David Temple is arrested, goes on 1st trial for his wife’s murder: Part 7

David Temple was arrested after lab results showed gunshot residue on his clothes matched that on his wife when she died. That evidence was thrown out, but he was convicted and given a life sentence.
8:08 | 11/02/19

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Transcript for David Temple is arrested, goes on 1st trial for his wife’s murder: Part 7
Laci Peterson, eight months pregnant, vanishing while her husband was gone for the day on a fishing trip. All over the TV news, the tabloids, the newspapers, America is gripped by the case of Scott and Laci Peterson. I think everybody sitting at home wants an answer to the same question. Did you murder your wife? No. No, I did not. Meanwhile in Katy, Texas, around 2003, the cases seem very similar. The Scott Peterson case and the David temple case. Belinda temple seemed to have all of the same elements that the Scott Peterson case did. An affair, a young, pregnant wife, a horrific murder. After Scott Peterson was charged, Belinda's father felt, well, if there can be some progress in the Scott Peterson case, why can't they do this with Belinda? At the same time there was also a study that apparently said that the number one cause of death among pregnant women is homicide. And so those are shocking details that really raise this Ne to the attention of the public. And so I think that that, combined with the gunshot residue tests, really lit a fire under prosecutors and everybody else. And Kelly siegler, who at the time is head of major crimes, she takes it on. Kelly calls me and says, "I've taken over the file and I've got an arrest warrant for your client." Authorities say they always suspected David temple of having a hand in his wife's murder. Today, they took him into custody, charged him with the crime nearly six years after it happened. Belinda's family, I remember, they were saying, "Thank god it's finally happening." David temple not only gets arrested, but amazingly on an execution-style murder, makes bond and walks free. I was beside myself. I'll never forget it. I was just launching a primetime show on CNN's HLN. The very first program we did out of the gate was the Belinda temple case. Her parents spoke out. Do you think David temple murdered your daughter? I believe David temple killed Belinda. A full-on pr battle has erupted between the two families which each trying to take control of the story. On the same day that Belinda's parents are scheduled to appear on "Nancy grace," David's parents appear too. And ironically, just a few hours before we go to air, they had held a press conference at Belinda's grave. My brother, David mark temple, is completely innocent of the charge brought against him. Why did you guys decide to do a press conference at her grave? Actually, we could not think of a better place to do it. That little piece of real estate is very precious to us. Was David there today? No, he was not. Why? He was in church at that time. More than eight years ago, a shotgun blast shattered the lives of a Katy school teacher and her football coach husband. Her husband, accused of the brutal crime, today got his first look at the men and women that will decide his fate. This trial is going to end in a way that no one could have and this jury is not going to have the final say. No one sitting in that courtroom could ever know that this will not be the only time David temple will stand trial. In the windup to the trial, Kelly siegler was going up against dick deguerin. He loved Belinda. He is known as one of the best defense attorneys in America. He will face off with one of the most animated prosecutors in the Harris county district attorney's office, Kelly siegler. Siegler is well known for her courtroom demonstrations such as this one during the Susan Wright murder trial. The jury gasped, as siegler acted out the murder, pretending to stab her colleague repeatedly. And it was being billed a clash of the titans, siegler versus deguerin. The most important piece of physical evidence that the prosecution thought they were going to be able to introduce is, the FBI had found what they said were traces of gunshot residue on David temple's clothes. Temple's attorney immediately tried to have that evidence excluded from evidence. What we discovered was that the lab for the FBI shared a ventilation system with a shooting range. Which means that all this gunshot residue from the shooting range goes up into the vents, and then comes back down into the laboratory. And so none of the tests that came out of that lab could be trusted. The judge ruled in the defense's favor. This is a huge blow to the prosecution. This gunshot residue was the only physical evidence that they had linking David temple to the crime. I'm just looking forward to another day of no evidence against David temple. Defense attorney dick deguerin walked into court confident, hopeful that a jury will find David temple not guilty of the brutal 1999 slaying of his pregnant wife. If you're the prosecutor after that ruling, she's still gonna try to prove that David temple had a motive. On January the 8th of 1999, a Friday, the defendant says to Heather Scott, "You know, I'm falling in love with you." And she says, "I feel the same way." Three days later, Belinda temple was executed in the back of the head in the home where she lived with this man. But the defense describes the former high school football coach as a loving husband. David and Belinda temple were deeply in love with each other. David temple wiped away tears as the jury listened to the 911 call he made back in January of 1999. The defense calls David temple himself to the witness stand to give his side of the story. It is always risky to call the defendant to the stand in a murder trial because so much will now rest on whether the jurors believe that person. I wanted to put David on the stand because he had a story to tell and he was telling the truth. There are cameras in the courtroom, but frustratingly for the news media, the judge doesn't allow audio to be recorded during testimony. Temple constantly cried, especially when he testified about his wife Belinda. "I made a mistake," he said. "I wish I could go back and change it, but I cannot. I loved my wife until the day she died." We the jury find the defendant, David mark temple, guilty of murder as charged in the indictment. When David was found guilty, I was like, "Finally. Justice for Belinda." And what he did to his eight month pregnant wife, he deserved a maximum sentence. He got life in prison. So he has been found guilty. He's been sentenced to life in prison. Most people are gonna presume that this thing is over. And yet there is a major twist to come. I really believe that an innocent man is sitting in prison for something he didn't

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{"duration":"8:08","description":"David Temple was arrested after lab results showed gunshot residue on his clothes matched that on his wife when she died. That evidence was thrown out, but he was convicted and given a life sentence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"66701640","title":"David Temple is arrested, goes on 1st trial for his wife’s murder: Part 7","url":"/2020/video/david-temple-arrested-1st-trial-wifes-murder-part-66701640"}