Family, Friends Suspect Husband of Wife's Murder

Act 2: After Janet Abaroa's found dead, family and friends begin to think the worst of Raven Abaroa.
3:00 | 03/21/14

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Transcript for Family, Friends Suspect Husband of Wife's Murder
"20/20" continues. Once again, John Quinones. Reporter: Clear across the country, these six women have been tracking raven's every move. Why? They are the sisters of raven's dead wife. And when they hear he has now remarried, they're desperate to warn the new bride. We just wanted to make sure that she knew what she was getting into and we were fearful for her. Reporter: They knew only too well the kind of man she married. Raven had mesmerized their sister Janet. She was just infatuated -- everything about him that -- that he would do, she was in love with. Reporter: Janet grew up in a solid Mormon family. The seventh of ten siblings. Her sisters say she was so easy to get along with. A very sweet spirit. Loving, kind. Reporter: At southern Virginia university, Janet already had a boyfriend, but that doesn't stop raven. She was beautiful, attractive. I just felt so much comfort when I was with her. Reporter: Janet is convinced they can have a storybook life together, and marriage is not far behind. It was awesome to be able to kneel across from her and marry her for time and eternity. Reporter: For these newlyweds, "Time and eternity" begins at their new starter home in the small colonial river town of smithfield, Virginia. They attended the local church where they meet neighbors, Tim dowd and his family, Tim becomes a sort of father figure. We were just part of a big family. They both came from big families and they didn't have any family in the immediate area, so they kind of adopted us and hung out at our house a lot. Hello, folks, merry Christmas. Reporter: In their Christmas video card, the abaroas seem like the perfect, happy couple. We wish you the best and the warmest feelings this holiday season. Janet, what would you like to say? I would like to say merry Christmas and a happy new year. Yeah, he appeared to have his act together. I mean, he was young, newly married, had bought their first home, you know, had a couple nice cars and a motorcycle. Like, "Wow, this guy's kind of off to a pretty fast start." Reporter: They soon move to Durham, North Carolina, and both land jobs at a sporting goods company, but the change of home brings another big change. Raven has a dark secret that would be heartbreaking to Janet. He tells her that he has been sleeping with other women. He came to her one day, because he wanted to be out of the marriage, and explained to her that he had been cheating on her with several different people. And very soon after that she found out she was pregnant. She didn't know what to do. She didn't want to raise the baby as a single mother. Reporter: Just 2 1/2 years into their marriage, her husband leaves her, and Janet, scared, reaches out to a family she trusts. You could tell she wanted -- she needed somewhere to go. She was crying, very distraught. And she told me she loved raven and that she didn't want to have this child by herself. She loved him. She wanted him back, but not -- Reporter: Tim agrees to talk to raven, man to man, after all, he sees him almost like a son. And I kind of read him the riot act in a major way. You know, "What the hell do you think you're doing? You're married. Your wife is pregnant. You need to grow up real quick." He promised, swore up and down, that he would no longer cheat on her, that she was the only one for him. He would make it work. Reporter: Months later, raven moves back in when Janet gives birth to a boy, Kaiden. Raven appears to be a loving father -- in awe of his son. But he is in love with other people's stuff, too. He is caught stealing high-end athletic equipment from his employer and reselling it to help make ends meet. He pleads guilty to embezzlement, avoiding time in the slammer. But Janet doesn't give up on raven. Their lives seem back on track. And on a spring evening raven says Janet is doing the laundry while he is doing chores around the house. We looked at Kaiden sleeping, made sure everything was good with him and put our arms around each other and said, "I really love you." Reporter: As raven recalls, he gets ready to go play soccer while Janet is getting ready for bed. When he returns to their four-bedroom home, nestled in the woods that night, things seem out of place. He says, he makes a horrifying discovery. I'd always go in and give Kaiden a kiss and just feel his warm little body. And that's, you know, when I found out that something was wrong. Durham 911. Where is your emergency? I'm at home. My wife -- I can't understand you. My wife, she's dead. She's been shot or something. There's blood everywhere. She's been shot? Yes. Do you see any bullet holes? Like, right in the chest. Reporter: Cathy cheek and Janet abaroa were co-workers and close friends. Upon hearing the morning news -- Police aren't saying how she was killed. -- Her murder wasn't random. Reporter: -- She races to Janet's home on Ferrand drive. I got there. I saw the yellow crime lab tape. I was thinking, maybe it's not this house, maybe it's next door. But it was her house. I said, "Is it a little tiny blonde-headed girl that's dead?" I didn't want it to be her, but it was. Reporter: Early the next morning, Janet's parents are awaken by a phone call. It's raven. He was calling to tell them that Janet was dead and she had committed suicide. We automatically knew that was not right. She wouldn't have done that to Kaiden. No, she never would have killed herself, ever. We knew that wasn't true. Reporter: In fact, police quickly realizes raven's claim of suicide is flat-out wrong. Janet has been murdered, and not with a gun, she's been stabbed to death. Janet abaroa was found inside her Ferrand drive home last night with what appeared to be a stab wound to her chest. Reporter: Janet's family and friends are desperate for answers. Desperate to find out who murdered her. I kept talking to raven. You've got to help solve this case. He hasn't helped the police. He hasn't set out a reward of, you know, help -- help me find my wife's killer. Reporter: And surprisingly only four days after the murder, raven leaves town, he returns to his boyhood home outside salt Lake City. My thought is, if somebody were to murder my wife or a child, or any close family member of mine, I'm banging on the police door saying, "What have you done lately?" Raven did nothing. Raven provided cooperation at the beginning of the investigation. But there have been subsequent requests for interviews that have gone unanswered. Reporter: Police are curious about raven's knife collection, some of which are missing from the murder scene. And remember that Christmas video? Well, with Janet in the background, raven weirdly brags about a brand-new knife for his collection. That's my new knife. I got it for Christmas. Thank you. I bought it myself. My dad would be very proud. I like to collect knives. Reporter: But could someone else have used one of raven's knives to stab Janet? Investigators find a bloody footprint and DNA at the crime scene, and they don't match raven. But with few other clues, the case goes cold. Janet's family wonder why police aren't taking a harder look at raven and a possible motive. He had taken out a life insurance policy soon after she was pregnant with Kaiden. Reporter: How much was the policy? $500,000. Reporter: Is he capable of doing that? Doing it for the insurance money? Absolutely. Reporter: Even though raven declined a polygraph test and stops cooperating with police, he doesn't have a problem making his case on a local TV show. I wasn't involved in the death of my wife. That I would do anything in the world to keep her here with me and that's just -- that's something that the people who who truly know Janet and truly know me can understand and appreciate. Was raven innocent? Could the murderer be a stranger who left a bloody footprint? The answer might lie in Janet abaroa's grave. A clue police can only uncover by looking directly into her eyes. Janet abaroa doesn't get to rest

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{"id":23015347,"title":"Family, Friends Suspect Husband of Wife's Murder","duration":"3:00","description":"Act 2: After Janet Abaroa's found dead, family and friends begin to think the worst of Raven Abaroa.","url":"/2020/video/family-friends-suspect-husband-wifes-murder-23015347","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}