Body of woman's first husband exhumed after her second husband dies: Part 3

Stacey Castor says doctors had said her first husband Michael Wallace, the father of her daughters Ashley and Bree, died of a heart attack at age 38.
8:41 | 02/09/19

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Transcript for Body of woman's first husband exhumed after her second husband dies: Part 3
paralegal or a lawyer. And she was taking the courses in high school that she needed. And then she met Michael Wallace, her first husband. He swept her off her feet. Mike was the love of my life. I knew five minutes after I met him that I was going to ma him. They went together about three years befoy got married. And what was that wedding like? It was at home. It was small. She was as happy as she had ever been. Mike was the life of the party. Mike was larger than life. If you needed something that Mike had, he would give it to you. When Michael was good, Michael was very, very good. And when Michael was bad, he was very, very bad. 'Re talking about drugs? Yes. Alcohol? Yes. He had a problem with both for a long time in his life. They decide to have children. Ashley is their first child. I would say that Ashley and I were best friends. I was in love. You know, I knew from that minute on my whole reason for being here was to take care of her. We did everything together. Three years later they would have another baby, bree. And she would become Michael's little princess. Bree was daddy's little angel. Bree could do no wrong in Michael's eye. Ould walk on water. What about Ashley? There was no talk of any relationship with Ashley and Michael, ever. All Stacey ever talked about, Mike and bree, Mike and bree. Mike was extremely close to our second daughter, very close. Do you think that that might've created problems for Ashley? Did she know that her father was closer to her younger sister? Yes. Yes. I know she did. And I think, on some levels, definitely that hurt her. Could you see it as a mom? Yeah. Everybody around could tell that, could see that. Did you think that she had harbored any ill will toward her father because of that? I don't know. I can't answer that. How did you feel about your dad? I loved my dad! He was the only father that was allowed to go on girl scout camping trips with me. Half the reason I got most of my badges was because of him. What happened? What's your last name, sir? Stacey was working as an ambulance dispatcher, and Michael was a mechanic. He worked a different shift than I did. I would work mornings. He would work 3:00 to 11:00. So I was gone all day, and he would be home with the kids. So they were really barely any times where we were all together. There were things that were starting to strain that relationship. Michael had had affairs before we were married, and I'm sure he did after. I think after a while, he wore out his welcome with Stacey. And after a few years of marriage, Stacey had confidentially told friends that she was contemplating divorce. Stacey came to me right after Thanksgiving time and she said, "Kim, I really want to leave Mike. What do I do?" And I gave her the name of my attorney. But with the holidays coming up she doesn't thinkhat it's a good time. "It's almost Christmas time. I don't want to upset the household before the holidays.. I understand. Wait till the first of the year." And then Mike got sick. That December of 1999, around the holidays, Michael Wallace was ill. He had been staggering. He didn't feel well. He didn't look well. He's spending a lot of time in bed. He was having a hard time walking, and he was having a hard time talking, and one time he sat up and he just vomited across fee table, and laid back down and went back to sleep like nothing ever happened. Just as people were thinking, maybe you should go to the doctor, he took a turn for the worst. I came home, and I called my mom to tell her that I was home. And he was laying on the couch, and he was making funny faces, well, what I thought were funny faces. I got off the phone with her, and I turned the TV on. And all of a sudden, he just sticks his arm up in the air and, like, puts his arm on his side, and then his arm just fell down. And by that time I had to go get my sister from school. So Michael Wallace lays down on the sofa there in the family home and dies. It was scary. He was just sitting there, what I thought was fine and he wasn't okay. By the time they got him to the hospital, and I got up there, there was three physicians in the E.R. That said he had a heart attack. When his doctor told me that they believed he died of a heart attack, I believed that. There was no reason for me to tion that. Even though he was 38, they do die of heart attacks at that age. It would seem like a perfectly obvious thing to autopsy a grown man who's healthy, who lays down on his couch and dies. But doctors told Stacey they thought it was a heart attack. She says that's good enough for me. Stacey castor wanted no part of that. No autopsy. How did Ashley react to her father's death? She blamed herself for a long time said that it was her fault that her father had died. Why would she say that? I don't know. I didn't know that he was having a heart attack or I didn't know what was going on. I was 11. Stacey castor collected a $50,000 life insurance policy on R first husband. She paid for the funeral expenses, and then she took the girls to Disney world. And after that, it was just the three of them. We all used to eat dinner together, like, and laugh and joke around. It just used to be me, her, and my sister. Like we were all of us girls and we did a lot of things together. She claimed that he had all sorts of medical issues. We went and got his medical records. The worst thing that ever happened to him was he had a hernia. And we couldn't come up with anything that showed he had heart disease like she claimed. We died to take a harder look at Michael Wallace's death. One of the incredible things too is that they're buried right next to each other, in this cemetery, right outside Syracuse, New York. And detective Spinelli can't get this out of his mind. He wants know, is this guy buried six feet under with those same telltale crystals from antifreeze? Deteive Spinelli is convinced that there's really only one way to find out -- that's to dig him up, to exhume the body. But this would be hugely controversial. Exhuming a body years later is very unusual. It's not like investigators go around to graveyards every day and dig bodies. Not many judges are going to let you dig up a deceased person, just 'cause you have a whim. But we were able to convince the district attorney in cayuga county that this was indeed a homicide of David castor, and we believed that Michael Wallace met the same demise. I remember thinking, when Michael Wallace's casket came out of the ground, I wonder if he's saying, "It's about time that you guys are looking at this because I didn't just die on my own." So, they decide to exhume his body. And that's when the trouble for Stacey castor really starts.

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{"duration":"8:41","description":"Stacey Castor says doctors had said her first husband Michael Wallace, the father of her daughters Ashley and Bree, died of a heart attack at age 38.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"60951343","title":"Body of woman's first husband exhumed after her second husband dies: Part 3","url":"/2020/video/body-womans-husband-exhumed-husband-dies-part-60951343"}