Detectives take closer look at man's mysterious death by antifreeze: Part 2

When investigators started questioning how David Castor really died and if someone else was responsible, they learned his wife Stacey Castor's first husband was also dead.
7:59 | 02/09/19

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Transcript for Detectives take closer look at man's mysterious death by antifreeze: Part 2
It's a beautiful part of the country. There's a lot of trees and hills. Working class type people. Have a home, two cars, and a few kids. Stacey castor was raising two girls, living what appeared to be a very Normal life. Until the day there's police surrounding, the house, looking for evidence. On August 22nd, 2005, Stacey castor found her husband dead in their bedroom. Apparently by suicide. Onethe people inside that home on Wetzel road that day when they discovered David castor's body was detective Dominick Spinelli. And when they searched that house, and at first Stacey castor said this was suicide, that her husband had been depressed, they discover the antifreeze, but then they discover that Turkey baster in the kitchen. And is guy from the bronx, who came up to upstate New York, became a detective at the sheriff's department, it just did not sit well with him. Things weren't adding up to detective Spinelli. And I've interviewed him many times and I've worked with him on other cases and this is a cop with a great instinct. He can see things that the average person doesn't see and he's got like a sixth sense. Dom Spinelli would not let this thing go. He's just one of those guys that thinks like a cop. I can tell you right now very rarely does anybody commit suicide make when you find a body naked, oh, no, start running the lab tests. We started sending in the physical evidence antifreeze bottle, the apricot brandy bottle, the glasses -- to see if there was any fingerprints or DNA evidence on those items and as well as the Turkey baster. The first thing we got results back on was the glass with the antifreeze in it. The glass actually had three fingerprints on it. They were all Stacey castor's. And the fingerprints in such a way that it was as if someone held the glass from the bottom. Could it be explained? Sure. Stacey may have put the glass in the cupboard that way from the dishwasher. I don't know. But Stacey may have held the glass up to his mouth. One thing that police noticed was that it seemed to be a very feminine scene. Apricot brandy is a feminine drink. Certainly diet cranberry juice is a feminine drink. Poisoning is a feminine way of committing suicide. Men like to blow their brains out. Boom, it's over. People questioned why would David castor endure such an excruciating death. If he really wanted to kill himself, he had a shotgun right under his bed. One of the things that jumped out at us was the Turkey baster. They send the Turkey baster for testing, and lo and behold -- It turns out that there was antifreeze inside that Turkey baster. One of the other puzzling things was David's DNA was on theip of that Turkey baster. The Turkey baster has no fingerprints on it? That's odd. Could David have used it? Did he stick it down his throat because he couldn't drink the antifreeze? It tasted bad? Suicide by Turkey baster is something that I've seen in the, you know, criminal lexicon. Antifreeze is really deadly. As little as one or two shot glasses full can kill a grown man. It's a common household item that can kill silently. It has a sweet taste to it, easily disguised in a drink. Dying by ingesting antifreeze is a long and painful process. The antifreeze, as the crystals begin to be deposited in your major organs, you begin to shut down. There's pain associated with that. Kidney failure, liver failure, heart failure. With his background in heating and air conditioning, he knew that antifreeze was a very painful death. David's ex-wife Janice right off the bat started calling me, telling me that she did not believe in any way, shape, or form that David would have caused self-harm. I told him just what kind of guy he was, and that there's no way he would've committed suicide. That is so wrong, so very wrong. Then police do a little digging. And to their surprise they find that David castor leaves everything to his wife, Stacey castor, and her two daughters and nothing this son, David castor Jr. I found out I was no longer in my father's will. There was a new will and that Stacey got everything. That included everything that my parents earned through their whole life. And of course David's first wife says, "No way. There is no way that this is the actual will, because David would've lefing to his son." He had campers. He had motorcyclesis, snowmobiles, a house, a business. And I figure that Stacey just had made plans to take it all. I don't even believe my name was mentioned in it. My first feelings on that were my father really did not like me. I thought he was just pissed at me, like, wanted nothing to do with me and never wanted anything to do with me again. It turned out that Stacey forged that will so that way she could get everything. That ends up netting her almost $50,000, which she started blowing through pretty quickly, renovating the house, and almost trying to erase David from their life there. And investigators had been suspicious all along. They're starting to get even more and more suspicious of what Stacey's motives are. I was getting phone calls from the detectives in the onondaga county sheriff's department, calling me up and sayin', "You know, I -- this doesn't sit right with me. We got-- we got a dispute over here. Some people are saying, 'yeah, it's a suicide. Let's move on.' and you know, there's another body of thought that this might be a homicide." So here you have the death of David castor, and everyone's asking, "Well, what happened here?" It was more than just a hunch that was needed. I mean, they really had to prove their case to go ahead and settle it once and for all to determine whether this man really committed suicide. This might've been called too quick. You know, we got to take a look at it. Investigators now start focusing on how did David really die. And if it wasn't a suicide, then somebody must have killed David. So it all starts unfolding, and it all starts to even raise more questions for this detective. He wants to interview Stacey castor's first husband. "Has anybody interviewed that guy?" "No, we haven't tracked him down." Well, it turns out we can't talk to him, 'cause he's dead. Michael Wallace was buried in a cemetery near where he and Stacey lived. And in that cemetery it was his headstone, she had a headstone that would be for her someday, and right next to them was daviheadstone. It was very odd and very peculiar. I guess they're going to share her in the afterlife. David castor laid to rest this quiet cemetery, and right next to him, someone who would come to play a key role in this murder mystery.

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{"duration":"7:59","description":"When investigators started questioning how David Castor really died and if someone else was responsible, they learned his wife Stacey Castor's first husband was also dead.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"60951346","title":"Detectives take closer look at man's mysterious death by antifreeze: Part 2","url":"/2020/video/detectives-closer-mans-mysterious-death-antifreeze-part-60951346"}