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Byron Pitts, Juju Chang and Dan Harris


Trump responds to Omarosa after she releases audio she says is of the president

Omarosa Manigault Newman, who is releasing a book about her time in the White House, left her job with the Trump administration in December 2017.
Aug 14

Country music star Luke Combs on fans, songwriting and remembering Las Vegas

ABC News' "Nightline" went backstage and on the road with the singer, who said country music wasn't always on his radar.
Aug 14

'Snapchat dysmorphia': Patients seeking out cosmetic surgery for 'filtered' look

Doctors are raising concerns about the new trend of patients wanting to look like retouched, picture-perfect versions of themselves.
Aug 10

Entrepreneur on his fight to share 3D printed gun blueprints

A judge temporarily stopped Cody Wilson from posting 3-D gun blueprints online.
Aug 9

Teen chef tackles new culinary mission: Opening a NYC restaurant

Chef Flynn McGarry, 19, opened his new restaurant Gem this year.
Aug 9