Aziz Ansari responds to sexual misconduct claim

"The View" co-hosts discuss where to draw the line between sexual misconduct and a date gone wrong.
8:45 | 01/16/18

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Transcript for Aziz Ansari responds to sexual misconduct claim
Me too and the time's up movements are getting more complicated. A woman calling herself grace says actor Aziz Ansari is guilty of sexual misconduct because he didn't pick up on her nonverbal crews that she didn't want to have sex. She ended up doing sexual acts on him. She says she was not comfortable with it. He says, everything seemed okay and consensual. He was surprised and concerned this wasn't the case for her and he's taking it to heart. So the question then becomes, for me, at least, somewhat a nonverbal cue? This may be something that young women discuss, so I'm going to throw this, not that you're not young. But I'm throwing it to the younger of the two of us. Okay, whoopi. I have to tell you, this exploded on the internet over the weekend. We follow the me too campaign very closely. We talk about sexual assault a lot on this show. We're all supporters of the me too campaign. I worked at Fox News. Everyone knows that environment. This one in particular and this is a very -- this seems like a loft land mines talking about that on TV. Start with this -- start with what is a nonverbal -- if you can answer this question. I don't understand it? I don't know what that means either. But I talk for a living. I also, every time I've been in a -- again, I don't -- I don't want to shame her. Because every experience is different. Every sexual situation I have been put in is on my terms. I come have a very empowered family. My mother taught me a lot of things growing up. I have been trying really hard to understand this one. They went on a date. They per formed sexual act. On each other. On each other. And she was saying he didn't pick up on her nonverbal cues. To me, verbal cues are important as well. Saying no is important. I don't want to shame her. But I'm really mixed. Quite honestly confused on this one. Consent is always a very difficult thing, right? When is no no? When is yes yes? And it's something that when you prosecute these kinds of cases, it coming up all the time. You're talking about nonverbal consent. You're not saying no verbally. But you're -- you -- that sort of thing. But I think you -- You almost have to be a mind reader, somewhat, as a guy. It seems to be a bit of an issue. If you're on a date and he's not as good as you thought, and you're -- you go -- MM, MM, does that mean stop, get out, go away? That's the problem with the nonverbal Kus. Whatever happened on the stop or I'm going to knock you in your nuts? Or just, I don't want to be here. What's troubling when you look at the text message exchange. I think everyone should. He reaches out to her after their date and says, it was a pleasure meeting you. She says, I was very uncomfortable. I went home crying. He responds, oh, my goodness. I'm paraphrasing. I didn't realize. I had no idea. I am so sorry you had that experience. There was a missing piece there for both of them. The question is, is this really sexual assault? I can tell you it's not a case I would bring to trial. Doint think it's assault. She voluntarily went back to his apartment. They did engage consensually to sexual activity. She decided she wanted to go home. Did he stop sner. No, he called the Uber. To me, the me too is about men being in power. Pressuring women. The Harvey Weinstein cases were cut and dry. Now we're heading into the territory where I feel like the goal posts are being moved. Quite frankly -- He's saying -- He's famous and wealthy. Does that mean if you're famous and wealthy, you're not allowed to date someone who is not faims and wealthy? I'm a hell of a lot more famous than my husband. We have a famous guy here. What do you think? I'm trying to listen. Which is what think men should be doing right now. They should be listening to the conversation. I think -- you know, if you get into a place of mind-reading, you're going to be disappointed. It's going to be -- it's not going to work out for anybody if we're expected to read your mind. I promise you that. Especially in a sexual encounter. You know, with the harassment thing. I don't -- people have to be allowed to date famous or not. Right? And -- he doesn't -- I don't think she worked in show business or works for him or any relation. I don't think he has the power. It was a date. She's a photographer. It was a date. It's not the power. It was a date. There is nothing I can say that will contribute much to this that we don't already know. From a guy's perspective. Consent. That's a tough one, isn't snit. Nonverbal, it's very tricky. You're asking a lot. Nonverbal is just too vague. I think you have to be verbal. Once no is established, then it's established. It may sound nonliberated, too. When I first started dating, my mom told me, I remember this conversation a, if you want to sleep with man, make sure you're ready. If you go back to his house or apartment alone, he will probably assume that's what you want to do. Apparently, even saying that makes me not liberated or not a fem Knicks. I just don't, it's confusing for me now what the expectations are. For me, I have always had the luxury of knowing my sexual boundaries and what I was comfortable with and when. I had the luxury of being with men that respect me. This story, I have heard from girlfriends. They have had similar experiences. I'm certained what about this does to the me too movement. I'm afraid of backlash for people who dare to question. But here's the thing. If we can't ask questions, then we can't get answers. So, you can't just come at people, who are saying, listen, I don't understand this. Because I grew up in a totally different thing. My mom said, 125,000 years ago, you know? Listen, if you go to a guy's apartment, and something does happen, it's going to be a lot harder for you to say, listen, this is what happened. Because he can say, no, it didn't. If you're not interested in that position, if you don't want that, then don't do that. And, it's okay if he doesn't like you anymore. Or doesn't want to date you anymore. So you make the decision. If you want -- if you're looking for that, then, you know, it's -- it's quite possible you could get it if you go. If you're not looking for that, you might want to say, it's been nice seeing you this evening. Date rape is a real thing, though. Yeah, of course. But nobody is -- talking about date rape. This is not a case of -- I'm not talking about date rape. I'm just asking questions. I want to make it clear. I got married two months ago. I dated a lot. I haven't been married 20 years like you. I'm just saying this is confusing for me. I said all weekend, thank god I'm married. I don't understand it. It doesn't mean -- I don't want anyone to misconstrue this. I don't think date rape is okay. I don't think assault is okay. In nobody is saying that at the table. Or to sexually harass you in any way. I just have questions on this specific story. That's where the line is. I'm raising a teenage boy and a young girl. I do wonder, where is the line now? The line is very, very clear. If you are not interested in having physical relationship or you don't want to do -- don't want on to have a make you session, say good night after dinner. Say good night after dinner. Don't go to their apartment. Because, it is quite possible that you going to someone's apartment may make them feel that you are comfortable with this. If you know you're not comfortable with this or you're not looking for this, perhaps, wait until the second date. What if you want to go to his apartment but you just want to kiss? Then say, no, when he -- I mean, I still believe -- tell him that. Tell him that. Tell him. Just verbally. We'll be right back.

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