'20/20' says farewell to Elizabeth Vargas

ABC News' David Muir looks back on the career of his co-anchor Elizabeth Vargas at ABC News.
6:26 | 05/25/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for '20/20' says farewell to Elizabeth Vargas
This is ground zero. What do you hope. Four and I. Something extraordinary happened in that courtroom. From the very start and Rick ABC it was her curiosity. It for love of journalism analysts who asked me to take this. And first met him. Good Morning America and us member apartment in America and like the new face new desk in new news. Elizabeth Vargas with Watson is there that sentence lots of news Joan and Charlie good morning it's nice to be here on the air in the hours after 9/11. Blues have been picking up there Peter Jennings left off. Elizabeth Barnes here thanks Elizabeth Taylor this is as Peter just that ABC news continuing coverage of that terrorist attack on the United States amid the destruction. The Hurricane Katrina in the next hour we'll go to many of the places most decimated. Reporting in from locations around the world. All of 42 of his friends here in southern France here in Perugia Italy return here to Jerusalem. Is it possible that that a woman next to Jesus. She made her mark in the morning. Yeah. Tonight she would pulling through world news tonight with Bob Woodward our mission at world news tonight to deliver the war. Straight to you and help make a difference in your world. The streets today covering the Iraqi election. Interviewing President Bush from the White House thank you so obviously this is that watch. And this is where they coo Kirk yeah. It'll all the way for most indelible mark has been on this program 20/20. Barbara Walters. Pass the torch. There will be an Aruba may affect us how things John. Elizabeth box thank you are threatening his life have your support you leave enormous shoes to fill she is the only woman other than Barbara optical link for this program any. Forty year run. A hallmark of her reporting for connection with children. She's so beautiful home. Including the dog refused portable polygamous family if you guys could have any single wish come true what what you wish for. This. Are you worried about anything Fayette. I think there would be children held hostage at a school in Islam Russia they watched as wounded 300 adults and children. Cable around them were sold. During three days to comfort each other. Woo voters shows roof so I said they're going to let us ghosts of but should. The city each other that everything is going to have a good. There with the wolfpack to others who spent nearly their entire lives walked away by their father. From the outside world you've seen over 101000 place at least we'll hack. Meet Robert dinero. It was Elizabeth introduced assault it is remarkable little boy. Born with a rear cranial facial difference and curious when you realize. Hey life. Ace is different from other people's faces. One the first kids powerful months. You can't call him monster began to hurt your feelings. And there last time they don't to a and that any out silence to try and you know. I'm themselves and me Al that we man. Some. Why do you think kids did I think they say mean things to kids who. Because that they don't really think about what staying in their parents don't tell me. Do anything about it. I don't think haven't. Elizabeth has never shied away from asking the tough questions on why don't you ask like. Perhaps you've never checked to make sure that the babies that couldn't be Oracle. It could have been gift to American families were really work have been stalwart Republicans who have come out and said they don't think you're qualified to be faxed press. If you were lying to me that. What else might he line team out. Aided recent years Elizabeth would cheer her own story her strength often your two. Revealing to Diane with brutal honesty her battle with alcohol and eggs dyed it. There's a favorite saying I heard that was you know when you pray to god there are three answers. And one is yes. Not now. I have something there for being audience would reach out she heard from so many of view saying her courage to get help. Inspired many of you to do the same. She returned to that desk for some of the most important moments in recent time. Paris the city of light tonight this city and her attack and for me she was always have forced to sit next. True court. Yeah. I have Cadillac. I was. Three it has Elizabeth Allan park on her newest chapter. Reporting breakthrough hours for feeding we salute her for strength the courage to open up. And always her love of journalists view clearly love your country. Yeah yeah yeah. In the meantime that's our show for tonight thanks so much for watching for David and all of us at ABC news and 20/20. Have a midnight. Great week.

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{"id":55437008,"title":"'20/20' says farewell to Elizabeth Vargas","duration":"6:26","description":"ABC News' David Muir looks back on the career of his co-anchor Elizabeth Vargas at ABC News.","url":"/2020/video/2020-farewell-elizabeth-vargas-55437008","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}