Ricky Gervais talks offensive comedy, new special 'Humanity'

Gervais joined "The View" to discuss his latest projects and the importance of comedy today.
8:50 | 03/15/18

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Transcript for Ricky Gervais talks offensive comedy, new special 'Humanity'
award-winning comedian Ricky Gervais is back with his first stand-up special in seven years, and this time he's taking on all of humanity. Please welcome back the fabulous and quite funny Ricky Gervais. So, before we get into what the special is about, the question everybody wanted me to ask you is are you excited about the royal wedding? You can't even say it with a straight face. Am I excited about the royal family, no. The royal we adding. No. Listen, I don't have anything against the royal family but I'm not interested in any of that frivolous nonsense. I actually know William and Harry, they've come to two or three of my gigs, but no. It's on every paper all the time. Every minutia, it's like, oh, no, I'm not interested at all. I wonder -- Thanks for asking. Just on the same subject though, when I was in England trying to do stand-up there, you can't say anything about the queen, they have a fit and they won't laugh. Is that true when you do it? No. Not my crowd, no. It was then. I think that, you know, I think the bbc are still a bit stuffy because they get complaints and they're a sort of government body. So they fear complaints. But live, no -- it's just, no. When you go on the golden globes, a lot of times you are politically incorrect and hilarious of course. Thank you. Well, that's the thing about offense, isn't it? When people say they're offended, just because you're offended doesn't mean you're right, you know. Offense is about feelings and feelings are personal. Some people are offended by equality. So what? You know, you can't second guess people. If you try and please everyone, you'll please no one. With comedy as well, you've got to deal with taboos and sometimes you deal in irony and some people don't get that but you can't legislate against stupidity or otherwise you'll be doing nothing. If you're saying anything, you should polarize because everyone's different. So -- This year you didn't host and do you miss the fact that this was a Weinstein year? Oh, I was salivating, honestly. I got an adrenaline rush of thinking of what I could say and whether I'd have to go to jail. No, but you know, I like the opportunity because I do like that when there's tension, when there's an elephant in the room -- although he wasn't there this year. But no, I do like that because I like confronting that because I think it takes the audience to a place it hasn't been before. It can be a mutual back-slapping, you know, fest, but don't televise it. I'm not doing it for the 200 egos in the room. I'm doing it for the 200 million people who are watching who aren't winning awards, who aren't millionaires. Humanity which we mentioned is your first comedy special in seven years and you say that it's the right time for it, the subject matter. Yeah. Well, I left it for seven years not on purpose. I was doing other things. I did a series and a couple of movies and I pushed it back. I always thought stand-up was like the second or third thing I did whereas now I've changed my mind. It's such a pvilege and freedom of speech is so important these days and you've got to -- And I've reached the age now where I don't care anymore. Welcome aboard. What's the worst that's going to happen. I'm going to die soon. I'm offended. I'm going to die, so what. You've made enough money at this point. Exactly. I'm going to give that to animals anyway just to see the look on my family's face. By the way, humanity is on Netflix. You're going to want to see it. You talk about your family. I do. This is the most personal, again, for the same reasons. I think that it's nice to look back and it's a celebration. I talk about my mum and dad who aren't with us anymore and joke about them because I think that's what humor is for. It gets us over bad stuff. To not joke about the bad things, that's a waste because that's exact ly what we should joke about. I also feel that when you've talk about people who have gone to the next world, whatever that is, that you're keeping them alive in a way. Yeah, of course. They're still here. Yeah. You know, I tell it -- there was a lot of truth so I tell the truth, you know. It's not just this ideaized view of your mum. You tell -- I remember when I was 12 -- I've got older brothers and sisters which is why I'm like I am. They're much older than me. They're 11, 13 and 14 years older than me. When I was about 12 I said to my mum, why are my brothers and sisters so much older than me and she said you were a mistake. And there you have it. I just laughed. You know, my -- it is -- it's true because sometimes it's also the way you can grieve. When my brother passed I started talking about it in my show because I was like, I couldn't understand how he was more good looking dead than I was alive. People were like, really? I was like, yeah because you got to keep -- you have to keep talking. You have to keep talking to stay present. Absolutely. Make them part of the thing. It is with affection. Yes. I just think -- my mum would have loved it, you know. And they're hilarious anyway. That's why we're funny. Funny is funny. There's no time and place for being funny. I know things are sensitive. I wouldn't be doing those jokes at someone else's mum's funeral. I do mine because I know. Let's talk about your partner, Jane, because I've met Jane. She's a lovely person. You've been with her for what, 35 -- 30 years. Not married yet though? No. You're never going to get married? No. He doesn't like it. There's no point. We don't want our families to meet and um -- You've said that the key to a happy relationship is separate bathrooms which I totally agree with. That's a fact. Why is that? One less argument. No, it's great. It's lovely to have your space. No, it's brilliant, yeah. What about separate bedrooms now? Oh, no. Let's not get crazy, joy. You're really active on Twitter. You have 13 million followers and you love to engage with trolls. It's a fun pasttime for you. Yeah. You post unflattering photos of yourself which I think we have, mostly in the bath. What is it with your bath obsession? What's going on here? I love a bath. I think it's because when I was little a bath was like a luxury. We could afford like two a week each in the family, so now that's my luxury. You're glutenous. I have one or two a day. I've got the iPhone. It's great because you're in that position and those are taken all around the world. There was Oslo and I do a bath pic wherever I go. They're very themed. They're very themed, yeah. Do you think growing up poor like you did -- I grew up in a tenement. Whoopi grew up in a project. I was just from Iowa. She's from Iowa, whatever. Do you think that makes you funnier? I think so because that was the thing growing up. I was born into poverty, welfare housing. I was the youngest of four. But the point was to, you know, pay your way, then have a laugh. That was the men. The women carried on working, obviously. But yeah -- Survival. It was survival. You laugh at everything. It gets you over it. If you can laugh in the face of adversity, you're bulletproof. Also, if you can make your parents laugh, if you can make their day better -- Absolutely. We would tease them and everything and they loved it. Come back sooner than seven years, please. Yeah, really. Who knows if any of us will be here. You can sit here by yourself. "Humanity" is available now on Netflix. Check it out, please. You will laugh and you might even shed a tear. It's so funny. Thank you. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"8:50","description":"Gervais joined \"The View\" to discuss his latest projects and the importance of comedy today.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"53775302","title":"Ricky Gervais talks offensive comedy, new special 'Humanity'","url":"/theview/video/ricky-gervais-talks-offensive-comedy-special-humanity-53775302"}