Seahawks postpone meeting with Colin Kaepernick

"The View" co-hosts discuss the Seahawks' decision and how to find middle ground in the national anthem debate.
5:06 | 04/13/18

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Transcript for Seahawks postpone meeting with Colin Kaepernick
So Colin Kaepernick's football career took a big over his nationalhem protest. You remember, and he took a , and now the sle Seahawks postponed H working out with T because he won't he'll STO taking a knee during the anthem. Should this keep him off field really? I mean, he did something that was in M view patriotic, in using hisatriotic ability to protest black that are ING, you know, assed on a regular basis in many ways and he is worried about that. Ook -- he put his position righhefloor. I never bought the aen that it abthe numbers because if you looked at just the S numbers, he was outperfogome of the starting quarterbacks in the NFL. I alwaysnew that the NFL teams didn't wantoo near him because this was a distractio if youook at -- yes, he has every right torcise his constitutional righ but at the end of the day, you look at it from a business model. This I private Y. The NFL and these am you have to act wee to rules and at the end of the day, thest the fans tare paying for these salaries. It's the fansare paying, fortunately or fortunatel -- But -- I know. But here's the thing. If our viewers are going toe hi put -- he has every right to kneel,he issue is the majority fan felt this was unpatriotic. The most patic thing you can do is exercise you constitutional right. Right. Colin krns the new Muhammad he is the G.O.A.T. He has put everything on the line for what hevesin, and that is what a true acadoes. My feeling is that, and there is a lawsuit. Let's remember T is a lawsuit that Colin Kaepernick that has filed with the assistance of my fr, mark, and he has filed a lit that thl owners have colluded to keep him from playing is exactly what they have been -- Seven cities all around T country, and the NFL is going to have T pay Colin kaepernick.I'm going ake that prediction right now because they are keeping him and I wrong. It is wrong. Justk at it -- just look it with some -- yeah. Don't think this is a business decision? If the majorit yying consumare going to boycott gamend not pay your players' salaries, that'susiness decision. These areublicly owned land they get publifund the first thing. And the second thg is the N has no problem from a business respective having people on R roster that have beat women, that wis. No defense for that. No problem W that. I have to take a break. We'r schedulehere. We'll be right back. Sorry. ?????? Announcer: "Tie would like to thank apple & eve for providing our entire studio audience W a bottle of their delicious juicous juice. I discovered the true meaning of paperless dunts... And the describable ru of saving ers rage of $620. Why does fear feelgood? I fell in love three times -- ce with a woman, once with a country, and final with myself. -So, du have anything to declare or not? -Isn't that what I'm doing? Want in on the secret to ageless skin. The Olay 28 Dhallenge. Millions of real women see results starting day 1. Is product." Visible results or your money back olageless. El the clarity of non-drowsy Claritin and relief from Toms caused by over 200 lens. Kerom Buddy. Use stuffed aim are clearly no substitutefor real one Feel the clarity and Lilaritin Clear. LI She pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. But once a week I let her play sheriff so I cash it. I use Tide to get out those week old stains D Downy to get it fresh and soft. You aree to go. Tide and D gather. Depression is a tangle of multiple symptoms that can make you sad, feel tired, and haifficulty concentrating. Trintellix is a prescription medication for depression. It may help you take a step forward in improving your depression. Tell your healthcare professi ry if your depressiorsens, or you unusual changes in mood, behavior or thoughts of sde Antidepressants can increase these in children, teens and young adults. Do take with maois. Tell your healthcare professional about your medications,

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{"duration":"5:06","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the Seahawks' decision and how to find middle ground in the national anthem debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"54447703","title":"Seahawks postpone meeting with Colin Kaepernick","url":"/theview/video/seahawks-postpone-meeting-colin-kaepernick-54447703"}