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Drug company founder sentenced for role in scheme that contributed to opioid crisis

Kapoor's the first drug company head to face prison time amid the opioid crisis.
Jan 23

Jane Fonda on changing her lifestyle to combat climate change

Jan 22

‘Lion King’ on Broadway makes a big impact in South African village

After her success on Broadway as Rafiki in the iconic musical, Thuli Dumakude went back to her home village of Nkonyane, South Africa, to help create income for families affected by HIV.
Jan 22

Pro-gun rally at Virginia capital draws thousands of armed protesters

Over 15,000 gun rights advocates descended upon Richmond to protest the state's proposed gun control laws. The rally ended peacefully despite threats from armed militias and white supremacist groups.
Jan 21

Prince Harry says there 'was no other option' than to give up royal titles

Harry spoke during his first public appearance since Buckingham Palace announced a deal allowing him and his wife, Meghan Markle, to step back from their royal duties as Duke and Duchess of Sussex.
Jan 21