Ed Shin admits to killing Chris Smith, faces murder charges: Part 8

Police said Shin first said the blood found in the former 800XChange office space was his, but when confronted with evidence, he admitted to accidentally killing Smith and assuming his identity.
3:00 | 01/25/20

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Transcript for Ed Shin admits to killing Chris Smith, faces murder charges: Part 8
We start coming into Chris' office, and one of the things we first picked up on was the blood on the door jam. We came into the office, and I had pointed out this possible blood drops to the crime lab. And they sprayed Luminol. They found there were blood stains, and they were everywhere. They were on the door frame. They were on the light switch. They were on the floor. They were on the wall. They were on the ceiling. It was helter-skelter. We had obtained a DNA sample of Chris Smith's parents. Their DNA matched the blood DNA that was found at the scene. That's when we realized all this blood in the crime scene does belong to Chris Smith. We knew at this point that we were going to arrest Ed shin for the murder of Chris Smith. On August 28th, we found out that Ed shin had boarded a plane at L.A.X. And he was headed to Canada. So I gave the green light, rip him off the plane, and we're going to hook him at this point. We technically arrested him for violating his probation, because Ed shin had been arrested in Riverside county for embezzling. He's not allowed to leave the country. So we arrested him and brought him back. Of course, the sheriff's had a wealth of information that he didn't know that they knew. We got him talking. We started talking about Chris Smith. He went missing in June and they didn't talk to you until -- No, no, no, he left the country in June. I think he went missing in, like, December. Orange county homicide investigators don voght and ray wert spend hours questioning Ed shin. And Ed sticks to that same story that Chris sold his shares of 800xchange and just vanished out into the pacific somewhere. We ultimately decided we're going to confront him with the evidence that we have. There is blood on the walls. There is blood on the doorway. It's a scientific fact. I'm not making it up. And we know it's Chris' blood. And we gave him an opportunity to tell us his story. And Ed's response to us was, I don't know what you're talking about. I didn't kill Chris. What I want to say is I want an attorney. Ed asked for a lawyer. And so the interrogation is immediately ended. And then half an hour later -- You wanted to talk again? Investigators voght and wert are told he actually wants to come back and set the record straight. Ed went on to tell us, "I didn't murder Chris Smith." But him and Chris had been involved in this knockdown, dragout fight. Somehow he was able to grab me, and he just picked me up and had the movement to, like, threw me across his desk. I jumped up. And he jumped up on the desk. And we kind of, like, almost like two rams, collided on his desk. En why, that's probably where the blood got on the ceiling. I was able to position myself to where I was charging him into his office again. And literally, that's when I think his head hit the desk. And, um, he was unconscious. I mean, there was blood all over his office. Pool of blood coming from his head. It's during this interrogation that all of these revelations just start spilling out. Ed now says this wasn't murder. This was self-defense. We had a fight. And Chris just died. And all of those emails to the family, all of them were Ed's imagination. Even those cruel emails breaking up with his girlfriend, Erika, that was all Ed shin's doing. Chris. Had not been sailing the world with an exotic playboy playmate. Chris had not been visiting Rwanda and Chile and Ecuador. These emails had all been written by Edward shin using Chris' email accounts. It was all a charade. Utterly ruthless. It is fundamentally awful what he's doing here. Only a true psychopath could do this. And they charged him with first degree murder. Good morning America. Breaking news. A bizarre and extremely cruel murder and cover up. Police say a California man killed his business partner, then covered his tracks by creating a virtual life online. Once they've confirmed that Chris Smith is actually dead, one of the most brutal, difficult things in law enforcement is making that call to the family. And they had to do that. It was awful. It's like being gutted. It's just like a horrible and we're living this out. It's just, like, horrible. We drove over to Paul's house. And we got there, he was out in the driveway crying. It was a tough day. Just fell to my knees. The images that come into your mind at that point of someone you love being murdered brought in a lot of emotions. Just heartbreak. It's hard to see how much it hurt Paul because they were like twins. There is nothing to help the family that you can give us right now to indicate where Chris' body might be for closure for the family? I understand. No, I don't have anything. Shin claims he gets in contact with a Russian man whom he pays $15,000 to dispose of the body. The next morning, Chris' body is gone, and Ed claims he has no idea where it is. And so Monday came around. I got back to the office and he was gone. The reason the office smelled so bad -- despite all the Ed shin stories about Chris throwing up. The real reason it stank is because underneath those carpets is decaying human tissue in the form of Chris' blood. He won't say where the body is because he would then have to show the cause of death. Which would absolutely prove that it wasn't mutual combat. Detective bowman analyzes all of Ed shin's cell phone records and these cell phone tower pings. And she finds that on two occasions, June 7th and June 9th, Ed drives 170 miles into the desert near this town called boulevard, California, which is this desolate desert area right up against the Mexican border. There's no reason for Ed shin to have driven in the middle of the night and sat there for two hours unless he's dumping the body of Chris Smith. After we got those cell phone pings, they had helicopters and atvs and dogs. They had 80 people looking for him. And you know the problem is that so much time had gone by. There's no body. No body. There's no murder weapon. No murder weapon. It's very challenging to try somebody for murder without the body. Right? Because the body will tell you everything. You see the Smith family out there, right?

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Police said Shin first said the blood found in the former 800XChange office space was his, but when confronted with evidence, he admitted to accidentally killing Smith and assuming his identity.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"68519844","title":"Ed Shin admits to killing Chris Smith, faces murder charges: Part 8","url":"/2020/video/ed-shin-admits-killing-chris-smith-faces-murder-68519844"}