Noa Tishby on her mission to explain Israel’s complicated history

The actress, activist and author discusses her new book “Israel” with “The View” co-host Meghan McCain and explains why Israel is “smack in the middle of cancel culture.”
9:46 | 04/19/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Noa Tishby on her mission to explain Israel’s complicated history
Know what's his speed is an actress producer activist and now a published author she was born and raised in tell of the and served two and a half here is in the Israeli army before starring Israel's hit show. Ron Mott as the again well. She sold the Israeli TV show in treatment HBL and is widely known as Israel's unofficial ambassador. Now well com I'm such a huge fan of yours and I'm so excited talked to today. So much having you very much utility and well let's get right into late Bill Maher describes your book to Israel a symbol guides the most misunderstood country on our adds quote. Not here but he's history buck. You're not exactly what comes to mind when one imagined a stodgy old academic. What motivated you to write this spot and have you been surprised by the response. First thank you so much for that I have been surprised that there's fun because this is a book that has been endorsed by Bill Maher whose incredible and also Baghdad Bureau bush which actually leads me to believe that I was able to do quite a balanced job. Under bush the reason I wanted to write this book is because they saw how fast they needed people where Israel how much debate it brings up how much passionate brings up such people are excited about it an angry about it cash but a lot of the times they actually don't know the facts in these don't have the facts straight edge in a lot of people came up to me throughout the years right is that you can read the links something that is search Sean that is relatable that gives me all the history in a wait it's easy to understand ash and I realize that. Just doesn't exist so I decided to write hits. You know one of the things you talk about is the unfair treatment Israel has received at the U land in 20/20 the general assembly brought. Seventeen resolutions against the Jewish state which is more than the combined number of resolutions. Brought against Syria Iran and North Korea that year. What do you think prompts international bodies like the UN to treat Israel a democracy. Worsen knees tyrannical regime has. And is there anything they can be dying and do you think it's easy for the American public to see this blatant hypocrisy. I hope they see this the United Nations bless its heart I love that organization however 53% of nation states are members the United Nations are non democracies such a lot of them. First of all definitely don't share our values here in the United States and western civilization age and also the do not or Israel to exist so when you look at the history of the United Nations you seek political bias that each and political maneuvering the first degree that's been happening for. Many many many decades such and what it had done as it created a false. Legitimacy. From an international respectable international body each shoe kinda light gives the LG GG plus writes the only country and change practice any religion you want trio each. The world needs to support Israel and if they don't mean to figure out what he is and why is that they don't the United Nations needs to get good look at itself in terms of the resolutions against Israel this is disproportionate. And it's insane. Yeah I I completely agree with you I have been. Very vocal about my disappointment and how we handled the vaccine roll out in this country on top of distribution issues there is a tremendous amount of hesitancy. Israel on the other hand has been the epitome of what a successful vaccine rollout should look like. I was particularly charmed by two different initiatives I spot again I keep saying that take a sack get a shot. Where you can obviously get the vaccine and then go out and take a shot of tequila if you want. And a separate initiative where they were giving it so Lance and that's a sort of Stew for survive I understand. To the ultra orthodox Jewish people which inspired. That kind of creativity in Israel. And why do you think it was lacking here because Israel really does seem to have done a better job marketing and why we should all be getting the vaccine. Israel did an extraordinary job in vaccines I was actually aired December and the vaccine operation started an I was blown away I saw everybody match Hanley over certainly is getting huge text message coming down to the clinic earshot. The other thing that I saw that we did not throw a single vaccine so from day one bush it would top out text messages or FaceBook page acts or whatever saying we have cinematic number rush vaccines available please come down and T launch. It was extraordinary and entrepreneurial nature and it's also a country each that knows how to be under threat and in war it was extraordinary scene and then I was very proud of Israel my my homeland in very concerned about what happens here. And as I I teen back in January it was Obama got this is going to take a submit an edge so I hope people really. I'm wake up wake up for it we have a vaccination operation it's going great and we need to really step it up so we can get to herd immunity and get back