‘Anonymous’ op-ed Trump critic revealed

After the author of a tell-all book who was serving in the Trump administration revealed himself as Miles Taylor, the co-hosts react.
7:37 | 10/29/20

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Transcript for ‘Anonymous’ op-ed Trump critic revealed
Yesterday. Lucrative time administration of faith so who wrote a scathing op Ed in the New York Times and the book a warning. Remember that what he revealed his identity he is former. Homeland Security deputy chief of staff Myles Taylor and he defended his actions on Chris Cuomo last night take a look. You lied to us miles who were asked in August if you were anonymous here on CNN with Anderson Cooper and you said no. Now why should CNN. Keep you on the payroll after lying like that. Chris it's a great question and I'll just give you the blunt truth. When I published a warning. I said in the book. That it asked I would strenuously deny I was the author this was a very torturous decision it was not immediate for me. To want to publish this work anonymously. Pesos some people are disappointed. That he is synonymous sagged guest. I mean I you I mean I think about it joy he came out. He'd landed really the first volley of there's something going on here that you should know about what people are upset what do you think. I was hoping that he would be a Malulani but I don't really care GM. Here's what I would say about this guy can. He doesn't pass the smell test OK I don't like Ken I don't like he was an aide to the cheap bus staff. During the original separation of children at the board act. And his nationalization is that he was trying to protect the children that that's it is a lot of BS. Because a lot of people on this administration are doing evil things and Republican leadership. And they say oh my I want to protect the country. A lot of people who are now I'm not bad Kelly all those people they were protecting us against don't trap instead of speaking out. That was I think but tremendous mistake. I mean he shouldn't realm. That you do not drag and end wrench a four month old child away from its mother. And you cannot rationalize that I'm sorry I do not give this guy a pass I think is full of it. That's my word on him okay. What about Jason do you think did he was. Going from inside out trying to work it and let us know what was gone on or is it BS it from him as well. You know I tend to agree with joy on their site you know II think that it is very difficult to BO whistle blower it takes tremendous strains and and courage and bravery. And I don't know that he had that he decided to do it anonymously. And again whistle blowers come forward at great. Personal. And consequence possibly mean look at. Than men. Who really lost everything and was personally attacks and his family was personally attacked in and received death threats. But he did the right thing I don't know that this guy did the right thing you know he did. Behind his anonymity and he sounded. The alarm but. Kinda silently in my opinion and if you. Read Jacob sauber off and we had Jacob on. Our show he uses journalists and he was really sounding the alarm about what was happening to children. At the border and heats weeded out that Myles Taylor actually talked about family separation last week. And what he said was. He said you know it's horrible but. For a lot of them it's because parents did not want to claim them peace after that deleted the tweet. So he's still playing both sides of this and I don't think there is both sides of the fact. That he was part and parcel of an administration. That separated children it did from right there packed their families and their parents so I I'd I don't think that he is sort of the white Knight on the horse. Helping people. What about you Sarah did you what was your reaction when you discovered that it this was the guy that did it. While anti climatic but in this is also not a whistle blower in this is a fierce opportunist. This is a guy that rather than taking a risk in putting his name on any thing. He kind of cashed in on his job at the White House while kind of dabbling in being someone that. People were talking about he wanted to be I think the anonymity might have come from the fact that more people talked about him. When you realize our great was alluded that he had a higher position. I'm heat blatantly lied to Anderson Cooper not bite pit bidding but by doubling down with the kind of canned response in so. There's this lack of trust in what he's doing but it also kind of his writing. Had some truth in it and some of it was. That kind of jumped out at me was the complete erosion of trust in every one right now from. President trump who -- a lot of people didn't trust in 2016 but. Anyone that might about the time definitely doesn't now you've got a lack of trust in the Republican Party because as this guy wrote. Trump had a hostile takeover of the party and you're at all these people silent and complicit for years in years summer dabbling out now conveniently at election time. And then the erosion an 88 and they the trust the media you know you had trump shopping around the state media the fake news. And in in this though you know I do think the bar has been lowered a little bit with media and what's expected. Of that act in opposition of him and this is a good example the New York Times touted the sky is something bigger than he was and today we stand here with that. Someone who wasn't really a senior official of any thing so. Anti climatic would be the best word. For this Iraq. Sigalet Lanny Janet I'm sorry I'm glad he put it out there because had he not put that out there we would not recognize that 555. Kids. Have not been reunited with their families I think we thought a lot of stuff was happening we didn't know it when it came out. You know everybody want to know who it wasn't you know he is not gonna say listen I'm a lower level person but. You know 'cause many people are not gonna take it seriously they gonna say well he's not really out there. Apparently he didn't know what it was talking about. And wasn't the best way to do it I don't know if anybody can ever say to a whistle blower as you said what the best way to do that is some people can step out insane that was me and feel good and some people. Have to do it this way I'm glad he did it. I'm glad you did it because it made it hawk there for them to pretend it wasn't happened. I'll and sunny you know as always there is that tremendous legal notes. There is illegal know what I do not have my prompter so I think someone else is gonna happen till morning due yet. Act I can I can rent us that true west value until look. Well glad that. Kelly trump responded to mile it sailors revealed by. Firing up a two part tweet saying he had quote never even heard of them. Calling it just another New York Times he cannot trump went on to call Taylor sleaze bag and low level low life. Who should be prosecuted during a campaign rally in Arizona. Yeah I was asked that something isn't hello yeah. Don't know of numbers that yes he'd never met him he doesn't know arm. You know but he doesn't say none of that is true and that's the magic what there. They don't deny its right that's that that's the thing that I'd bet you got me in the head.

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{"duration":"7:37","description":"After the author of a tell-all book who was serving in the Trump administration revealed himself as Miles Taylor, the co-hosts react.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"73905873","title":"‘Anonymous’ op-ed Trump critic revealed","url":"/theview/video/anonymous-op-ed-trump-critic-revealed-73905873"}