the stage but both candidates agreed to let demand. Any kind of stole the show. Tip I end up thirteen dollars fourteen dollars an hour factory workers. And you converted factory south of barter that pay a dollar out the light there will be age out sucking sound going south hit. He talked about the giant sucking sound of all the jobs that let it go to to Mexico. He was asked about for instance the question of experience you know I you don't have any experience in government. Well they've got a point. I don't have any experience in running up four trillion dollar debt. Yeah he did he got us off message every event that we found ourselves in particularly the debates with them. Cause President Bush to underperform we're gonna end they add an additional one billion dollars Romano billion dollars every working day of the year. An international debt affects everybody. And obviously it has had as a lot to do with interest rates it has she can't you a personal basis how has it that the U. Doesn't get that was effective. Was that the sudden. Sent me this voodoo stick and I'll use it is my point here tonight. And certainly it's appropriate because as you and I know we are indeed moving. It's obvious failures so why is my state burgers chicken rather. Campaign at all is not slick 32 political ads he bought. Half hour chunks of prime time television break quick summary of what we discussed before in terms of where we are then we'll go desolation. Instead they know why the American people watch that flip chart show because you have an occasions I have freedom manage. How many people watched that show last night. And Americans who have an occasion. He put me. And there. My son I thought I was Wednesday Albion Washington. Warned they don't plan to. It. So Clinton wins both Perot. Kind of out of nowhere really points including 19%. Of the vote which is the highest share for an independent candidate since I Teddy Roosevelt in 1912. Randy thought it. We're down about. I I. And so the bush campaign thinks. If it weren't for that meddling prosper. We wouldn't want to second term the idea is that these voters that Ross Perot got. They were disproportionately. Republican voters say it. If perot's not running you're going to vote for bush. Bush is gonna get reelected to float an accident that Bill Clinton got elected it's not true that he took more on its way from Clinton and it's not through that it took out more about the way. From George Bush you believe the exit polls in fact. The Perot voters were to split evenly between bush and Clinton. People might want to say sour grapes I am. Absolutely convinced that cost us the elections he felt wealthy when. For both sides. It's one of those studied things in political science it's true that the exit polls show that pro voters would have gone to include bush and Clinton that doesn't show what. Happened over the course of months. But for rove writing. Attacking bush much more than he attacked Clinton Clinton could not have made incredible economic chase from what I hear her government earth you know day small state a failed state. That Ross thorough. Did it form ever got all of my. For romance like many political mess endures physical about a sexually check. The data President Bush was extremely unpopular and so when you have a guy whose approval ratings plummeting. Every month any downward spiral and he was looking to come as close to Clinton as he did there was not east single bold. Did head George H. W. Bush leading Bill Clinton. That was the case when Ross Perot was out of the race that was the case when Ross Perot was back in the race if low onto the map and a lot of kind of looked up. The evidence right so this this man has persisted for a long time. On if Clinton with Lee to my brain Ross Perot. Cost George HW Bush's reelection there people are gonna go to grave grave and earth shakes out. I don't care what the Clinton people say they can't find that a governor graves believing that climate changes is who. We'll talk about Charlie.

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{"duration":"10:51","description":"In 1992, George H.W. Bush ran for re-election against Bill Clinton. Enter candidate Ross Perot. Perot stole a part of the show (19% of the vote) and is still said to have robbed Bush of the election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"55781419","title":"Did Ross Perot cost George H.W. Bush the 1992 Election?","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/ross-perot-cost-george-hw-bush-1992-election-55781419"}