Trump tries to explain his 'nasty' remark about Meghan Markle

"The View" co-hosts discuss the president's attempt to clear up his remarks about the Duchess of Sussex during an interview with Piers Morgan.
5:05 | 06/05/19

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Transcript for Trump tries to explain his 'nasty' remark about Meghan Markle
Is Gloria you know Lou. What his stripped to the UK. That he'd shot to clear up his remarks about in down nasty time Bob May tomorrow when he appeared on piers Morgan show this morning take a look at. I talked about nasty. What we were talking about nasty she was as she can may and that's okay for her to be nasty. It's that good for me to be nasty to her and I wasn't you know vast so I think she's doing very well what she said. Was nasty based on what they tell me as cardinal original problem. Lucy didn't want told you want oh no not just the opposite effect he spent a lot of time talking to a vodka and talking in my family. I went up use he couldn't have been nice. So when a lack outlets as saying meant you know and the young royals maybe don't really want much to do with him there and trying to avoid photo ops and stuff and they're saying this photo Prince Harry looking less than thrilled to be there says it. Wall remember. It's. I should they tell you don't know what he's looking that we don't know whether you know who is even in the world. You know so we don't know what happened to me is what people like to think that that's when and if I like big and that's. Hot hot hot hot hot but I just wanted to make sure that we were all clear that we don't know but I mean. We have first he said he didn't saying yes. Now he's kind of say well lose she said it prior so she was Nancy first and then may be asked him about Indians went it wasn't really what I and they need a whole thing yeah that was. Gazette print book I just say you could hear the sound. Of piers Morgan's lips. On Trump's behind all across the pot. Happy you're right fielder Eric here's a market I'm counting on is hot. Well look I think I'm struck me about this whole thing is that you know his walking around like he wants to be the king. That's his hug like he's that came hinges say you have to his subjects do this to this like he wants him so he's totally in love with them and that plan. Well I think it's clear that hundred waited for before it finishes though didn't he call the girl nasty because she within the princess that finishing touches. And because she said something negative about him that's his that's his go to situation anytime you say something against him. He hits you back. Twice as high yes except for us for some reason. But what I found they just being was that there were no photo ops president trump with the young royal salute and I'm sure that's something that he wanted so. That suggests to me that they did try to avoid bad and Prince Harry wasn't scheduled to go to the state dinner. But let's face it he did attend a lot of things a President Obama was president they have quite the romance going on and went to be big this game. He visited but he's good. You know yet he is married and went home it created the and think to hold invade to some yes why he was yes but he also in ideals of look Gary at home yes he is another step yet they've done a lot of things and yeah I speak Harry's absence. In my food does speak. Volumes. Yeah okay because I like a man who sticks up his wife I like that yeah I ask joy. Yeah. And I have my husband sticks up for me publicly so I understand your eating an idea my husband right very hard for me so I also appreciate that doesn't it say the cleaner I. You and I think everyone on this show loves that show the queen. And I kept thinking of the fact that we'll teach has not be political to try not to bring politics and see you you know the royal kingdom and she was very. Polite mentally ill and not him very united front. And and prince Prince Charles. I will say today I found it very entertaining in the I've had been off the last two days back. I got a very entertaining the way they British people troll and they do it so much better than we do yeah. I have to pay day how to get to just give me that can I please show this photo. I love this sell lots that it might fat. Okay. You want strapped to go anywhere near howitzer and you're a bank. Just a picture of it. The show. US and brilliant all and yeah and there is another new lineup on Obama's approval numbers necessary yes and there are just so late and another just so. A letter or not they're not it may sell down they'll actually that was done by an anti Rex groups called led by donkeys else thank you hey I got here at family laughs yeah thanks indeed he did you know and no protest according what the heck that lied about Jack chin on our band to sell. So hey I mean you you say is up to than any is that numbers added that people play it for you yeah yes they don't like they haven't. Nevada you know it's crazy thinking laughs yes II thought it wasn't real and it just made me and my mother laugh so hard.

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{"duration":"5:05","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the president's attempt to clear up his remarks about the Duchess of Sussex during an interview with Piers Morgan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63511579","title":"Trump tries to explain his 'nasty' remark about Meghan Markle","url":"/theview/video/trump-explain-nasty-remark-meghan-markle-63511579"}