Jake Tapper discusses his new novel ‘The Devil May Dance’

The author and CNN anchor talks about his new novel, which was inspired by a true story about Frank Sinatra and the “Rat Pack” attempting to get John F. Kennedy elected.
4:50 | 05/12/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jake Tapper discusses his new novel ‘The Devil May Dance’
Jake, you recently said you're considering barring certain Republicans from appearing on your show if they continue to repeatedly lie about the election. It's interesting. How did you arrive at that conclusion? Most people just put them out there anyway. Why do you think there are so many people out there who are lying and clinging to trump? What's the problem? Well, it's not -- I haven't made the decision to -- this isn't like a policy. I'm just throwing it out there as something that we should all be talking about, those of us who have these positions and are able to have guests on our shows. I haven't had anybody who lies about the election on any of my shows since the election. The reason I haven't is because, a, we've seen this particular lie can lead to violence and it incites people and misleads people. People died. People who believed the lie died. It's dangerous for everybody. B, if you're willing to lie about that, even though it's been debunked by court after court, by Republican election officials all over the country in Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, trump-supporting Republican governors, judges supported by trump, the U.S. Supreme court, this has been so debunked, if you're so willing to lie about it, my question is what else are you lying about? It's an obvious lie. It's not like Democrats are on one side, Republicans on the other. It's just a lie. We all see it. Some Republicans are willing to stand up for it like Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney and Meghan. I'm not saying I never will. Who knows what tomorrow's news will bring? Right now it's something we should be grappling with. Truthfully Jake, I don't think they would be coming on your show anyway. Let's get to your book before we run out of time. That's why you're here. "The devil may dance" it's a sequel to your best-selling book. What is this about? It was inspired by a true story which is that Sinatra and the rat pack in 1960 worked their hearts out to get John F. Kennedy elected. Then Sinatra had his compound, his estate outside L.A., had it built up with new rooms and a helipad, phone lines and expectations that president Kennedy would stay with him in 1962. Attorney general Robert Kennedy who was going after organized crime had misgivings with this because Sinatra was friends with people in organized crime. That's the real story. The fiction is I have my heros Charlie and Margaret go out there at the behest of Robert Kennedy to figure out if Sinatra is mobbed up. They go out there and get es konsed with the rat pack in Hollywood in 1962. There's a murder and adventure and people -- the reviews team pretty good so far. I'm psyched people like it. "Hell fire" was fantastic. I got your book last night. I haven't finished it yet. You're such a great novelist, Jake. You wrote this book during the pandemic and said it gave you an escape from the intense world we've been living in. Tell us about that. You know what it's like to cover this horrific pandemic and all the horror and sadness. To be able to turn away from that and turn away from the pain of remote education for my kids because that was also difficult and just have an hour hanging out with the rat pack and drinking whiskeys in my brain was an escape and a lot of fun. I had more time than I knew what to do with because from April to August I had no commute because I broadcast from home. I had fewer trips because of the pandemic. I had the time to do it. It was a great escape. Hopefully it's fun for readers too. It is. I'm just going to say that. "Hell fire" club was amazing and this is amazing. The new book "The devil may dance" is out now. You can get it wherever you find great books and on audible. Jake is not reading this one. He reads the first one. Always a pleasure to see you.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"The author and CNN anchor talks about his new novel, which was inspired by a true story about Frank Sinatra and the “Rat Pack” attempting to get John F. Kennedy elected.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"77649864","title":"Jake Tapper discusses his new novel ‘The Devil May Dance’","url":"/theview/video/jake-tapper-discusses-devil-dance-77649864"}