Dr. Fauci vs. Rep. Jordan on COVID-19 measures

After losing 565,000 Americans to the virus, "The View" co-hosts react to Dr. Anthony Fauci butting heads with Rep. Jim Jordan at Thursday’s congressional hearing over pandemic safety measures.
9:11 | 04/16/21

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Transcript for Dr. Fauci vs. Rep. Jordan on COVID-19 measures
After losing 565,000 Americans to covid, we're still not on the same page about safety measures. Dr. Fauci butted heads with Jim Jordan about this yesterday. When do Americans get their liberties back? I don't think anything was censured because they don't agree with me. You're making this a personal thing. It's not a personal thing. That's exactly what you're doing. We're not talking about liberties. We're talking about a pandemic that killed $560,000 Americans. Tell me the number. 90% of the members of congress get vaccinated. You're not a doctor. He is. I don't want you to answer my question. The American people want Dr. Fauci to answer the question. The time expired, sir. You need to respect the chair and shut your mouth. Oh, Maxine, I want that as my ring tone. Sara, is Jim Jordan's tantrum a little misdirected here. What do you think? Absolutely. So Jim Jordan is sounding off about liberty. I tried to count how many times he says liberty in that speech. Your ultimate liberty is life. He's ranting nonstop about petitioning the government and the people's rights guaranteed by the constitution while he can't follow the rules of the hearing. He keeps interrupting and screaming and talking over at first I thought why is he so I've never understood the ire at Dr. Fauci. This was purely a political monologue full of rhetorical questions that were never meant to move the ball or achieve anything at all. I thought, if he has so much energy and he's wanting answers and he's wanting the world to come back to normal, maybe he could spend it trying to convince Republican men to take the vaccine and make them more comfortable with the decision to do so. Maybe also ask them to continue to wear their masks for a minute. Right now everything Dr. Fauci said is based in the science of we're not to the numbers we need. They're learning on the job right now. Yeah, right. Ana, is Jim Jordan playing politics with our health? Absolutely. This is all about politics. Look, the coronavirus has been politicized from day one. When trump was president, Republicans were playing politics to make it look like he had been -- like his handling of the coronavirus was better than it was. Now that Biden is president they want it to seem like his handling of the coronavirus is not good. They've chosen to vilify Dr. Fauci. They chose to make him the bad man. It is personal. I think Dr. Fauci is right. They've made it personal because they've chosen him as a target. Look, Dr. Fauci is not a liar. Let me repeat that. Dr. Fauci is not a liar. He is -- he's not infallible. He has been wrong as have so many other doctors. This is a new virus that has evolved. This is man who has been working for the national institute of health, working on behalf of our public health for over 50 years. He's been working at this longer than most of us on this panel have been alive. He's been given the presidential medal of freedom by George W. Bush, a Republican president. You see how political this has become. Yesterday -- I can't believe I'm going to say anything good about her. I'm no fan of nepotism Barbie. Here I go. Yesterday, I commend ivanka Trump for having used her platform to show herself getting the vaccine and promote vaccination when she's says I hope you get the shot too. If you see the responses from trump supporting Republicans against what used to be their favorite daughter, you can see how political it has become. Shame on people like Donald Trump and Melania trump and my governor Ron Desantis for getting the vaccine but doing so behind closed doors knowing there's this hesitancy among Republicans that they are making worse, that they are making worse and not doing anything the bottom line is they want Joe Biden to fail. If that means cutting off their nose to spite their face, they will do it. Okay. She's a little late, but I'll give it to her. Meghan, what did you make of that exchange between Jim Jordan and Maxine and Clyburn too? I think congress has a 61% disapproval rating for a reason. All of them looked bad. It's beneath congress and, you know, the issues about liberty and freedom. I think it's easy to say Republicans are being contrarian and they don't want liberty. There's so many examples I could have used to debate this I decided to use in California when you look at the lockdowns that Gavin Newsom took to such an extent that have savaged small business owners. There's a video that went viral of a woman who is crying outside her bar and she's showing at her bar -- it should be locked down and she shouldn't be open because it's not safe. Literally right directly in front of her is a movie set open where there's tables set up for people to have lunch. You're telling me that's not political because it was more important to Gavin Newsome to have movies open statement he's going to the restaurant and not wearing masks. There were so many governors and elected officials who were doing and behaving in ways that were not on the rules they WRE telling the American public to do. People -- Republicans are contrarian. They're skeptical of big government. That is who we are. It's in my DNA and make up to question authority and question government. We think big government is bad. We don't think that bending the knee to big government is the answer to everything. That's a difference between Democrats and Republicans. Unfortunately the virus and vaccine have become politicized, but to lay the blame at the feet of Republicans is intellectually dishonest. Listen, I know there's a difference between the T parties. Why blame Fauci? Your argument is against government not Fauci. He's a scientist. He is the -- do you want me to answer or should I wait? Well, it's sunny's turn to talk. Let's hear from her first. Is Jordan putting his personal freedom above public health? That's what we want to know. Should Fauci be blamed? You know, this is very much a public health issue. I have never really quite understood why Fauci became sort of the target of the right. It doesn't make sense. It doesn't make sense that masks were politicized. It doesn't make sense now that the vaccine has been politicized when, you know, the disgraced former, twice impeached one-term president wanted to take credit for the vaccine, the development of the vaccine and also the rollout of the vaccine. This entire thing is about public health, not about politics. I think it's really shameful that you have 50% of Republican men not wanting to take care of their health and the health of others because they feel that somehow this is a personal freedom and liberty issue. It's just not. This is about science. There really is no excuse for pointing the figure at Fauci. There really is no excuse for Ted Cruz refusing to wear his mask on the senate floor and refusing to wear his mask when he's talking to reporters. I think it's the height of hypocrisy and down right selfish. If Republicans are worried about lockdowns and big business, then they need to take the vaccine. This is not going to stop. There have been over 500,000 losses of American lives, right, already. If you're a true patriot and you really care about this country getting back on this feet, if you really care about fellow Americans, then you would care enough to take the vaccine that is actually saving lives. Just on the basis of personal freedom, getting the vaccine means you have personal freedom. I don't understand the argument. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"9:11","description":"After losing 565,000 Americans to the virus, \"The View\" co-hosts react to Dr. Anthony Fauci butting heads with Rep. Jim Jordan at Thursday’s congressional hearing over pandemic safety measures.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"77120043","title":"Dr. Fauci vs. Rep. Jordan on COVID-19 measures","url":"/theview/video/dr-fauci-rep-jordan-covid-19-measures-77120043"}