Trump makes jokes at Gridiron dinner

"The View" co-hosts discuss what inspired him to showcase self-deprecating humor.
2:47 | 03/05/18

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Transcript for Trump makes jokes at Gridiron dinner
Welcome back. Donald Trump surprised a lot of people by showing up at the gridiron club dinner in Washington which is full of media and D.C. Insiders. When he took the stage he made jokes about his administration, his family and even himself. Yeah. Self depravating humor. As he said who does it better than me? That in itself is funny. I know. So what do you think? I mean, he showed that he could do a joke. What do you say? I love he went actually. I was so happy. I just thought is he going to the white house correspondence dinner. And also the Kennedy center he didn't go because those are people making jokes about him. He's not the one doing the joke. Oh. They make the -- the president will make fun of themselves or other people. I think of in 2006 when stevphen Colbert roasted president bush. I think he's probably worried about is Michelle wolf who hosts this year coming out and being just as vicious as Stephen Colbert. It took Stephen Colbert to another level. I think that's probably why. Remember it was at a white house correspondence dinner where Obama actually roasted trump and some people say that's one of the things that prompted him to run because he was so upset about it. Look, I think the white house correspond correspondent's dinner is different than the gridiron because it's really the people who cover the white house. And he has got such a contentious relationship with those white house correspondent correspondents. It would be interesting to see. That would be a perfect time for him to have a -- with the media. A kumbaya moment with the media and layoff it. I went last year and I had a great time. But I have a great time everywhere. Yes. I do have a great time everywhere. It's a great quality about you, like everything. I do. She watches everything, reads everything and likes everything. It's such a blessing. Life. You look amazing. You look like your grandmother. Her grandmother was 95 years old at the time went to vanity affair afterparty. The belle of the ball. If you love life, you'll live long. I think oftentimes we forget what the alternative is. You mean death? Death. People are sick. People are -- You're right. Are going through such hard times and I think my goodness, I get to see at "The view" every day.

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss what inspired him to showcase self-deprecating humor.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"53531891","title":"Trump makes jokes at Gridiron dinner","url":"/theview/video/trump-makes-jokes-gridiron-dinner-53531891"}