to life church it's time. Yet they're really the gold standard when it comes to vaccine rollout that it which our countrymen what to look for inspiration more by. And not our country in the United States there are plenty of anti semitism disguised as anti zionism lurking on the right but there's also plenty on the laughed. You talk about that rate the rights that LG BTQ Arab Israelis enjoy and other parts of the Arab world. Members of LG BT community are considered. Guilty of a capital crime then are sometimes put to death. Are you surprised at the progressive left is still inclined to write off Israel often times even calling for boycotts and sanctions against state. And you know I had this is something that I am very passionate about and spoken about many times on the DL. And I find very very very alarming this radicalism we're seeing growing on both sides can you speak to that. Absolutely look I'm not only surprised by the left bashing of Israel and lack of understanding of the of the subject I'm. Horrified by this speech this is not just bad for Israel this is bat for western civilization. Israel the single consist of democracy in the Middle East the only jury can actually beat. Make out reducing sex partner on the beach and not get killed it which is what would. Happen to you arguably in the rest of the middle each is smack in the middle of cancer culture. And I am not sure I mean it can't understand how this half inch but I'm trying to make liberals understand that they are absolutely misguided on this this is insane. You know what there is a rise of anti semitism happening in this country particularly and New York City and spend very alarming. Elegy New York city's data the eighteen years old. And then. Very very. Shocked and appalled by it but I also see a lot of things happening in popular culture where. If someone says something. Incendiary a bowel up purse and that is racially motivated effort given a lot. Less easily and then if they are there anti semantic for some reason and I said this in regards to Nick Cannon for some reason if you say something anti semantic. For whatever reason we culturally. Are a lot more forgiving a lot quicker why do you think that is. I'm not sure why that is but it's horrifying that it actually is going aren't desist any anti semitism has been around since the days of the Jews right to it goes back thousands of years which for some reason it passed for five years it became okay again like CDs like riots and Charlottesville and the people around and covering their face you know the Jews -- zero point 2% of the US population are amounting to 50% of religious based hate crime in the United States this is. Did something that we need to be concerned happening to speak up against you think an anti semitism is not around and not a thing. They are absolutely wrong and it is that's right this subconscious bias that people ha against. Jews and this anti semitism that now became so popular cash is masquerading itself right now is anti Israel an anti zionist and anti zionism. Is intake sentences because if you are against. What country. And ordering one country and were out. And that country also just happens to be Jewish. We conversation about your opinions and yours classes. I was actually surprised that's the first time I said that I was a proud zionist on TV IE it couldn't I couldn't even got them the kind of reaction. It didn't occur to me that that is something controversial to say on national decision night I shot absolutely show. They want to move on something lighter use sold an orange treatment to HBO. But that's far from not only is there Israeli exports of American TV whether it's homeland on orthodox euphoria our Tehran. There are so many popular shows your whose roots are in Israel. Why do you think that is and two Americans understand that as the Israeli audience the same way Israelis understand the American audience. The reason for that is that Israeli entertainment television's creative it's very small it doesn't have a lot of money so it needs to be gearing clever so the scripts received strong characters this strong storyline this is just what American audiences. Laugh and I hope this would make people in America realize how similar Israelis and American are actually this is. It's only country in the release of cheers exacting values as need you here in America and western civilization it shows up in this clever television that everybody admires an endorsement they know it's an Israeli format or not. Carly watching acts from now they're picking up more pounds. While LSI just on a thank you so much for taking time attacks needed and a huge fan of your work and your butt. I wish you nothing but all the bass I hope your bucket turned into HBO shows sale and it. When I thank Allah for joining us and best of luck with everything in the future. So much me give you some interest port.

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{"duration":"9:46","description":"The actress, activist and author discusses her new book “Israel” with “The View” co-host Meghan McCain and explains why Israel is “smack in the middle of cancel culture.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"77126178","title":"Noa Tishby on her mission to explain Israel’s complicated history ","url":"/theview/video/noa-tishby-mission-explain-israels-complicated-history-77126178"}