Michael Moore on why he believes Trump could be 'the last president'

Moore on "The View" talks about President Trump's impact on the country.
6:57 | 09/14/18

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Transcript for Michael Moore on why he believes Trump could be 'the last president'
We are back M Moore. Tle bit where we leftoff. First of all, Wu were here, one time you cam here andu said he's goio win, just like you'reing Y. But I WER O Thi show saying something like that. I sd going to win Michigan sin, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Did you say in thovie that was like two votes I each state. In michiga Hillary lost by only two vot per precinct. That's a I would have Tak if pple had come out. Alsoemocraticar recognized have this vestige F the slavera. We created the eoralollege but they didn't pay attentiono that. Part of it is because they go T college, liberal ts, ucation, they're N very good at math. No of us are really. That's true If T just done the ought about this, we could have won those states. She by votes. I know. In a Nati of 32 llion. The electoral college will never get goneecause the wod need an amendment to get rid O would they? Yes. But the's also thing called the national pop vote. State's electors go to whoever wins the popur vote whole country,nd that's a gre idea. If you're in one of those , get behind T law. Why do you call him last president? That's omi. Everything hes is ainst democracy. He does not res rul of law.we are in deep,p danger here. You know, democracy given. It's not a permahing like your soul. It's not- is a very tenuous thg and cango, andve en throughout history it can go justike that don't talk a lot about the eltion. The election,he only election that matters as to whether no we're going to keep this country the whate want it is November 6th. Right now in 53 days, that's it. I'll T you believe it's very possible there coulbe a tsunami ofoters showing up, making this thelargest mid-term election ever, an ihink that womenre going to to polls in such large, large mb E are. I was -- the film is fantastiand WHA was struck by is you said the trd party or the Milon voter that DI't show up. The large politicarty ar the million nonvoters. The nonvoters. Of T the rise of hitler in19 German are youoing too R? No. It's -- I read a book B in the '80s called "Friendly Scism." Aid the fascism of the 21sttury will not come withion CPS swa stick kas. It W come with a T show and a smiley face, that in the next E won't B a lot of bullets fired whenhose who in awe T krasy,ho want a date orial style management --way, let's give trump his due.'s a CEO a a ire. Big fans democracy, and believe me, the llionairese theact that it's still oneerson O vote becausle lotore of us th there are of them. That's really got the crap out O them on some level. That' why they hao P all that money in elections, do the things they make the point in th hitler ally only ha % of thetoo. Yes. He won -- In parliame T liberal ptihe popular vote but H G T mos Vos ecame the lr at that point. The point I want make please detand that germanyhen was one of the series on Earth. They read moreks per cita than any other untry. Univers heah care. They were V enlightened, ltured people. And the pois that fassm can take pla justn som crazy land butse good, smart people and we have to payention that but the main thing I show ie movie -- and do not say that trump is hi. The's piece of satire there that suggests pbly that hitler wastrumbut, um, I'm morerned and a I show in the move how the front page edorial of the jewish wee right after hitler's guration andhe front page L inhis jewish par sayslmdown, everybody. Yes,s crazy but is not going to be as bad ase think 'S going because we're a decracy and we have constitutionon will St hi and it's so sad, of the Tell them about when the down and scared ert down. Theirargot burne down a month after hitler is elted. Mee said Nazis did it, un it. It didn't matter wid it it W a terrorist act, and Hier as presidents that act to STA eliming the rights and the because they were afraid THA aerrorist H burned Dow parliamen building. Ande have to be very careful because I do beliehis wl happen.ctual tst attackhich all -- Forbid. Godorforbid,aid or whether I someut se, one person does and it blamed O a who group of people. At that mome plea, can say anything this morning, when en this so-called national emergey happens, plea let's otect ours. Do not givhts and ou dothis is our democracy and I'm afraid that Thi preside will use that moment as he ds oer moments to got strong man mode -- you kno H add Meyers all these strong men. Youknow, his friendship with Kim iorkorea, all of these people that he addmiresmires, dictators- Loves a dictator you have listen to him even though trump'slways lying, he's alwaysng you the truth. He I always - when he says I can shoot someby in the middle and get away with it, he'ellinghe truth. It depends on W you're spng lot otivates thos people even more. See exactly, Abby,

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{"duration":"6:57","description":"Moore on \"The View\" talks about President Trump's impact on the country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"57828411","title":"Michael Moore on why he believes Trump could be 'the last president'","url":"/theview/video/michael-moore-believes-trump-president-57828411"}