FBI tries to get more information on Markel’s murder: Part 7

An undercover agent approached Donna Adelson, the mother of Markel’s ex-wife on the street. She then called her son Charlie about the encounter, who then called Katherine Magbanua.
8:25 | 10/12/19

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Transcript for FBI tries to get more information on Markel’s murder: Part 7
It literally says "Great price". This is Dan. So many friends, friends everywhere. And amazing relationships. Two years after the murder of Dan Markel, police have this huge breakthrough. They're finally able to draw this link between these two Miami area criminals they've arrested for killing him and the adelsons, his ex-in-laws. A woman named Katherine magbanua. Katie is the mother of two kids fathered by sigfredo Garcia. The adelsons say Katherine also worked at that very successful dental clinic the adelsons ran in ft. Lauderdale. But who in the Adelson family would actually be able to orchestrate a hit on Dan Markel? Do you think someone would do this for your benefit without asking you? The possible answer to that question came in an eye-opening comment made by Wendi about what her brother Charlie said right after he bought her a TV. My brother Charlie, the one I'm really close to, he makes a lot of jokes in bad taste and it was a joke he made. I looked into hiring a hitman, it was cheaper to get you this TV, so instead I got you this TV. It was my divorce present. Such a horrible thing to say. Well, do you think that this guy Charlie would even be capable of doing something like this? No. It's just talk? He's a joker. Okay. But her former boyfriend Jeff Lacasse told police that when Wendi related the account to him, there was nothing funny about it. She told me that Charlie had looked into having Danny killed in the summer of 2013. She meant it dead serious. I would be investigating Charlie I don't know if he did this, but if you are looking at someone, don't miss him. It's enough to make police take a closer look at big brother Charlie. And when they do, they make a bombshell discovery. Katie was dating Charlie from about 2013 to early 2015. I mean, so at the time that the murder was set up, they were hanging out. It's a heck of a coincidence. It is a heck of a coincidence. If you're drawing a line between our victim and our killers, he's gonna be one of the dots. I mean, he's a suspect. Down in south Florida, Michael Weinstein, who was Charlie's attorney, told me it's ridiculous to think that his buddy Charlie would have had anything to do with Markel's murder. He's a really easygoing, laid-back, have a beer, relaxed kind of guy. I love being able to restore people's smiles. Did Charlie Adelson have anything to do with Markel's murder? No. He is being looked at because of the fact that he had a dating relationship with Katherine. However, there is no evidence that he solicited any type of murder. If this was a Coen brothers movie, that would be an unbelievable plot. But we don't live in a Coen brothers movie. But what the cops did next to rattle the adelsons' cage really did seem like something out of a Coen brothers movie. To see if they could get the goods on Charlie through his mom Donna. And they decided to do something called a bump, which is almost exactly what it sounds like. Let's see what we can shake loose. What they did was, they staked out Donna Adelson outside her condo in north Miami. She's got sunglasses on, walking southbound on Alton approaching the crosswalk. Donna Adelson is approached on the street by a man she's never seen before. This person turns out to be an undercover FBI agent. Excuse me, Mrs. Adelson? How are you doing? Just want to give you this. Who are you? You're scaring me. No, don't be scared. They had an agent approach Donna, say that he was the brother of one of the assailants and that he needed something a little extra to take care of him. He helped your family with this problem you guys had up north. And we want to make sure that, he's going through some rough times and I want to make sure that you take care of what he's going through, the way you're taking care of Katie and tuto. I don't know what you're talking about. Well, this will explain it. And on that piece of paper is a picture of Dan, news clippings about the murder. She has the paper. They're walking away. Uc broke contact. She's crossing the street toward his car. So that undercover agent also gives Donna a piece of paper with his phone number written on it. She calls the guy. Hello? This is Mrs. Adelson. You handed me an article from a newspaper about my ex-son-in-law. I'm listening. I have to tell you, this is important. I have been so stressed out. Because I don't know your friend who is in jail. I never met him. Let's stop Around, okay? You know who Katie is. And you know Katie knows someone who knows tato. And they took care of a problem for you people. You talk to the right people, you talk to people, you make this 5 "K" come to me. That's all I need. Just do it and get it to me. I'll call you back. Bye. She calls her son Charlie, and they proceed to have these cryptic conversations. I got some paperwork hand delivered to me. Does it involve me or other people? Well, probably the both of us. You probably have a general idea what I'm talking about. So let's just find some time to talk to each other. Now, this conversation raises a lot of questions for people. Why wouldn't Donna just come out and tell Charlie right away about her conversation with this guy? They must have been somehow become aware that they were being listened to. That they were being eavesdropped. The string of calls went, Donna to Charlie, Charlie to Katie. I don't Understand. It's either somebody's pulling your bones, somebody is just harassing you, or somebody's trying to get something out of you. All I'm saying is, find out who the It is and tell them to stop playing their games. Charlie seems to be begging Katie to figure out what's happening, right? Because he's getting worried. I don't know who you have to talk to, but it needs to be nipped in the bud. It's either the FBI Playing games or Whatever it is because I'm getting . Like, I'm going to Go to the cops right now. Okay. Well, either you go to the cops, or we go to the cops. Exactly. We'll find out. We're both going to Go to the cops. They discuss the possibility of going to law enforcement. And then it's dropped. There's never any discussion about it again. Ultimately, this ambitious sting operation seems to fall flat. They do have these very suspicious conversations, but there's no confession on tape. There's no gotcha moment. It's smoke, not fire. But it's a lot of smoke. The police, they got everything ready with the charging documents. They laid everything out where they would arrest Katie anthey would arrest Charlie. And yet the evidence still didn't give prosecutors enough confidence to move forward with an arrest. If prosecutors move forward with a case and they don't get a conviction, it's over. Prosecutors get one bite at the apple and they want to make sure it's the best bite. Do you solemnly swear or affirm that the evidence you're about to give me is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? Yes, sir. Then, in late September of 2016, Georgia Cappleman and her team have a breakthrough. They come to an agreement with Luis Rivera. We want you to tell the truth and do what's right. Now, if you've allegedly hired a guy to kill somebody, and that accused killer starts singing to the cops, you're probably going to have a really bad day.

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{"duration":"8:25","description":"An undercover agent approached Donna Adelson, the mother of Markel’s ex-wife on the street. She then called her son Charlie about the encounter, who then called Katherine Magbanua.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"66223133","title":"FBI tries to get more information on Markel’s murder: Part 7","url":"/2020/video/fbi-information-markels-murder-part-66223133"}