Sean Hayes talks working with his husband on their book, and 'Will and Grace' reboot

The actor shares how he and his husband's love for "The Nutcracker" led to writing their book together titled "Plum."
7:17 | 11/26/18

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Transcript for Sean Hayes talks working with his husband on their book, and 'Will and Grace' reboot
"Will and grace" star Sean Hayes is adding a new chapter to a holiday classic with a new children's book he wrote with his husband Scotty Icenogle called "Plum: How the sugar plum fairy got its wings." On the show we were talking about the Macy's Thanksgiving parade and it was the first time you had two women kiss in the parade and a lot of people supported it but there was also some backlash. Yeah. I feel like you would have some thoughts on that. Does anybody have any energy anymore for the backlash people? I have no comment to that. It's like it's Normal to me. It's Normal to -- it's Normal to me so it's like why give people who have the backlash any time at all? So next question? We were also -- ooh, this cold water is so warm. We were also talking earlier about what we all did for our Thanksgiving. How was your Thanksgiving? I'm so glad you asked, thank you. You're welcome. It's so natural, this show. Thanksgiving was so -- I love you. Can you come back every day? Absolutely. It's seamless. It's wonderful. Thanksgiving was a blast. I spent it with Scotty and our extended family. He's right there. Hello. Oh god. He has a restraining order against me. That's why I'm up here. What is his last name? Icenogle. Did I say it right? How long have you been married. That's a good one. It's Austrian. How long have you been married? Within together 12 years, married 4. Wow. We were talking about whether or not you should take your spouse's last name. I guess you didn't want to -- There's no chance I'm taking that name. Everybody is like Scott what? He's like I-c-e like the nice. You were already a fully formed person with a career. If you changed your name from Sean Hayes to Sean Icenogle, that could impact your career. I like that I'm a fully formed person, like half animal half -- yeah, it would have thrown the world off. It would have thrown the world off if I changed my name. No, we're happy with everything, how everything is going. Fans were beyond thrilled when "Will and grace" came back. People were losing their minds, right? And the show has always been so funny, you in particular. That's so sweet. I think we have a clip. Oh, my gosh. I have a real gift. Caught him prying at the trailer for the new . I just caught him -- We're going to Texas! Karen's flying -- I shoot. We're going to Texas! Karen's flying us down to . She said . It looks like you all have fun. Yeah. You actually make us laugh but you're having fun too. Yeah, no, it's a wonderful gift that we've been given to come back and do this show and it's for the fans and the audience that made it happen, after we made that election video back in 2016. Still waiting for the results. We have a blast. It really is like a family. I know it's corny to say that but it really is. We've been together for 20 years so we know everybody's everything. You can feel it when you watch it. Thanks. The show is as socially and politically relevant as ever. It was incredibly groundbreaking, especially with representation for the lgbt community. What is it like playing jack again? Well, the biggest gift in the world, as much as I love being an actor, the biggest gift is the byproduct of the show which I never expected people coming up to me and saying thank you, you helped me in my life, helped me come out, helped it okay to be me. It's sad that it takes a TV show to do that but I'm glad it's ours. Speaking of kisses, "Will and grace" had the first male to male kiss. Yeah. There was me. You looked thrilled. That was our characters on the "Today" show with Al roker. I don't even remember what it was about. It's all a blur. It's all a blur. Let's talk about your new book, "Plum: How the sugar plum fairy got her wings". Yeah. You wrote this with Scotty. Yeah. We started a couple months ago. We first worked with colors and now we're writing. We have creativity in common, music in common. When we first met we just kind of found out we have the nut cracker in common which is total Christmas nerds. When I was a kid I listened to the record, it was vinyl, and every note of every instrument in the ballet, I became obsessed with it. We were talking about it for years and finally found the time and thought where did all these crazy characters come from so we created an origin story, hopefully the first of many with the sugar plum fairy. It's hard to write with your spouse. Did you have an easy time? Of course. But you're still married. We're still married. Working together can't be easy. How do you pronounce your last name again? It went really well. Sure, we fought a little bit and went to our corners and finally he decided I was right and we came back and finished it. Everybody thinks their ideas are the best. Where did you two meet? He used to be the deejay on the Ellen show. I thought I recognized you. When it first started. Way back in the day, 2003. Who made the first move? I asked Ellen and you were a fan of me so it's very healthy to date your fans. We were actually fans of each other and it's a long story. We don't have time for that segment. How was it working with Sean? We got his version. Um, it was -- it was really actually fun truthfully, but he was right. Being creative people, we have very strong opinions about things and we -- no, we should fly or no, she should this. We would go off into our corners, edit ourselves and come back. Like Sean said, you know, recently -- you know, he says approaching things like this you have to be respectful and that's kind of how we met. We fell in respect of each other which ultimately led us to fall in love with each other. That's beautiful. I love that. I like that. Thank you so much for being here. Of course. Joy, keep it down. Thank you. She's still shopping. P Our thanks to Sean Hayes and Scotty Icenogle. Catch ""Will and grace"" on Thursday nights. Sean and Scotty's book, "Plum: How the sugar plum fairy got her wings" is available now. And members of our studio audience are going home with a copy.

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{"duration":"7:17","description":"The actor shares how he and his husband's love for \"The Nutcracker\" led to writing their book together titled \"Plum.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"59423633","title":"Sean Hayes talks working with his husband on their book, and 'Will and Grace' reboot","url":"/theview/video/sean-hayes-talks-working-husband-book-grace-reboot-59423633"}