Families of BTK serial killer's victims face him in court: Part 9

The families read victim impact statements before his sentencing. "I stared at him the whole time," Jeff Davis, Dolores Davis' son, told "20/20." "He didn't have the guts to look at me."
8:25 | 02/02/19

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Transcript for Families of BTK serial killer's victims face him in court: Part 9
It became clear early on that he was going to plead, because the case was simply overwhelming. As much evidence as I'd ever seen against someone. And Nola foulston was going to make very clear that he was going to be exposed for what he was. This guys is one very, very perverted individual. He's not a master criminal. He's not some piece of mythology. He's a child-killing piece of . I told the court, you know, that's all fine and well if they want him to plead guilty, but we want to put on evidence of all of the crimes so people know exactly what happened. The public was going to hear and see who Dennis Rader really was, not who he wanted the public to think he was. Reporter: Did you attend any of his court appearances? No. I just -- I wouldn't have been able to do it. I want -- I was torn, because you want to be there, support for your father. The media presence was massively heavy and we were not keen on being anywhere near the media. Those plea hearings are usually 10, 12 minutes, but this one turned into about an hour and a half. Judge waller, rightfully so, asked Dennis Rader to describe what he did. Alright, Mr. Rader, I need to find out more information. The judge took him through every victim. I did Mrs. Otero. I had never strangled anyone before. So I really didn't know how much pressure you had to put on a person or how long it would take. The whole family just went -- they went panicked on me. So I worked pretty quick. Mrs. Vian, I went ahead and tied her up. And, then put a bag over her head and strangled her. After she was down and not moving any more, I -- I rearranged her clothes a little bit and took some quick photos. Here is this man standing up in court, in what I imagined was his church suit, recounting the murders of his neighbors, one by one. I had a commitment I needed to go to, so I moved her to one spot. Took her out of her car. This gets complicated. Let me think now. Okay. In the interim, I took her car back to her house. Our mouths dropped, and the national audience too. This guy is explaining every single murder in detail like he's explaining a trip to the grocery store. He's giving the judge a lesson in serial killer 101. That's his arrogance. If you read much about serial killers, they go through what they call the different phases. That's one of the phases they go through is -- that's a trolling stage. You're basically looking for a victim at that time. It was hard to stomach. He makes himself sound like he's Mr. Good guy. You know, like he says, I got Mr. Otero a pillow. Like, before I strangled Mr. Otero. I tried to make Mr. Otero as comfortable as I could. Apparently, he had a cracked rib from a car accident. So I had him put a pillow down. Reporter: I was kind to him before I killed him? That's where that massive disconnect comes in and you realize, oh, my god, my father's a psychopath. When Rader described in court how he killed my family, it was the first time I'd ever heard how they died. When he said that some of my mom's last words were may god forgive you for that, it was like breaking my heart again. I could not believe that my mom was so beautiful and gracious in such a traumatic moment. The detectives had tried to prepare us for what we might hear in the courtroom and I couldn't keep it together. I just broke down and lieutenant lanware came over. He just hugged me and let me cry. I was sitting at this desk and I'm listening behind me to all the families crying when he's thumbing through all these murders he committed and how much he liked it. I had some sexual fantasies, but that was after she was hung. It was horrible. I will accept these pleas of guilty and judge you Dennis L. Rader guilty of murder in the first degree. The case was over except for the sentencing. Now the D.A. Had her day in court. She put together very elaborate power points to show his deviancy, his aberrancy, how bad he was. It was part of his motus operandi to enjoy them expiring before his eyes with their knowledge that he was killing them. There was nothing Normal about Mr. Rader's existence. . Announcer:. Nancy's death is a deep wound. She was my mother. If you want to watch six minutes of the best written impact statement, you watch that of Jeff Davis. For the last 5,326 days I have wondered what it would be like to confront the walking cesspool that took my mother's precious life. I spent months working on that victim impact statement, months. I just couldn't wait. If my focus was hatred I would call you a demon from hell. If I had your devil nature I would delight in the fact that you will never have any warm, loving human contact again for the remainder of your twisted existence. I stared at him the whole time. I read that statement and I was never looking at any place but at him. He didn't have the guts to look at me. After that he was allowed to make a statement in what they call mitigation. So he gets up and I don't know if he misunderstood the wording or what, because I think he thought he was getting an award. Thanks. I can't believe the people that have helped me on this. You have to appreciate the police department. They have done a lot of work. I hope I pronounce these people's last names right and if I leave someone out I apologize for that. All the families walked out. They all got up, turned around, and walked out the door. There's many, many, many more beyond those. I would be here a long time, so I do appreciate all those people that helped. He's thanking everybody, like the police and, like -- Reporter: He was thanking people? Yeah. It's really surreal. And then he basically said, like, my family were pawns in his game and social contacts. Reporter: He called you social contacts? Right. He leaves us all with a quote from the bible. This is John 8:12. I am the light of the world. He who follow me shall not walk in darkness but have the light of life. What I always tell people is in law enforcement we can quote the bible too. If you do evil, be afraid, for we do not bear the sword in vain. The judge sentenced Dennis Rader to 10 life sentences. He wasn't eligible for the death penalty, because at the time he committed the crimes, the death penalty did not exist in Kansas. There's one person that's going to judge him when he has to meet his maker. Then he'll get his true judgment. They both have a locking mechanism in the back. Lieutenant Landwehr was a towering figure in this case. No one worked harder. No one worked longer hours then detective Landwehr to bring btk to justice. Unfortunately lieutenant Landwehr passed away a few years ago. He was stricken with cancer and died from that awful disease. I was at his home with other detectives that worked for him. We were right there by his bedside when he took his last breath and man, he was a hell of a man. Kenny Landwehr did die knowing that he caught btk. That is the car that Dennis Rader is in. I know Wichita will never forget the day that he was transferred to the el Dorado correctional facility. He'll never walk out of that prison, and that's where he needs to stay 'til the day he

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{"duration":"8:25","description":"The families read victim impact statements before his sentencing. \"I stared at him the whole time,\" Jeff Davis, Dolores Davis' son, told \"20/20.\" \"He didn't have the guts to look at me.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"60792477","title":"Families of BTK serial killer's victims face him in court: Part 9","url":"/2020/video/families-btk-serial-killers-victims-face-court-part-60792477"}