Abby Huntsman shares farewell on her last day on ‘The View’

The co-hosts look back at Abby Huntsman’s time on “The View” as she departs the show to join her father’s campaign for governor of Utah.
7:15 | 01/17/20

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Transcript for Abby Huntsman shares farewell on her last day on ‘The View’
Very nice of you, and it's an emotional day for us because it's Abby's last day on "The view". Not forever though. Friends forever. You better come back. I will. I have to say- they wrote this for me but I believe this. From day one, no matter how heated things got on "Hot topics," she always kept her true. She has a positive spirit, you actually, it was annoying sometimes how positive you were. I know, I know. But she never -- this is the thing about it. She never backed down when she was speaking truth to power. She did incredible interviews with people and gave them tough questions. Let's just watch this. I've watched "The view" since it was first on the air over 20 years ago. How lucky am I to be able to join those women. How much fun are we going to have. Her name is Abby huntsman. She is our new co-host. I'm not hot seat now. The biggest mistake that young people make is not listening to people older than them. Cancel culture, should people be fired. Where do you draw the line? For me it is racial slurs. I personally feel like we are in a race to bring back the soul of this country. I want character back again. You seem fine with people leaking information if it makes your father look good because Wikileaks -- This has been going on on the other side forever. A Russian puppet, you were fine. When I interviewed ivanka, I could see in her face that she wanted to tell me something that she couldn't. What I took is she disagreed with him on almost everything. You think I'm going to roll over, change the way I talk about things at this table, think again. What you had with John McCain is he was willing to give his life to this country, and that is a love for this country that very few people have. You are your dad. Yes, yes. He would be so proud to see how you've handled this past month. You are an inspiration to everyone in this audience, all of us at this table but people around -- My grandpa, his mom died of breast cancer and he told her, if I ever make something of myself in this life I'm going to give everything that I earn back to finding a cure for cancer. And he built that hospital that you're going to. I wish he were here because he would give you the biggest hug and tell you that you are going to be okay and thank you for helping other people. You want to start us off with some good news. Yeah. We are pregnant, my husband and I. We're having a girl and a boy. My husband by the way fainted in the doctor's office when we found out. He's got two doctors on him, wiping his face with a cold towel. I look over like are you serious? You are delivering these things. Have you taught her "Baby shark" yet? Please no. Baby shark do do do do Please welcome live from Russia Abby's dad Jon huntsman, and her mom, Mary Kay huntsman. The other other job more nerve racking than being U.S. Ambassador to Russia has to be sitting around that table as a panelist with "The view," right? I want your love and I want your revenge you and me could write a bad romance I want your love and all your lover's revenge you and me could write a bad romance This is a really special table. The most iconic show, I think, on television and the smartest women that I've ever worked with. And so I just want to thank all of you. And then to our viewers, thank you for welcoming me into your homes and for believing in me as well. I'm so thankful for this opportunity and also very excited about the next chapter, so thank you to all of you. You know, first of all, I look at that and I'm like, my god, she lost all her baby weight. I kept it. But, I wasn't here when you made your announcement and I told you later by text one of the things that I really admire about you is you don't get all caught up in this world. You live within two worlds, politics and media, the TV industry where there's so much bias, where you can get jaded, and you don't. You want to see the positive. You believe in America. You believe in American values. As I said to you the other day, I think that when we we flekt reflect back on our lives you're not going to say I wish I had spent one more hour on TV. You're going to say I wish I spent one more hour with people that I love. That's what you're going to do and John and Mary Kay huntsman are going to be so happy and so are your kids. So true. I have nothing to say other than that -- Well, we're not done yet. To be honest, Abby, not everyone is sorry to see you leave the table, like these two. Watch. Hi, Abby. On the last day. I want you to know how much we love you. Everyone that knows Abby knows of her character, grace, integrity, honesty and her elegance. I know you'll be missed on the show but we're so happy to have you back. Love you. Hey abs, we love you. Congratulations on two drama-free seasons of "The view." Just as importantly, we want to express our love to all the ladies around the table who I know you've grown to respect over the last two seasons. We're delighted to be getting you back, helping us in a totally drama-free environment called a local campaign. We respect your values, Abby, putting your family first. I think everyone watching this great show will agree that you're doing exactly the right thing. Your priorities are where they need to be. We love you, look forward to seeing you soon. Bye-bye. All right, the thing is we don't even know who those two people are. That's the funny thing. Just 15 seconds. Sure. This show, people go nuts with rumors on this show and this week has been no exception. But I just want to be as clear as I possibly can. This has been a dream come true. This has been an incredible job, and I do love everyone at this you guys see the ups and downs of all of our life. Meghan has been -- you seen what she's been through. You guys live it with us and it's not easy every day to come out here and be so open and honest and talk about the hottest topics of the day. I have so much respect for everyone at this show. You can still change your I just want to make it as clear as day with everything that's been written about this place that I am leaving so thankful for all the new friends that I have here, for all the friends I had before and will still have, and for the opportunity because this place has changed my life for the better. We love you. You're such an adorable girl.

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{"duration":"7:15","description":"The co-hosts look back at Abby Huntsman’s time on “The View” as she departs the show to join her father’s campaign for governor of Utah.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"68356191","title":"Abby Huntsman shares farewell on her last day on ‘The View’","url":"/theview/video/abby-huntsman-shares-farewell-day-view-68356191"}