Accused killer confesses in FSU professor Dan Markel’s murder case: Part 8

To avoid the death penalty, Luis Rivera cooperated with prosecutors. He said he was promised $35,000 to accompany his friend Sigfredo Garcia to Tallahassee, Florida, for the hit on Markel.
6:59 | 10/12/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Accused killer confesses in FSU professor Dan Markel’s murder case: Part 8
Pay $0 for your first rexulti prescription. Details at There seems to be this cloud of suspicion hanging over the Adelson family. But judging from this surveillance video of Wendi and her mother Donna, you'd never know it. After the murder, Wendi did get to move to Miami. She took the two kids. She had a job at a law clinic. She essentially got everything she wanted. The adelsons are carrying on business as usual. And Luis Rivera is contemplating his future. He's been charged with the murder of Daniel. And up until now, it looks pretty bleak. So Rivera, as mentioned, is in prison already on another charge. He gets offered the sweetheart deal of all deals if he will describe his role in the murder of Dan Markel. He would face the death penalty if he was convicted of Dan's murder. A jury trial and the possibility of the death penalty or seven extra years in prison? Rivera mulls these options and then decides, "Yeah, I'm going to cooperate." Do you solemnly swear or affirm that the evidence you are about to give me is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? Yes, sir. In October, 2016, Luis Rivera really broke open the case. He confesses and he tells the whole story. I thought we were going to come up here and rob somebody. Why did you think it was going to be a robbery? Because I am a jack boy. I rob drug dealers. So before you got in the car, you had a conversation with sigfredo Garcia. In my house. Tuto, at your house? Yeah. And he says he wants you to go with him to Tallahassee? Yeah. That's when he told me, "Listen. I got to come up here for a job. I'm going to get hired. We're getting hired. But to kill somebody. Coming up here to kill somebody." Rivera tells investigators that, two Summers before, he and sigfredo Garcia drove to Tallahassee, not once, but twice. And what date was this? As best as you remember? June or July. The year was 2014. Okay, and he showed you a picture of Markel? And he said y'all were going to go kill him? He said he was going to pay me to go with him, because he didn't want to go by himself. I asked him, "Who's Hiring me?" He's like, "Katie told me this lady's going to hire me. But I want you to go with me." "I'll give you 35 grand." They finally stop at a motel near Tallahassee, where they unwind. They drink, smoke weed, stay up late. At one point, Rivera sees an owl in the motel parking lot. He thinks it's a cool moment so he snaps a picture of it and puts it on Instagram. Katie sees the post and calls tuto right away. Katie calls tuto, "Tell him to take that Down." So she did. "Why would he do that? He can't tell nobody where he's at." And in my mind y'all have been talking on the phone all Day. You worried about me putting a picture on Instagram? Rivera and Garcia can't stop talking about the payoff they are going to get. They've already gotten $5,000 in traveling from a mysterious person that Garcia would only refer to as "The lady." He told me about the lady. He told me, "Yo, the lady got the money. She's going to pay us." How did tuto know all this? Katie, I guess. Katie told him everything. Because he stayed, talking to Katie on the phone. "Hey, babe, what's going on? The lady, you sure she's going to have the money on time? Tell her don't play with us. Because then we'll go show up on her house. Tell her she better have the Money." So he's saying Katie is the person between the one that wants this done -- And he implicated sigfredo Garcia, Katie, and the Adelson family. I asked him, "Why are you going to kill this guy?" "Because the lady wants her two kids back. She wants full custody of the kids. That's what I went to go kill that man for." Luis Rivera's statement was such strong evidence because, for the first time, you have someone admitting that they were involved with Dan Markel's murder. Laying out all these things and corroborating all the evidence. Have you ever killed anybody in the past? Never in my life, sir. I beat people with bats, with sticks. Like that. I wouldn't have enough balls to Shoot somebody for some kids, man. What about for 30-some thousand dollars? They came up to Tallahassee from Miami in a rented car. I woke up around 7:00 that morning. We went by Markel's house. I seen a white male in the car. So we followed him all the way to school where he dropped the kid off. Boom. I lost him. We was here from Wednesday to Friday. But every time he go to the day care, I lose him. They bail on the hit. They turn around and head back to Miami. Until a month later. Went to Markel's house. We followed him again. This time we followed him all the way to the gym. Waited in the parking lot for a while, for like 45 to an hour at the most. So when he came out of the gym, I followed him home. As I'm following home, he goes around the back. I go around the front. We met right in the garage. I was maybe three or four feet away from his car. Garcia jumps out, goes around the car. And when he's driving, I think Markel's on the phone that day. Shot him twice. Got in the car, we left. Kept driving. In Luis' version, sigfredo was the guy who went up to the side and fired the shots. It was just simply a tale of a murder. And it was chilling. We dumped the gun. Drove, not that I made it home. Never spoke about this again. Never told nobody. Now, the first person sigfredo speaks to after they allegedly carry out the hit? It's Katie magbanua. He called and told her, "It's done. You hear her on the other end? Yeah, I can hear her. But it's Katie's voice 100%? Yeah. With that, the cops had enough evidence to arrest Katie. This morning, Katie magbanua is facing a first degree murder charge for the slaying of professor Dan Markel in 2014. Police in Florida arresting a single mom, accusing her of arranging the killing of a prominent Florida state law professor. Prosecutors believe she served as a go-between with the alleged hitmen who were allegedly being paid $100,000. Katie magbanua will get her day in court. But all eyes will be on a critical prosecution witness.

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{"duration":"6:59","description":"To avoid the death penalty, Luis Rivera cooperated with prosecutors. He said he was promised $35,000 to accompany his friend Sigfredo Garcia to Tallahassee, Florida, for the hit on Markel.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"66223134","title":"Accused killer confesses in FSU professor Dan Markel’s murder case: Part 8","url":"/2020/video/accused-killer-confesses-fsu-professor-dan-markels-murder-66223134"}