Melinda Gates on giving back to society and her view on modern day feminism

The billionaire philanthropist talks about her memoir "The Moment of Lift" and gives her point of view on vaccinations.
7:51 | 04/23/19

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Transcript for Melinda Gates on giving back to society and her view on modern day feminism
The gates and her husband bill didn't just change the world through their pioneering advancements in technology. They also run the largest foundation. On the planet. Investing more than 45 billion in two global poverty. And education initiatives and now she's laying out in her latest her latest mission. And her new book the moment of list how empowering women changes the world. Please welcome Melinda get. And we're live system. Failure on the top of fortune magazine's greatest leaders of the world list. You're. Woodbury what the weld is couple in the world apparent I did not know us and let the not only are you giving most of you a hundred billion dollar fortune to charity. You also created the giving pledge with Warren Buffett to get billionaires to donate at least half their net mark. Two. What made you do this and it. How is a working now and have well. It was a great idea that our partner Warren Buffett hat which is he said the right thing for society if you're lucky enough to grow up in the United States. You ought to give. At least half figure fortune back human billion dollars you can afford to get half back. And so we now have a 190 people who've taken the pledge 22 different countries to say. That they well in their lifetime or in their will give away half their wealth back to society wow after. And that's why. Are we have them all out on the web and a lot of them in the US have made it from their tech fortune lot of these are first generation wealth. And the neat thing is it's also in India and China we're trying to create a standard there that you grow up in a society where you can create a business that the masses that much wealth it should go back to society either your own or somewhere in the that's currencies yeah. Wow one at that hot topics that are just eking out this actually in your book which I thought actually fastening the topic of feminist on the and I don't consider myself a feminist because I don't think conservative pro life woman I really allowed to L. And you actually. At one point struggled when calling yourself a feminist so what issue did you have with the word. When is it means now well first of all I believe were allowed to be anything we want Indian society a mother. A mother. Mom mom does work and I did struggle with the word at first I got ousted over 25 years ago about 25 years ago was I feminist and I seeing. A lot of negative things got a tax to the previous generation of feminists by the other side who didn't agree with. That women should be all things in society could be. But when I'd take my own definition of feminism and what I know to be true his. Women should have their full voice in decision making power in their homes their community in the workplace to meet. That's a feminist and I am absolutely a feminist dwell on the. Often do you. Yeah. That more than twice as many hours doing unpaid work in the home and what I love about you and your faintly from what I see from afar issue would never know how much you worked. By the way you live your life by the way you talk. And if you seem to keep it very normal normal for a marriage for your kids how divide up the work in the home does bill have to do any dish is. TT lot of rain and so first of all I love that you bring this topic up I talk about unpaid labored my book because it's what. Hold women back from doing some of the productive things they also want to do in society. And yes women and our homes we spent seventeen. Years over our lifetime. Doing unpaid work that are husbands don't do well that's wreck so whether that's you know laundry or the best me pull things we wanna do caring for children. And the trick is I think is to have the real conversation your home about how do you divvy up the task and what do you was soon. And so in our household we had a conversation I realize that we were all doing the dishes together after dinner all five of us and our family. But somehow I was still in the kitchen fifteen minutes later than anybody else I wasn't very nice about it. Put my hands and I have one night I said nobody leaves the kitchen till I leave the kitchen. And guess what everybody picked up really. What did you hear all upstairs five minutes later to be up to name what our truth is and then ask for what we need right very very trapped magnate OK so we are experiencing a measles outbreak. You now. In 22 states because parents are choosing not to vaccinated that children. For whatever reason they may have and much of your foundation. Work has been getting vaccines for developing countries. How we fix it right here in this country yeah. I believe that vaccines are fundamental. To life we know that the reason so many children now survive to their fifth birthday is because of vaccines. So the women I meet in all over the world in developing world countries know what ten kilometers in the heat to get a vaccine this tell you how important it is to save their child's life. So here I think when people start to remember that we used to have measles and it's a needless thing for a child to have measles or to die from measles. Does that's untenable. And if somebody's immune systems down because I didn't get my kids vaccinated for measles you get sick you know Pekingese so I want to somebody who's of that as an infant to the susceptible to these diseases because it too young to be vaccinated. That needs to be put out there a lot of mean somebody like like this young lady it was having twins. I do not had to get shots to get group and he had to get all the backs need the shots done and I'm thinking. That's in the balance in life if it animals have a rule to get them in a spot. We why tickets go to school without because asked for information we want society we want all children can grow up and to thrive that's what we want for society. And so we have certain things we do for our own children and for public health and one of them is vaccination in children needs a tracks vaccinated the thing that makes me crazy about this is. A lot of these adults who have decided not to vaccinated there kids have been vaccinated and now you know they have those little bit of a certain age you have to Mark Reynolds like a baby vamp out gas and it I have one. I saw I just and I don't understand. Why. You don't understand why there hasn't been measles why the most haven't been here why all of these diseases. Are now coming back because you're spreading step that we know at a get rid. And we've forgotten we have a short memory when I would say to parents is talk to your pediatrician. He or she has the real information and trust their point of view they are medically trained. And they will tell you to have your child vaccinated something else you talk about it your book I'll read about your book that that I thought were so interest in his contraceptives. Are the greatest life saving women empowering innovation. Ever created now you and I are both practicing Catholics. And you write that at first she really struggled with going against the Catholic Church which. Doesn't necessarily agree with that what are you saying. I have met so many women around the world and so many different places who are. Asking us for access to contraceptives. And they will tell you if they can time and space the burst of their children they can feed their children educate them and they can be productive members of society and we used in the United States we need to make sure all women have access disabled list and we thank him Melinda Gates but you need to get this book a pack. Her abundant in the moment out lift is out today and you know what job you there's such a good audience can't just gonna take off.

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{"duration":"7:51","description":"The billionaire philanthropist talks about her memoir \"The Moment of Lift\" and gives her point of view on vaccinations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"62577429","title":"Melinda Gates on giving back to society and her view on modern day feminism","url":"/theview/video/melinda-gates-giving-back-society-view-modern-day-62577429"}