'Shark Tank' stars weigh in on Elizabeth Holmes' story

Kevin O'Leary and Barbara Corcoran share their thoughts on the rise and fall of the Theranos founder.
4:26 | 04/11/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Shark Tank' stars weigh in on Elizabeth Holmes' story
Mark, we miss you. So, "Snl's" Kate Mckinnon is plays Elizabeth Holmes and Jennifer Lawrence is doing it on the big screen. She's charged with frauding investors out of $700 million and medical professionals. Would this have been something that interested you? I got a peek at this deal. What bothered me is I couldn't do my own due diligence. The company was able to say it's been done by such big institutions and you shouldn't worry about it. Whenever you hear that from anybody, that should be red flags everywhere. This will change forever how these large start-ups get funded. People are going to want to see what's inside the black box. I don't agree with it. With him? Yes. Boys being boys they want to measure up to the next guy. If one guy says I'm in the deal, then the next guy says he's important and he's in the deal. It's nice to say you'll do due diligence. The truth is you'll fall hard for the next big idea if mark Cuban is. Welcome to "The view." I should not have given that broom to Barbara. She wouldn't have been able to fly here. Welcome to our show, Mr. Wonderful. You passed on it? The minimum for me was going to be $5 million. That's a big chunk of change. My guy said why can't we see the product. They said you don't have to. You're lucky we're letting you buy $5 million into this deal. When you hear that B.S. You should think -- Did you meet her? No. The deal was so hot -- She was so hot. That's what I thought. A lot of sociopaths are charming. Think Trump University. Think Bernie Madoff. They're seductive. Bernie had at least cash coming back for a while. Theranos never returned a dime to anybody. If you want to look at one little thing, she's a female bad guy. You only here the word conman. U never hear the words conwoman. You proud of that, Barbara? It was interesting because I watched this documentary with my husband. At the end I was like can you believe this happened? He was like make she believed in the product. I was surprised. I don't think the woman piece changed the dynamics. I'm just pointing out it's a refreshing difference. I'm saying people can convince themselves of anything. Every conman -- Conwoman now. Conpeople. They believe what they're saying and they get caught in their own muck and go it. I have a legal note T. Elizabeth Holmes has denied any wrong doing and pleaded not guilty to federal criminal fraud charges. Amazing. I saw the documentary and I don't believe that. Barbara, you make a great point. She still believes in the product. It appears that way. I wonder how much her image and voice was -- She was a fantastic presenter. She'll have to do her best work in a federal courtroom. Can I ask you a question? I met her in person. I don't believe it. Number one if no one saw this magic machine, if no one say it existed -- It was a glue machine. How much of her friending to be Steve jobs and dressing in the black turtleneck -- I thought she was phenomenal. Her presentations were fantastic. Oscar worthy. She deserved an Oscar. That's what you're hearing. Maybe Kate Mckinnon will get one.

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"Kevin O'Leary and Barbara Corcoran share their thoughts on the rise and fall of the Theranos founder.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"62335433","title":"'Shark Tank' stars weigh in on Elizabeth Holmes' story","url":"/theview/video/shark-tank-stars-weigh-elizabeth-holmes-story-62335433"}