College football player questioned after murder of ex-girlfriend: Part 4

During questioning, Riley Gaul told detectives he hoped "to God I'm not a suspect in her death."
6:14 | 09/15/18

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Transcript for College football player questioned after murder of ex-girlfriend: Part 4
A shock for kne and a Knox county school, a cheerlr shot and K A Knole teen fod in her home Dea An investigation right now under way this afternoon in the death a Knox Coty teen. Reporter: On social media, gacture perft grieving, citing ble rseslost love. T irom the gun case, from the grandfather. Reporter: But police aren't buying his digital tears. He's now son of intest in Emma walker's death. Just 16 urs after R moved, the coege footba andout is nning into different kind of defender. You have the right to remain. Orter: Detecs with the the offenve, wantinto know about the weekend he spent at his fd Noah's hse. Wll's at no when you get there? It was just me and hind then, I think it was jht. I doremember Abo showing up. And youyou spent the night? I'm pretty sure I did, yes. Yes, I'm positive did. I did spend thght. 'T remember if you T at Noah'or stayed at ur grandparents'? Reporter: Did that strike you nht at time he 're talkinabout, you know, at'd you dyesterday, aothis answerwere vague the nearltwo-hour police interrogation, Riley neuts name, referring hs the girl. The girl, she texted me. Wl? The one tpa Oh, okay. Her name? Emma. Okay. When I first met him at his grandfathes, I though he gha grieving boyfriend. When we gointo the ierview ro and satown, I felt like there was a dark side.he didn't ve a whole lot of passion or concern. R Riley tel detectives he'd been trying to speak with Emma all wed. But she wouldn't engage. Evenlocking his number. But she said if I would help her write heper, she wld talk to . I of my frids phones on campus to call her. Tell meboph you had wi I was crying, and I was trying get her reason with me on getting back together with me. And she just ksaying about the relaon anymore. She said, "You need to stop. U're crazy mn Riley ofrs lice hisbi. Sayi aging up wi Emma, he went to his andparents' house, then drove back to his wh breaks down emotionally. I just sat there for about O, three hours, and just WEP just looking at the pictures of us and stuff likat Repter: But wrese Tes In mypinion he S emotionles his interview was probably one deliberate. You have no ideare your grandfr's gun is at? No, sir. Okay. Anyou do not own a handgun, correct? No, sir. Ter: You B to ask him about thn. He did not have the gun, didn't know E S. Cadidn't have anything to do with it. Repter: Now, you had already talked who had ldhat he had this gun Yes, what if I told you SNE told us that ey saw you witgun? What would you think about that? I would wonder who ey saw me th a GU lex mccartsaid that you showed him a handgun.ere is the gun? I do not know. You underand that F us, Alex has somethinlike that. Yeah, but I'm telling you I don't know where it's at. He said Thau showed H the gun. Yold him thayo, and you told him that you got it from your gran I don't know why he would say that. Inew immediately within MI sitting down to talk to him, Riley Gaul wasn't going to confess to anng wasn't going to do it. Orter: So ten turn up heat, pressing Riley Abt a strarequest he made of his B Do you ever remember having a conversation with Noah about getting fingerprints offun? How to G fingerpris off a gun? He asd how to get fingerprints off a gun. Reporter:ow to get fingerprts off a gun? Mm-hmm. He said he wing for his ommate.I told himobt, and Ver ask me anything likeat again. And he said, "I know, I know, it was for my roommate. I it was Wei." Rter: It finally dawns on riy, serious tle Am I a sut G? Sulu be? I just fe like I'm being badgered witquestions. I hope god I'm not a suspect in her death. Did I Saye? Idon't think itwouldn't HT that Did you shoot iemma's O, sir. Reporte and just ke that, the intew riy's head in his hands.leaves the station the star receiver goes on thfensive, texting his pal, Alex. Why the N? They think I shot because of D no reason to withhold the we, if he had nothing to hide that if anything, it could prove that he was cent. R: Alex says he can't take the lying anymore and Cal out his calculg Him, just outri like"what happenedthe gun that youhowed me?" And he returned I my grandpa. You don't have to worry Abou it." D M walks out and begins questioning Riley in front of me about the whereas of the gun. Repter: So, wt E you this? He Bolde lied to me. Repr: In text Riley ins he didn'lie, asking his to speak to Poli anymore. I didn't Kill her. And M probablyoing to jail. Reporter: What's his demeanor like? He's frantic about getting caught E was on ee. Nd he was key thing we can do is I'll just have to T T. I ve to get D of the Gunn order for me not to get pinned for something that I didn't do, in order for me not O to jaor that I didn do, I have to get rid of this weapon." That'sn I knew, like, he did

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{"duration":"6:14","description":"During questioning, Riley Gaul told detectives he hoped \"to God I'm not a suspect in her death.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"57837199","title":"College football player questioned after murder of ex-girlfriend: Part 4","url":"/2020/video/college-football-player-questioned-murder-girlfriend-part-57837199"}