Army Secretary responds to unanswered questions in the Vanessa Guillen case: Part 10

Sec. Ryan McCarthy answered questions about Vanessa Guillen’s brutal murder and promised to “do everything in our power to never allow things like this to happen again, and to make enduring change.”
6:20 | 09/12/20

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Transcript for Army Secretary responds to unanswered questions in the Vanessa Guillen case: Part 10
Ba da ba ba ba With so many unanswered questions around the Vanessa Guillen case, we came to the Pentagon to sit down with the secretary of the army to get some answers. I'm Ryan. Nice to meet you. Good to meet you. The Guillen family has said that the army has left them in the dark as to what happened the day their daughter vanished. They say the army was not forthcoming about the investigation. Ft. Hood lacks safety and responsibility, and respect, because they didn't respect my sister. We had a lot of contact with the family, about 40 different instances from April 22nd to July 1st. But when a family endures something as horrible as this, they want information immediately. We're as angry and as disappointed as they are. We've tried to get the answers as quickly as we can. Why did it take so long? Early on in the investigation, there were three soldiers that had filled out affidavits that said they had seen Vanessa at a different time from when she had actually departed the other arms room, so that gave was essentially an instant alibi for specialist Robinson even though they had not really known the correct time of when she had departed. So in that instance, the trail went cold for about a month. On the day that Vanessa's remains were found, specialist Robinson is put under the watch of an unarmed escort. How does the prime suspect in Vanessa's disappearance escape from a military base, somehow get a hold of his -- a gun, and then kill himself? That's part of what we've asked general Murray to look at in his investigation as to what actions were taken and how they followed procedures. I don't have enough information to truly understand the specifics of what happened at that moment. General John Murray, the was brought in by Mccarthy just last week to head up an in-depth investigation into the way the army handled Vanessa's case. This after announcing that major general Scott appland, the man who had within running ft. Hood would no longer be in charge. Vanessa's family still believes that Vanessa's death was connected somehow to the sexual harassment allegations, but the criminal investigation, as yet, has found no evidence to support that. Mr. Secretary, it's been more than four months and thousands of hours of investigation. How can the army have no idea what Robinson's motive was? Why would he kill her in such a brutal way? You know, not being able to question him, we have not been able to find these facts. The Guillen family has been rob of their day in court with their daughter's killer because he's dead now. How do you explain that? We have to find answers and will hold people accountable. Last month, you visited ft. Hood and spoke candidly, very candidly, about the disproportionate amount of criminal behavior involving soldiers there. The numbers are high here. They are the highest and some of the most cases for sexual assault and harassment and murders for our entire formation in the U.S. Army. When you started looking into all of this, it must have shocked you. Ft. Hood has had two mass shootings, more than a dozen soldiers that have died, gone missing, vanished or turned up dead in the past few years, multiple allegations of sexual assault and harassment, a prostitution ring, and, just recently, a child sex ring. Mr. Secretary, what in the world is going on at ft. Hood? This has been an unprecedented year. And it's been incredibly challenging for us. We're trying to get the best information we can to understand is it a leadership issue, or is it conditions the local towns? Are there not enough resources and systemic problems on the installation? Can you honestly say that the soldiers at ft. Hood are safe? Yes. You have a daughter. Would you feel confident if your daughter was stationed there, living there at ft. Hood? I can only hope my daughter would want to serve in the army. Then there was a case of private Gregory morales. He was missing for ten months, listed as awol. It turns out private morales was murdered. We spoke to morales' mother, who told us that the army has failed on every level to look for him or to protect him. And she would like an apology. What would you tell private morales' mother? First, our condolences to the morales family. With respect to his case, one of the things we've asked to look at is our policy on how you report a soldier when they're absent without leave. We have about 820 cases a year to date across the entire formation, worldwide, that have gone awol. How quickly can you see is it involuntary or voluntary? Are they missing? Is there anything you want to say to the Guillen Fam limb. We're incredibly heartbroken for the loss of our teammate, and we let you down, but we'll do everything in our power to never Lou things to happen like this again, and make an enduring change for our institution. She will not have die in We won't allow it. Will there ever be justice for Vanessa Guillen? I don't know. While investigators look for answers Vanessa's family look for healing. Last year in Texas they met with the mother of Gregory more or less, whose remains were found in the search for Vanessa's body. I felt like I was getting nowhere. And once they started fighting, we started getting some answers and some people looking for everybody. They fought for all of them. It means so much. If it wasn't for them, I know they never would have put out a reward and found Greg. Two dads saying so much without saying a word. This is a person you wanted to meet for a Managing type 2 diabetes?

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{"duration":"6:20","description":"Sec. Ryan McCarthy answered questions about Vanessa Guillen’s brutal murder and promised to “do everything in our power to never allow things like this to happen again, and to make enduring change.” ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"72961186","title":"Army Secretary responds to unanswered questions in the Vanessa Guillen case: Part 10","url":"/2020/video/army-secretary-responds-unanswered-questions-vanessa-guillen-case-72961186"}