Elisabeth Moss on present-day parallels to 'The Handmaid's Tale'

The actress discusses recent abortion bans, protests, and what it's like to film the show.
4:20 | 06/05/19

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Transcript for Elisabeth Moss on present-day parallels to 'The Handmaid's Tale'
Land my favorite things is I love things that have to do with cats because I have and if act that was easily irritated but I don't understand. That. You while you're putting yourself cause you do when the executive businesses are Larson acting wanted to show. Can you. I have your cats with you and then have a new. If and when the best pictures of that. Asset sale take an Atlanta where I. It's okay. For perhaps. Maker I love adding to clear she loved it still might she. I. At any time any other one way to do it at all that I wanted to you don't think you didn't pay because the next thing you know you can't doesn't get like you get a dog never dogs do anything that's light dry. That I'm back but now the hand me. Is tell takes place and into stopping future America where women have no control over their bodies and many people including twice but it presidential. Candidate Connell Paris compared to shouts of the middle wave of anti abortion laws in the country. Good comparison. Not so good your opinion I might act. And it is apt comparison I mean. You know the brilliance of Margaret Atwood book is it's been relevant for over thirty years was relevant 85 when it came out. And I'm unfortunately it remains relevant now and it's not just in our country it's in many places around the world. And you know what she's always said and we will be still hold to in the show is we don't put anything in the show that hasn't happened to Southland. So everything in my how dark it is it's happened yeah and so you know we eat our show is about connecting with people. An hour show is about really. It's the relationships and is about humanity so and I think that's was my neck. Now let them. Him so he's. This guy doing so it is I have kids at a picnic and so while you know let's talk about the outfit on the cat yet but. Live in a winnowing those outfits when they go to protest that part of what mr. Kavanagh hearing that we at Windham. At pro pro lifer things yet honey so I think there is now look at that. It's it's it's very very interesting that those click on right now we need I now enemy it's a pretty iconic image which you know Margaret obviously came up with initially and crab trek costume designer developed beautifully. And it's it's you mean he can't he's no mistaking what it means when you yeah. Yeah you know it pretty like and this is where that person and yet NASA and you know where we know we're. Flattered by that that we also you know I think there are impressed by it could cause my hot. Well it's like the mega hat you know where they stand yeah I have these yet where the other is exactly is exactly. Right exactly like that could I really like this look for you but what if they can yeah. It's. Every eight I really love it really wants a look at financial basin in. Yeah it's true right now read more you know like okay enough unless I watched yesterday premiere back in many ways whalers but it's amazing and really lives up to the last few cities and I really enjoy that shower scene you actually found in Washington DC and the Lincoln Memorial actually remember seeing pictures on social media best. That it was particularly meaningful to you house selling hat how did you doctor the Lincoln Memorial and build it crops. I had the effect is a they would act that wasn't rail in a EU is an incredibly moving experience honestly don't know you guys have ever been into the Lincoln Memorial but it it's of really beautiful place and there's something sacred about it it is a really holy place and it was it was moving to be there. Filming their show this subject matters we DOS and filming this scene in particular. Along side. This monument to our country and this is that this monument to ideals that we want to stand for ideas that are important to let people talking EU until I hadn't yet bringing high and during that people coming up also they just came to see the memorial again we're there it's okay. Well yeah. Targeting their ASA half of them are interested in the show what happened then we're like we go see the memorial. What we actually would like to see which is understandable under their very respectful they're very cool they're they got real quiet when we told them to be quiet. And then they would applaud some times after it take. Which I don't you know at an actor I loved that can tonight president had a.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"The actress discusses recent abortion bans, protests, and what it's like to film the show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63511799","title":"Elisabeth Moss on present-day parallels to 'The Handmaid's Tale'","url":"/theview/video/elisabeth-moss-present-day-parallels-handmaids-tale-63511799"}