Did Gypsy Blanchard's mom have Munchausen syndrome by proxy?: Part 5

Munchausen syndrome by proxy is a condition in which a caregiver, usually a parent, exaggerates, makes up or even causes a child's illness.
6:32 | 01/06/18

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Transcript for Did Gypsy Blanchard's mom have Munchausen syndrome by proxy?: Part 5
They like taking pictures that's for sure. Reporter: Rod and Kristy Blanchard try to piece together the puzzle of his daughter gypsy hunting for clues in photographs and home videos. Here's the reason I was born. To be a mom. That makes me sick. Reporter: To sort out fact from fiction. Do you think that Dee Dee came up with this idea. These movies created sympathy, which generated news coverage which generated money and free things. This one right here I don't think she meant for anyone to see this. I'm about to dive off our porch into the pile of snow. You ready? Because everyone can see she is clearly moving her legs. Reporter: But those old pictures only begin to tell the story. Too many to count. Reporter: The paper trail is where the really fresh breadcrumbs are in this Hansel and gretel fairy tale. Hope kids, Jason's dreams for kids, kids wish network, so she would actually look up foundations and stuff that she could hit up and get help with. This one says she's born in '95, everything else is correct except the year. You can totally tell she changed the date! But she didn't change it here. So it was '91 and changed it to '92 and then to '95. She just wanted to make gypsy younger and younger. Reporter: And that's not all Dee Dee forged located under her bed. Was the prescription pad that Dee Dee stole from the hospital. Reporter: But while the paperwork might be fake, the pills and procedures were dreadfully real including multiple gastrointestinal operations, eye surgeries, even the removal of her salivary glands. Reporter: Medical records reviewed by ABC news show gypsy was treated by at least 150 different doctors. Walk me through what that appointment would typically be like. I would have a doll or a stuffed animal that I would play with, and mom would say, um, you know, "Don't talk. Just play with your stuffed animal and we'll do something fun after." The one things that absolutely common across every single medical record is that gypsy never spoke. Every single medical record says, "Mother reported," "Mother states." "History by mother." Brain scans, muscle scans, blood tests, cat scans. And you were perfectly healthy. So how would she get the doctors to understand, when none of it was true? She had a very sweet personality. Very convincing. She would call it a southern charm and she would use her southern charm to get them to be friendly and get on their good side. And then she had no records. No. Because of hurricane Katrina wiped out all the records, supposedly. The biggest question was though, how was Dee Dee able to con the doctors? Reporter: Hospitals we contacted declined to comment but we tracked down one of her former neurologists Dr. Bernardo flasterstein -- My initial assessment, I saw a girl, a 14 year old girl that was sitting in a wheelchair. Reporter: Who examined her for muscular dystropy and cerebral palsy and immediately saw red flags. The testing didn't seem to show the same type of um, disabilities that gypsy should be showing. There was nothing there to support either. That kind of made me very suspicious. Reporter: And his suspicion only grew when he told Dee Dee what should have been exciting news gypsy's prior diagnoses were wrong. Reporter: But the mother was not happy with that and when she left the office in a storm and told my nurses that I don't know what I'm talking about and that she's not coming back. Dr. Flasterstein, ultimately said, "I believe that the mother suffers from munchausen by proxy." That was one of the things that, I believe he bolded and underlined in that letter. What is munchausen by proxy? Munchausen by proxy. It's essentially when a caregiver will fabricate an illness or induce an illness in their child in order to get medical care. Dr. Jamye Coffman is a board certified child abuse pediatrician. It's abuse on the child, but it's to obtain attention or some kind of secondary gain for themselves. Sometimes it's financial. It can be. The most common, though, is actually emotional gain. I look at it kind of like an addict who needs that fix. When you have a suspicion and hard is caused to the child you can report that to social services and say, "I have a suspicion." I at the time did not think that it had enough information just to call. Reporter: Dr. Flasterstein didn't call child protective services but someone later else did -- Reporter: According to this police report obtained by 20/20 a doctor alerted authorities when he "Could not find any sympts that support what Dee Dee alleges to be wrong with her daughter. Two case workers later did visit the Blanchard home. But they found nothing out of the ordinary and closed the case. How was Dee Dee able to get away with this for so long? Most of the time, these mothers are pathologic liars. They're very difficult to detect. They're very manipulative. I think she probably did like most of these parents, these mothers. She moved around from doctor to doctor. They go to different hospitals and different institutions. Reporter: That's exactly what she did after storming out of Dr. Flasterstein's office. She moved gypsy's care 3 hours away to Kansas City. Why did your mom do this? I think that she was constantly seeking attention for herself because she didn't feel loved so let's make this baby girl sick so it forever needs you. And that's what I think is from. You know a lot of people see this and just wonder why. Why didn't you say anything. I know. I beat myself up about that all the time, but I have to understand my mind frame back then. I was always so afraid of her. Afraid of the consequences after.

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{"id":52173650,"title":"Did Gypsy Blanchard's mom have Munchausen syndrome by proxy?: Part 5","duration":"6:32","description":"Munchausen syndrome by proxy is a condition in which a caregiver, usually a parent, exaggerates, makes up or even causes a child's illness.","url":"/2020/video/gypsy-blanchards-mom-munchausen-syndrome-proxy-part-52173650","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}