Nico Santos discusses ‘Superstore’ finale and evolution of his character

The actor shares what it was like on the last day of filming, his role on the show as an undocumented and queer Filipino and opens up about how COVID-19 has impacted his family.
6:39 | 03/03/21

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Transcript for Nico Santos discusses ‘Superstore’ finale and evolution of his character
You know in as the quick way to aid and full of heart character McHale wants superstore. And he's here to talk about the series finale representation and how he's holding up in the pandemic. Please welcome Nikos and Telus tiny snow. Boring I'm glad I want to start out with median emotional question I know you rapped on superstore this past Sunday what your last if filming like. Got. It was. So bittersweet. Get on having to film centering during a global and advocates us we'll get red but you know it's it's it was hard because. We were saying good bye to everybody after six seasons about a filming there's this wonderful TV show but we couldn't have a proper. Send off for proper. Proper wrap up the whole experience because I'm you know ockerbloom. So it literally just ended you know be. It did the last taken and and they were like that's rapid superstore and we're like okay. I guess. About every weren't. A good thing you could have our. In a rain check because that would have been a bundle of emotion any weight what a cry for all party cell. Death only as a whole. Exactly I think everybody's putting it on not just for this up look like. They keep their emotions and author of abdicating because the bucks guard also that's exactly what would you like we heard about once it's safe for everybody she'd get together like an entire cast and crew. Will be are gonna have a party later on but. You know I did have small gathering at my house because. The casts you know we are in a pod and we've been tested. Literally like it like every Siegel they sometimes multiple. Times a day I'm so we were like well you know Barbara take advantage of the fact that we could safely gather and so we did that. Bubble up you played a queer Filipino undocumented care -- tale for six seasons now. How does your character changed since season one. We don't when the first show when the first. But it does show first started rapper material was really just sort of leg up this sort of you know really. A survey. Saatchi and I'll like employee was slowly start. And the so they all you know about but he was his hyper competitive superstar. And that led to introduce does this beautiful market information Bob character c.'s Bob Rose he was undocumented and for me when they told me back. I'm it would release that are open up this this this whole new album that understanding to who it is a Bart which he is and throughout the seasons you see why the stakes are so high for a business. Because it's literally a life or death situation sub area. Absolutely. Now both your mom and step dad had co big nineteen last march and I'm so sorry to hear your step dad Sonny. Passed away after a long fight. How are you in your family doing. OK yeah now I am. Good grief it's it's just something that always stays with the record low is it never really leaves. It got to slow some bears are. Great to and you know you you you're totally normal and European men. Our other games where. You know you. Sees something small something that reminds you about her sudden you're like breaking down in the middle of a CBS. But typically about. Having masks and all that sake of the other two. As random places it's yeah. It's been up and out you know X. I've I've lost four people since March. Some two Kermit some two other causes and I think not just for me but for a lot of people in this country it's just didn't your loss you know lost lives lost lightly heard. And we're all just collectively dealing without trauma and it's it's it's it's hard and you know like. So I don't people are going to be thinking right now whatever Yashin ditches it was ordered apple opened. And your happiness in your sanity you know like you gotta do it yet there. World superstar is any unique position because it makes sense for your characters to be dealing directly with the pandemic. What was it like for you in the cast is shifting to new filming part of house. And what is. It's easy and hard at the same time you don't like we had unseen but what had been a part innings since its mark several beat everybody was used to. You know wearing masks hand and watching her parents and then staying sixty apart. Basically or difference was it just takes. Box score tied two to create a television show as you know like. Would put all the new Covert protocol so. You know definitely. A little extra patients all wade tried to you shouldn't everybody exchanged. And then and we are. During this correctly ignore and and honestly I I am so proud. Cast and crew to extract that we were able to you. To bring. An anchor eight the world. Fifteen episodes and and film to show which are global pandemic this isn't she meant it's it's it's crazy beat you didn't get shut down once. You know like other shows a lot like abduction scare us and had just shut production coupons for two weeks while. What they were dealing with what we've covered stuff and in art show they. We're just able to to continually film its entire car. That's amazing. Now the finale of superstar be gently go without asking about that if the finale airs later this month can you tell us anything about it. I eye out for me personally I think their nationality is is. What was great episodic in the hands are gonna be really happy with that. There's so many you know amazing characters from. Come under way not just of the main cast of all the recurrent character is at an all alone settled into a tie up so. I think the Pentagon really happy about it. And Nikko we send our thoughts to you as you deal with losses during this very difficult time teaming and your family. But for everyone else who needs a little escape you can catch superstore on Thursdays you gotta check your local listings at Allegheny gulf. Think he's a rats.

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{"duration":"6:39","description":"The actor shares what it was like on the last day of filming, his role on the show as an undocumented and queer Filipino and opens up about how COVID-19 has impacted his family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"76233951","title":"Nico Santos discusses ‘Superstore’ finale and evolution of his character","url":"/theview/video/nico-santos-discusses-superstore-finale-evolution-character-76233951"}