What's next for America after Kavanaugh's confirmation?

After weeks of partisan clashing over Brett Kavanaugh's high court confirmation, "The View" discusses where our country goes next.
4:08 | 10/08/18

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Transcript for What's next for America after Kavanaugh's confirmation?
So Saturday Brett Kavanaugh became the newest justice on the supreme court. The battle over his confirmation galvanized both parties but Mcconnell and the guy in the white house say this victory energized Republicans. So, as the country where do we go from here? I don't think you can underestimate the anger of many women survivors and women in general and I think that anger outlasts sort of -- anger is a feeling that lasts and, you know, I've heard since this started from hundreds of survivors and just this weekend I heard from someone that said, so, for Susan Collins, her testimony under oath wasn't enough to be believed but his denial under oath was. Right. And what does that say to someone like me and she suffered horrific -- When he already lied and perjuied himself in that testimony, other thing, your refusal to quit amidst the bullying, harassment, insults and lies is a great lesson to our children. I think what Dr. Ford did was refuse to quit and kellyanne Conway say she was a sexual assault survivor so are you lying, Kelly? Are you lying? She wants people to believe her. We're supposed to believe her. Adding a little funky me too to that funky tweet I am not a fan and I wanted to say it on TV. I wish I could be so sure. Like I wish -- I wish I could be on the side of without question everything that she said was exactly spot-on and I wish that I could be on the side of Kavanaugh is completely telling the truth. It's not that clear cut. There was -- we did not have any evidence here. There was no one that could back up -- no one that could corroborate so while sitting in this place -- Was her testimony not enough. I'm saying where we are right now, what frustrates he I'm pissed off at both sides because I think both Republican answer Democrats took advantage of this situation, Democrats took advantage of Dr. Ford, I believe and I think Republicans didn't take the time to actually listen and so I feel like I'm in this place, can we get to the other side? Can we get to a place -- Can I read something? You know, I fell in love with Heidi Heitkamp over her decision and recently said, you know, it's been a tough week for me and in an interview her opponent in "The New York Times" slammed me too as a movement towards victimization. He suggested that women in his family are tougher than sexual assault survivors, suggesting that the accusations shouldn't be believed. I want to read her response because it just -- it killed me. To think she said I think it's wonderful his wife has never had an experience and good for her. It's a wonderful thing, his mom hasn't, but my mom did and I think it affected my mother her whole life and it didn't make her less strong. So, I think one of the things, you know, that would be good is if everybody just took a beat, people who are saying this happened to me, you got to listen, you have to listen. You don't have to make up your mind. Yeah. But you have to -- you have to take a minute to listen because things like this, you know, and maybe he didn't realize he was being kind of flippant about it but her mother had gone through sexual assault so it was meaningful for her, now she knows that she's not going to get re-elected because of this. But I just thought it was -- I thought it was interesting that even after it's done he's in, it's done. You know, it's -- he's in. That this would be the -- that she would then have to say, look, my mother went through this. So I just want everybody to just take a minute. A lot of people haven't been through this. Don't know anything about. Don't know what it's like. So you got to kind of hear and then make up your mind. You know, and it's -- you know, some people bought it. Some people didn't but you got to take the minute -- what the

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"After weeks of partisan clashing over Brett Kavanaugh's high court confirmation, \"The View\" discusses where our country goes next.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"58364515","title":"What's next for America after Kavanaugh's confirmation?","url":"/theview/video/america-kavanaughs-confirmation-58364515"}