Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt on rebooting ‘Mad About You’

Twenty years after the “Mad About You” stars left television, they come together to share the experience of rebooting their beloved show.
8:14 | 12/20/19

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Transcript for Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt on rebooting ‘Mad About You’
You know, 20 years ago when I was still a teenager -- all right. Never mind. The hit show, "Mad about you" wrapped its seventh and final season, but good news, fans. Paul and Jamie Buchman are back. They're still hilarious, still neurotic and still in love. Aww. Take a look. Oh my god. You like? No. No. Not another dog. I'm still getting over the -- look at the face. Oh my god. Come here. Give me. Give me. Give me. This was all yours. All in the clear. I got it from a great rescue place uptown. A very nice lady named Patty. She smelled like a German Shepard, but very nice. Sweetie, vung very much. I love her, I really, really do. I love you too. Please welcome Helen hunt and Paul Reiser. You're on our holiday show. Nice to be here. You ended that clip on such a sweet little I love you. You didn't see what happened afterwards. A little bit -- That's what made the show interesting. How annoying would that be? Do you do Christmas? We don't have any holiday show in our show. This is our holiday show. This is it? We're here on this show. Helen, don't you have a holiday with trees? I think she meant in real life. You know we're not actually married, right? He forgets. We're here. Please tell Helen -- Special traditions. I'm dying to get there. As the lord intended. As a celebration of the birth. It's in the bible. We talk a lot on the show about incluesivity, how we give more people opportunity, and you're now directing the show, and there's a picture. I think we can show it, that I would imagine you're incredibly proud of. Those are the directors. That's amazing. We -- I'm not often in a position of whatever, power, and this show was really run by our show runner and we made every decision together and I knew I wasn't going to walk onto another movie set with 95% one demographic and I wanted everybody represented and I do find that you just -- the ship won't go there by itself. You have to keep tension on the wheel, and keep hiring different kinds of people. That was fun. You have to push them a little I think. They weren't just people of color and women of color. They were great directors. Were you surprised by the golden globes' complete lack of recognition of female directors at all? What does it say about where we are? We're at the very, very beginning, and we have to keep hiring people. I think one thing -- I made two independent movies and what they find is that often a male director will make a great sundance movie, and that will convert into a big film whereas a woman will make a brilliant film, and then it doesn't. It's just about people in a position to hire, noticing their own bias. Am I nervous to hand this project over to a woman? I haven't given a movie to another woman of color. Is there something pausing me to push through that? That's the only way. It's been around 1945, or something like that? Movies even before that, and we're just beginning with this. It's crazy. That really is unbelievable. Paul, your Twitter profile describes you as, you know, the guy from the thing with the thing. Yeah. The thing. Because that's what I get a lot. The thing. Which is so true because you have had so many roles from over the years. Yes. Because I think "Mad about you," but my son was, like, "Stranger things". How old is your son? 17. I'm, like, what are you talking about? If anybody under 30 goes, And "Kominsky." That's anybody over 80. You were nominated for a sag award for "The kominsky method." What's your street cred like? It depends how old. It depends, okay? If I go to a senior citizen home, very, very strong. My favorite is when somebody isn't quite sure. Somebody goes, hey. Aren't you? I'll say, Paul Reiser. They'll go, no. Really? That's all I had. Wow. But that's incredible. So many different projects. It's nice, and they're all very different and it's been interesting because we have been back with this show for, like, a few weeks. People go, oh, right. That's the show we liked and where you been for 20 years? 20 years, it has been 20 years. Now you're back. Look at us. Haven't changed a minute. But now you're back and the rest of the cast is back with you. It's kind of crazy. Richard kind who was very wonderful in something recently. Played Rudy Giuliani, I believe in "Bombshell" I think. Was it that? "Bombshell"? I can't remember now. I'm also, you know, getting senile. John Pankow. Johnny Pankow. Very funny. Anne ramsay plays our daughter, and if we hadn't found her -- She's great. It's a triangle now, and she's funny and fast and moving herself. How fun was it to reunite? We didn't have one jerk in the group. We just never did. Don't still. So it was beautiful. It was -- the weirdest thing was that it wasn't weird. There it is. That's when you know it's comedy. You open the door, and Richard goes, okay. Truly that's when we were back on that set and we went, this feels so familiar, and it's good. It was a very loving group. I watched the first series and I'm watching this one, and I love the chemistry between you two because you can tell it's real off and on camera and it's just -- it's real life. It's real life stories in new York City which is a crazy place to live a lot of the time. So it's so fun for me to watch, but I wonder, you look back 20 years, and did you guys stay good friends? Was it so easy to walk back on and do this again? Yeah. We're in touch all the time, and we have sort of a regular lunch every couple of months. Whose idea was it to bring it back? America. I think it was the lunch. I think we were hungry is what happened. Want to grab lunch? Yes. We were always over the last 20 years, if anybody ever mentioned, would you come back? It seemed like a terrible idea. Reunion show. We were so happy with how it ended and we did a bit in the finale where we showed the future so we couldn't possibly come back, and people said, all these reboots and we talked about it and thought, well. The fun part was, well, it will be fun to work together again. That would be fun, and then it was, well, why? We realized the story is the -- our daughter would be leaving and here we are alone again. That's a good place to start. We could write about that. The empty nest syndrome. Very relatable. People say, a puppy. That will replace the daughter pretty good. It was a really fun place, and we're sensing people come back and go, oh. The people say, that's our marriage. That's still our marriage and that's what we're going through. It's nice to have company and share it with people. That's great. Well, it was lovely seeing you. Thank you guys. Lovely seeing you. You can spend every Christmas with this table. I'm going to. This is my new christmastime. Now I have a new -- I'll be on television with you every -- Holiday tradition. That would be great. Our sincerest thanks and merry Christmas to Helen hunt and Paul Reiser. The new "Mad about you" is streaming on spectrum now, and you can see the first two episodes for free. Yes. On the spectrum originals website, and we'll be right

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{"duration":"8:14","description":"Twenty years after the “Mad About You” stars left television, they come together to share the experience of rebooting their beloved show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"67855448","title":"Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt on rebooting ‘Mad About You’","url":"/theview/video/paul-reiser-helen-hunt-rebooting-mad-67855448"}