Allison Williams explains why she 'loves' acting in psychological thrillers

The "Get Out" actress discusses her newest horror movie, "The Perfection."
4:24 | 05/23/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Allison Williams explains why she 'loves' acting in psychological thrillers
The guts of about her new movie it was. Wonderful. And freaky. And every scary yes which I usually don't like freaky and scary I. I might he's making. Me you know. Why watching anything in this John I love working in and opens the characters are so interesting and the top teams are so interesting and you can get in the subject matter when you're in a psychological thriller world. There are no rules. And that's so liberating for an actor. Free things happen in this movie and what you see coming viewers you don't you're so good at it you play Charlotte a gifted cello player who finds herself in the shadow. Of her teachers newest star protege Lizzie. But they have some things in common so take a look we have a clip. Packages. Performances. Pressure to be perfect it was I know. Do you ever think about leaving. Back off. It's my family. I can never. Never. Now never. And anyway then. The work. This. Special work. It's what's expected of us. Humidity is so I didn't do my street and I am I my eye it's either. I used to do a thing in my show to help. White lady's cause always felt white wings were in danger and harm and it's easy to uphold think and how and not feel like that need to do this new thing with systems because. I know you is that might talk to like that. You got the gun here. But some like. Limits you in the eye and you know you don't want to leave. Don't all yeah oh yeah. Back then doll Abby Bennett and get how I accept slightly and it's not. Later duplicitous character in get out and did it lightly and you were so great in that movie thank you so great and when we see you on screen we're not sure we can trust you and get out yeah I. And I was unsure if I could trust you missed umpire and so it isn't fox just played his tiny characters. There's so. You right. Me I'm cleaning away at it. When acting as your pretending to be summoned but in this case I love these two characters can they're both characters we're pretending to be well yeah look like two different performances and they both have to make sense. The second time you watch the movie and add a lot of figuring out. Was imminent and their core and then what are the masks they where every day that allow them to ride which almost every room you know. So I I like I don't have it I insurance something I need to work through therapy and figure out. Why it comes to me so it but not coming community on man time don't make you guys. Worked through that would mean yeah. So I'm yeah. I love park hoping it's a lot about it Atlanta. All of hasn't why America I really be grand like a new golden age of work found in a lot of ways you why you think this specific moment in time you know I think again about the psychological thriller as a genre it just takes the rules and that guardrail off and people just get to. Kind of explore human instinct and themes and subject and it feels scary compliment when you're doing and tournament feeling passed me a drama about one issue and that's the story are towering and when it's thriller like this you can. Cover so much ground and it characters can be so new wants to have so many levels Saddam and the movie takes its time introducing you to the people audience. I don't know I just think it's really cool Larry is a reason that bred to Scripps possibly years that these are the news and daily use your hot whenever. People. Need a way to respond to something that is. So months Horrow my heart movies there's a plethora of incursion into the yeah yeah. And it's just like instead of just walking around screaming you can go watch the harmful products and and it and get it out that way at slate and a little fishes. That allow you to act to get comfortable pressure out yes yes yeah that's a reality is a little difficult right now so. But yet it's it's crazy yeah it's a great amount science fiction is good right now all that you know reminded a lot of screaming last night like you spell I appreciate you.

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"The \"Get Out\" actress discusses her newest horror movie, \"The Perfection.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63235374","title":"Allison Williams explains why she 'loves' acting in psychological thrillers","url":"/theview/video/allison-williams-explains-loves-acting-psychological-thrillers-63235374"}