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President Trump Signs 5 More Executive Orders/Memorandums

Clearing the way for the controversial Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines are among the orders signed.
19m ago

Inside President Trump's First Days in the Oval Office

Thousands of women marched around the country on the Saturday following President Donald Trump's inauguration.
Jan 24

The Oscars Make History in More Ways Than One

The academy makes up for last year's lack of diversity and "La La Land" ties for the most nominations.
6m ago

Man Recounts Emotional Moment He Fatally Shot State Trooper's Assailant

"I never would have dreamt that I was going to save somebody's life, let alone take the life of another individual," said 43-year-old Thomas Yoxall of Arizona.
3h ago

Mexico City Policy on Abortion Funding: The Basics

What you need to know about the executive memorandum barring funding to international family planning groups that provide abortions or information on them.
Jan 24