Is it sports or politics?

FiveThirtyEight staff tries to guess if certain quotes are from sports or politics.
5:19 | 08/16/19

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Transcript for Is it sports or politics?
Micah. And I think there and it's like a that I pulled from quote from pre and post debate coverage. And there when. I'm the I want you to tell me they're on board or from our first one. If Kabila who moved to the moon one was very full moon he was just it. That's politics. Amigos sports sports. Amuses sports. You know politics I think that sports. Debates. Let's get back home alone two right okay well one was great parlor there was just as good if not better than it. I thought that appealing about it. This is cruel as the crew came. Into. You're right the personality she's a dog she'll miss about. She's not afraid of that part of it. I'll. UBS. And from sports. Today's Wednesday politics. Personalities is that she makes it not afraid but that part of the game so they got. You the dog really great commentary Yzerman. Because someone had called a limited the political. I would. He has ability to take away again. Keep on taken take a bruise and keep conclusion. It's got its way sports. Politics. Sport Collins hicks. Sports in the fact that he is demonstrated to this point and the program he has the ability to take the let it. People to take a bruises and keep on cruising. It opens the terrible off. Tina. Yet know not terrible on your part to slate who rushed to put it. We've gotten to the fight this team will be happy that you filled out. He responded that he hired. I normally calls offers you. Beach. It. It. Sports sports got into the fight his team will be happy he showed up that you responded that he fired back I think its performance of equal available two hours. Heat team that. About academic. But I think actually watch that live. And. Didn't. Staffers are teen. Nasty jab there. Tagged him with a left hook that was the. Debate that is junior scored this. Debate that's going to be politics. After after all active collective bear that was I was actually just one line is not just of metaphorical. Kind of thinking. And out. That the put. I read everything as metaphorical. I love the guy. I think he's great one thing appropriate we will about it and I haven't heard from people say is he's received on. Am messianic release and neither sports. News. That's from politics. Sports. I don't know which sport but if this board. I loved I think one thing I particularly and I haven't heard kind of people say he's super honest. Ambulances in politics. Because no on super. Blank turned in the performance that reminded you why he's a household name. Who has two school. I couldn't spoil. Snyder about Bernie Sanders or about like we're. Out. Sports. Dream on green. Sports. When he was. Politics. Sports sports. Exports came on like gangbusters. Cory Booker turned inning performance that reminded you why he the household name. We'll hear her say she right I can pressure core backers a household name. Her about the house. Is he would constantly Prez Bob Cory Booker is not a household name. Is he. Scorn that scrutiny. Programs name and you. I ask this earnestly I have lost all perspective I. Didn't go quite look it's well. Russell and OK I want to I want regional and Alan guys find different. Factors.

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"FiveThirtyEight staff tries to guess if certain quotes are from sports or politics.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"65021995","title":"Is it sports or politics?","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/sports-politics-65021995"}