Vivica A. Fox talks dating strategy and 2020 candidates

The star of the new Lifetime film series, "Wrong," shares why she decided to look for a different kind of partner and who stands out to her in the crowded Democratic field.
4:28 | 07/09/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Vivica A. Fox talks dating strategy and 2020 candidates
So I have a question for you. Since we were talking about a sexual blueprint two minutes ago, the question that sunny liked, let me ask you something, that's part one of it, though. Do you have one? What? A sexual blueprint. Okay, joy. Do we know what it is. It's changed a little bit. She knows ait is. Maybe you can tell us what it is. What is it? Isn't it kind of like what makes you get aroused to, you know -- get ready to get it on and get it in. You see. I mean, you know -- My producer said that's correct. The other part is -- You knew. You just didn't want to say yet. The other part of the question is that you said that you used to look for the superficial things in a partner. But now that you're older, you're not old but you've gotten older has that changed. Absolutely. Tell us. I used to go for a six-pack and a smile and I dated a lot of body parts over the years. I did. You know, got to admit your weakness and now I'm just trying to make sure that I get to know someone a little bit better so I can have a partner because that's what I deserve is someone that can be a partner that we shine together. That's right. Yes. That's right. I'm trying. I'm trying, y'all. He ain't came yet but I'm looking. It's hard to find. I know. It's hard to find. We were just saying the last time we saw each other we were together on our election special here on "The view." Yeah. Joy was in mourning. I was right along with her. Still. I'm still. Still in mourning. You were a big Hillary Yes, will always be. Will always be, wow. We have what, 24 democratic -- It's a lot. Anyone standing out for you? Well, you know, I've got my top choices, I'm definitely waiting on the next debate because the first debate was spectacular, especially for kamala. I think she did an amazing job. I love Joe Biden. I would love someone with experience and knowledge but he's got to step up to the plate. I love Cory booker, Elizabeth Warren and buttigieg. Did I say that right? I'm from South Bend, Indiana and I like what he stands for. That he's openly gay and he's smart and I think we've got a lot of choices. Could he win in this country, a gay guy? He come in a close finish to finishing toward the top. We still got -- you know, we're still breaking through so many barriers in this country and I think that's what we learned from the last election was to not get too comfortable That's right. And we have to pay attention, you all and we've got to make sure we get out and vote, every vote does count. We've got to make sure we hold those that are running for election accountable. I'm very disappointed that our country is so divided right now. It absolutely breaking my heart. Because we're better than that. We are better than that. We're better than ha. I want us to get back on I think people would vote for a gay president. I know I would. I have no problem with it whatsoever but we're see involving slowly but surely. They're just now accepting gay couples and them having family and I have a lot of wonderful gay friends that are dear to me but others it's taken time for them to evolve and know that everyone deserves to love and lead a damn country. We're owl on board with that. Any candidate you think should drop out but it sounds like you like them all. No, not all. I name top five or so. There's some of that I don't know who they was. I know, I'm sorry and then there was the one lady that she was kind of like in her own -- that one was hilarious. Don't get me started. You had a whole thing about that. So the next debate I think what's going to be great about the next debate they'll pick so we don't know the ab and mix it up a little bit which I think is wonderful. Somebody will show up at some stuff rises to the stop. It'll come along.

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{"duration":"4:28","description":"The star of the new Lifetime film series, \"Wrong,\" shares why she decided to look for a different kind of partner and who stands out to her in the crowded Democratic field.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"64222991","title":"Vivica A. Fox talks dating strategy and 2020 candidates","url":"/theview/video/vivica-fox-talks-dating-strategy-2020-candidates-64222991"}