Where Christa Worthington's daughter is today: Part 11

Worthington's daughter Ava, who was 2 and a half when her mother was killed, is now a teenager.
2:49 | 11/25/17

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Transcript for Where Christa Worthington's daughter is today: Part 11
All this week - only at Kohl's. I think there is so much mystery that still surrounds this case. This case still has fog around it that needs to be cleared. We often say, cases as they get older, do not get better. Memories fade and more importantly evidence disappears. Mccowen's attorney has been told that now, this many years after the fact, Jeremy Fraser's phone records had been destroyed. They don't exist any more. That is a significant blow to this defense and this motion for a new trial. Can you at least confirm if you knew Christopher Mccowen? I don't know anybody. Since the trial, Jeremy Frazier's gotten himself in a lot of trouble. Jeremy Frazier's been charged with rape of a child with force, of course, that's gonna be of interest to Mccowen's defense team -- I'd asked for an entry of a plea of "Not guilty." This tells us that Jeremy Frazier may be a horrible person. But it doesn't tell us that he killed Christa Worthington. In the 15 years since her death, I think about her regularly. If I were to tell Christa's daughter who she was, I would say she is a person of great loyalty and intelligence and generousty and humor. Ava's little with a bunch of curls here. Christa was still alive. When that picture was taken. That little girl who was two and a half at the time is now 18. She's a college freshman. She was raised by one of Christa's friends. She did get to see Tony Jackett and Susan and her brothers and sisters growing up. She's very popular and she seems to be well adjusted. And we're very happy for that. She's fun. She's very affectionate. Very smart. And she's just very well-rounded, wonderful girl. Amyra did a wonderful job raising her. It's unfortunate that Christa didn't have the opportunity to watch her grow into a young, lovely woman. It will the forever be marked by the fact of her death. Ultimately, I don't know that we will ever really know what really happened at 50 depot road that night.

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{"id":51374548,"title":"Where Christa Worthington's daughter is today: Part 11","duration":"2:49","description":"Worthington's daughter Ava, who was 2 and a half when her mother was killed, is now a teenager.","url":"/2020/video/christa-worthingtons-daughter-today-part-11-51374548","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}