YouTube star Logan Paul apologizes after posting video showing apparent suicide victim

"The View" co-hosts discuss Paul's video and the apology that followed.
3:45 | 01/02/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for YouTube star Logan Paul apologizes after posting video showing apparent suicide victim
There's a YouTube star, very popular guy called Logan Paul, and he's apologizing after posting a video of a dead body in the so-called suicide forest in Japan. Now, he's taken it down. He's taken the very down, but he insists that he only did it to raise awareness about suicide prevention. He's a huge YouTube star and when I say huge, I mean millions and millions of millions of people watch every single video he puts online. I used to interview vine and YouTube stars. These are highly influential people. I totally get it. I totally get it, but is this -- if you're going to make statements about suicide prevention, wouldn't you -- wouldn't that be part of your showing? I think he's a complete and ult er utter insensitive idiot. If you watch the video he starts laughing and his friend starts laughing when he see a body hanging in the suicide forest. I watched a show about our dystopian future where my fear is we've become so disconnected from each other because of technology and I think this is a perfect example of what happened. YouTube has been censoring some of the videos that have come out of Iran which goes to show you can put a video of a body and get 600,000 likes before it's taken down. YouTube has to do a better job of censoring this type of thing. People just have to have some damn common sense. This guy is doing damage control now, pretending that he was doing suicide prevention. He went there looking for a dead body. He went to a place called the suicide forest to get the clip. There's a big problem in Japan in this particular area but I have to tell you, I wasn't sure how I felt about it when we talked because I remember last year we were talking a lot, especially Sara, she was very into "13 reasons why" which was that show -- Netflix. Netflix. It also talked about suicide and showed a suicide, and we were talking about whether or not it glorified it or not. And my son watched it. I didn't know it but he watched it and I was kind of horrified. Then he said, no, I wanted to see it, it was important for me and my friends to talk about it. But that's not what this is. Why is it so different? Because you can't show it and laugh. I haven't seen this video. He was laughing? The victim's family didn't know he committed suicide and the first time they saw it was on YouTube. There are a lot of levels to this that are insane. People who are constantly trying to video things to begin with I think is very dangerous. He laughed during it? It was a -- you know, it goes along with there is also a -- I forget. Ne newsweek I think was trying to get people to read this story, I guess, on what we think is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of martin Luther king. And they put a picture of Dr. King in the casket. Yeah. Now, his daughter saw it and said what the hell, you know, so have we become a nation that is so insensitive that it would never occur to us that maybe showing a dead body hanging from a tree might not be the best way to discuss suicide prevention when you're snickering when you begin to talk about it? I think people are looking for the clicks and the links. Newsweek and Dr. King, what does that say about the media? I used to work at newsweek in college and had some of the best experiences of my life. It used to be such a premiere news organization and now it is click bait garbage.

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Paul's video and the apology that followed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"52098770","title":"YouTube star Logan Paul apologizes after posting video showing apparent suicide victim","url":"/theview/video/youtube-star-logan-paul-apologizes-posting-video-showing-52098770"}