CNN reporter heckled at Trump rally

"The View" co-hosts react to comments from attendees at the president's rally in Tampa, Florida.
3:44 | 08/01/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for CNN reporter heckled at Trump rally
smoet. Welcome back. Ca T enemyf the people seems te sonating wh guy'scnn'simst found out GHT. You can hear chorus of boos and oer chants. They're saying CN suck go home. And fakenews., obvious O those things are false. We'raying right here. We're going to do our B report on the R toll of heretoo can -- is T anything the immediate ka can do change this conversation at all? The thing about it is that trump is -- debasing our on a regular basis andpeople it' fake. An it's - metastasizing around the thisyear, Egypt, Vietnam. Belarus, Malaysia and others have passed ls and ousfter accusing reading false information you Rd about people in Canada ande are afraid that this presi iso out of control an-- onhe wrong page about every singlehi he does T afraid for them also. He's not jus a menace in this country is my point. Okay. So is way to- Chae the nar the well - no. I was going to -- I heard Jim went into the audience on't have video ois. He son one withhe PEOP. And I Thi that -- maybe on that Leve theyee a personalized version. They N to keep on doing their jobs. Th jobs are to report the facts. I thinkhat is reason this STA this warnst the because he dsn't likehathe truth is being reported. D think THA means that as youave T contue too so the are the acts in my op a ctator. Dictators attack theress routine Y have -- Don't of this. I thought dur thelection when amping up of anger W hainked dangerous. There a tt got hit in the face at . My good friend, Olivia covers she was on the campaign. Covering. It felt intense to be thishat room whee says look at the media over there, look at the Medi over there. I have bn ll network T don't likes. Whomething happens LE thicaputo Ted, if UT eryone's mouths together in this vide get a full set of teeth.e of trump supporters. There has to bespect O both sides. You average ameransin trump rallies for whateverreason. When you're mocking them at the same timeth war, whichstsed that term, are twoes to this. Ameranske the pre n'tespect them.and thatceat. The Washington pesn't do it one gun politicid it I don't agree with that either. 20 million exam. Of time. Want to Y one thing whenou say everydyo stop. Don ha, ha, this never get I don't agree with that the. Iou don't. So my point was to be -- maybe we all need to just take a breath and take a look a what we're doing. Andaybeet nd to -- everybody needs to chill out. Because it's not going help us- -- If hurt or S gets H this. We hav seeppens WHE happens. We have witssed this levision. We have to be Cal. We'll be E expecting,

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts react to comments from attendees at the president's rally in Tampa, Florida.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"56969599","title":"CNN reporter heckled at Trump rally","url":"/theview/video/cnn-reporter-heckled-trump-rally-56969599"}