Father of Christa Worthington's child on their once-secret relationship: Part 3

Tony Jackett, who was married when he had the affair with Worthington, recalled the moment he learned she was pregnant with his child.
9:06 | 11/25/17

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Transcript for Father of Christa Worthington's child on their once-secret relationship: Part 3
Essage "The unexamined life isn't worth living, but the examined life will make you want to die." The first step in trying to solve a crime is to understand, get to know the victim. What is going on in their life, what is their personality? And you look at her life in new York, what went on in those relationships? When I first met Christa, she reminded me of kind of an old soul. There was something sort of ethereal about her, maybe a little wistful. And mysterious. The paradox of Christa Worthington was that she presented as somebody who was really on top of things, who was elegant and refined, but there was a way in which emotionally she was disorganized, disorderly, undisciplined. She was no mild mannered, timid soul. She was an obsessive personality. She obsessed about books, she obsessed about money. She obsessed about sex. Christa's love life was a mess. There's no other way to describe it. The people that she was with became stranger and weirder. She was involved with a man named Thomas Churchwell. He was a magician. During the time that I was with Christa, I was known as the amazing tarquin. I would go to a bar called the barfly on 23rd street. She would go and sit with her girlfriends and watch me perform. There was something deeply helpless and vulnerable about her. She had those eyes that would melt you. She brought out the protective feelings in friends, especially male friends. Probably had melted every man that she was with. Christa was somebody who was consumed with regret. There was always this regret elf sitting on her shoulder, whispering in her ear. Christa began to regret that she hadn't had a child, and so she began the process of trying to get herself pregnant. I later found out that we were having a sexual relationship for Christa to have a child. We just broke away from each other. Christa went public about her desire, as a single woman, to have a baby. This was the 1990s, at a time when women didn't really talk about these types of things. She wrote an article in Harper's bazaar and it was, "Am I selfish to try to have a child in vitro at age 40?" There is, at the moment, no father for a child of mine, no husband for me, and what if there never is? I have to stare this scenario in the face, and to my surprise it hasn't killed me. It was a defiant side of her -- I was very surprised that she'd gone so public with this. Reporter: She went on a national TV show, the leeza show. Trying to figure out to be the best parent to your child, given there is no father. And then Christa received a devastating diagnosis. She was told that she was in early menopause and likely would never be able to have a child. The worst has happened. The thing I dreaded and never really believed would happen, and yet, always knew would. It seemed she wanted a change in her life. Christa decides to leave New York City to go to cape cod. Christa grew up going to the cape in the summer. Truro was a safe haven for her. The Worthington family was truro royalty. They went way back in time. Reporter: This is worthingtonville. You know, the worthingtons have houses all around there, as they have for two generations. In the cape, Christa seemed to access the truro version of herself, throw the Hermes and the givinchy to the back of the closet and uh, just relax. She was living in a little, tiny cottage right on the harbor that had belonged to her grandmother. That was the first time she noticed Tony jacket. I got to know her a little bit. I think there was a time she asked me helped her do something up at her house, and that was when I got to be more friendly with her. His title was shellfish constable, he really was sort of the police of the fish in the area. 20 bags taking out. He was good looking and dashing. People talk about his thick, black, curly hair. Tony was like the kind of guy that women wanted and men wanted to be. Before you know it, he was going over to her house for "Tea." I remember thinking, go home, go home. Then I would turn right, right up her driveway. And then of course it became a little deeper. I think I got caught up in the idea of a romance. It was just exciting, you know? The thing that makes the relationship with Tony kind of tricky is that he had been married for 27 years and had six kids. If there was a sweeter person on Earth between the hours of 8:00 and 9:15 I would not believe it. Tony became tender and we were made new, spellbound. I love him. It was a small town. You're nervous or at least aware that you could be seen. The thrill of ordering pizza in public, that is adultery, when ordering pizza becomes a thing of beauty. Reporter: This was no secret. You know, gossip, gossip, gossip. Everybody knew. She tells me that, "I think you should sit down. I have something to tell you and I'm pregnant." So, I'm thinking, "How could I be so dumb?" She had been told that she couldn't have babies. She became pregnant at 42. Now I'm at my desk looking at three sonograms of the baby, Tony's baby. Once she gets pregnant, they decide to end the relationship. And Christa initially says that she's going to have the baby, but not tell anyone. It's going to be their secret. From her diaries, it's clear that as her pregnancy progresses she's becoming more frustrated with Tony's lack of involvement. I wonder if it will always be like this. The emptiness around me, miles and miles of it, while my lover lies with his wife. I feel abandoned. He will do anything to tread water, to stay afloat on a way that makes no waves. That is what he is doing now. What I actually most remember is receiving the birth card of ava and just marveling that she pulled it off. I would babysit Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 4:00. She was just very, very sweet to ava. I never heard her raise her voice to ava. Very loving mother. Christa adored being a mom. Finally, there had been something in her life that she didn't regret and never would. When ava is about a year and a half years old, she decides that she does want Tony to tell his wife, Susan, that they have a child together. She decides, "I want ava to know who her father is. And telling your wife, that's your problem, that's your job." I know he is preparing his denials every which way. I feel like ruining the joyful Christmas with a little letter on my birthday. Why should he get off so lightly? Reporter: Christa wrote a letter addressed to Susan. She details the affair that she was having with her husband. The first day we slept together we were in bed from 11:00 A.M. To 7:00 P.M. Reporter: This was a letter written by one woman to another meant to hurt, to injure. The letter would definitely be important for police. There were all kind of rumors as to who did it, is it Tony, was it his wife? I suspected him as a suspect, the first suspect, and then her

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{"id":51373817,"title":"Father of Christa Worthington's child on their once-secret relationship: Part 3","duration":"9:06","description":"Tony Jackett, who was married when he had the affair with Worthington, recalled the moment he learned she was pregnant with his child.","url":"/2020/video/father-christa-worthingtons-child-secret-relationship-part-51373817","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}