Bill de Blasio and wife Chirlane McCray on presidential run

The New York City mayor and his wife discuss the 2020 campaign trail.
3:46 | 08/02/19

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Transcript for Bill de Blasio and wife Chirlane McCray on presidential run
York mayor bill de Blasio who is joined by his wife, first lady of New York, chirlane Mccray. Welcome. Madam first lady, you and your husband celebrated your 25th wedding anniversary. And the mayor says it was love at first sight for him. Look at that. Nobody knows him better. I would imagine. And as I went earlier went through his accomplishments, but he still only has a 47% approval what do you think people get wrong about him? I don't get it. I don't think it's that people get anything wrong about him. They haven't had a chance to get to know him and he just jumped into this race weeks ago and, you know, it took me a little while -- for him to win me over. Did it? It wasn't love at first sight. It wasn't instantaneous but let me tell you when I got to see that this guy is so warm, so affectionate, so dedicated to his work, I mean he's the guy who would be the last one at city hall at night. You know, making sure that some senior got her heat turned on in time for Thanksgiving dinner. This is the kind of guy he is and I don't think America has had a chance to see that for -- the work he does. It's not just a job. It's like who he is. How long did you make his chase you. I didn't make him do anything. You know, on "The view" you have to tell the whole truth, okay? You want to know the truth? You want to tell it. It was love at first sight. I heard the angels singing. It really happened. Violins, all that and I say chirlane felt absolutely nothing. And it felt like weeks and weeks and weeks of just trying to get her to like pay attention at all. He would come into the press office and hang around and tell jokes to people who were hanging around us and he was just trying to get my attention. Truth has come out. But you know what, persistence. 27 years later here we are. That's right. Yes. You know, it must be difficult for you as a wife, though, I think wives of politicians have arguably a harder job than the politicians because you have to hear people criticize the person you love. Do you want to just jump up and defend him when people do it? Are you hurt by it? Is it hard? I agree with you, it is not an easy life but anything worth doing is not easy. And constructive criticism is helpful. You know, I turn off the negativity when someone, you know, you have to look at where the criticism is coming from. And just turn that off. Don't be distracted from it. I have to say it again, what he's doing is not just a job. He's not just a politician. He's like a dedicated public servant which is a very different way of living. It's living with meaning and purpose and, you know, that's why we get up in the morning and we're partners in this work Yes, it's obvious that you are actually. But, mayor, I want to end on one positive note because you recently said that trump isn't welcome back to New York City. But you know how are you going to keep him out? First of all you have to see the smile on your face. It's wonderful. It's like Christmas morning. He'll end up in pauch beach. The rest of America says send him back from where he came from? Our thanks to mayor bill de

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"The New York City mayor and his wife discuss the 2020 campaign trail.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"64737468","title":"Bill de Blasio and wife Chirlane McCray on presidential run","url":"/theview/video/bill-de-blasio-wife-chirlane-mccray-presidential-run-64737468"}