Investigators learn of alleged murder plot: Part 7

According to prosecutors, a man who knew Sherra Wright Robinson approached investigators with a story alleging a murder plot involving her and another man.
7:41 | 09/19/20

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Transcript for Investigators learn of alleged murder plot: Part 7
Click or call for a quote today. There's a bible verse that says, "You can be sure that your sin will find you out." I knew someone was going to talk, and I knew for certain it was going to involve sherra. The rebirth of the Lorenzen Wright murder investigation largely is built around Jimmie martin. Ryan Smith Jimmie martin was a 34-year-old former rap artist who went by the name of tricksta. He was also sherra Wright's cousin. Martin was convicted in a totally unrelated case with killing his girlfriend, but according to prosecutors, that's when he approached cops with a story about what he says happened to Lorenzen. It was in between the conviction for second-degree murder and his sentencing that Jimmie martin offered the story. I can see him saying, you know what? I'm in big trouble. I need to give them some information that's going to lesson my time." He meets with investigators and he has a story to tell. So, what you are about to hear is what prosecutors said in court is Jimmy martin's story about what he says happened to Lorenzen. Jimmy tells investigators that sherra Wright is involved in Lorenzen's murder with one other person, a man named Billy ray turner. Billy was the guy that cut the grass. Billy ray turner was a landscaper, a yardman who happened to be a deacon in a small country church that sherra attended. Here's what Jimmy martin supposedly told prosecutors about that landscaper, Billy ray turner. Jimmy martin says that he had once gone to Atlanta with Billy ray turner to try to kill Lorenzen. Remember, Lorenzen had moved to Atlanta after his divorce in 2010 and was moved in with his old buddy Mike Gipson. I had no clue, no awareness of anything like this. Prosecutors say sherra was also in Atlanta around this time. There's underpinnings to Jimmie martin's story because, you know, she did show up down there. I can remember her coming to Atlanta for that first time to see the condo. Very unusual. She had never been down there. And while sherra was there at the condo, Jimmy alleges, she was setting the stage for a murder. Jimmy martin says sherra Wright left the window open so he and Billy ray turner could go inside to kill Lorenzen Wright. In court, prosecutors detail step by step what Jimmy martin says happened next. Billy ray and Jimmy martin go through a window, and they're looking for Lorenzen, but they can't find him. Turns out Lorenzen wasn't even home at that moment. I was there laying on the couch. Had I had woke up or had Lorenzen been there, we'd both be dead. The story Jimmy martin tells investigators is that there's another man asleep on the couch, so they don't go through with the plan. With that attempt foiled, prosecutors allege a new plot to kill Lorenzen was hatched. This time they say unfortunately it worked. The body of former pro basketball player Lorenzen Wright has apparently been found in Memphis. Sources say it appeared Wright had been shot several times. Martin claims to investigators that a few days after Lorenzen's death, sherra and turner confessed to him that they murdered Lorenzen. And that he helped them clean up the crime scene. Prosecutors said in court that martin told cops that a metal detector was used to try to find gun that was dropped during a murder there. Martin claims that he and turner drove to walnut, Mississippi, where he alleges turner threw a gun in a lake. That lake is about 45 miles from Memphis, and in 2017, that's where the FBI conducted that search -- and found a gun at the bottom. They were able to do forensics on this pistol that was recovered and determine that those shell casings came from that gun. Even though police know there were two weapons used in the shooting, this evidence alone is huge. Developing right now, new information in the unsolved murder of Lorenzen Wright. Authorities now say a gun found over the summer may be the one used in the crime. They're announcing, we found this gun. Why are they doing it? The reason they were doing it is they were telegraphing to the suspects to put them in a panic mode. So, law enforcement starts monitoring sherra and Billy ray's cell phones, and allege they learn incriminating information. Law enforcement was able to record those calls. Next thing you know, boom, there's this guy on TV they're handcuffing. 46-year-old Billy turner sits behind bars this morning, arrested at a collierville gas station. It was a standard arrest. There was no incidents to it. This person who, for the past 25 years, had not had any sort of troubles. Real nice guy. Always just laughing. He never showed aggression or anything like that. I'm just like, who's Billy ray turner? Who is -- who is that? I never heard about Billy ray turner. The only thing that I knew, and I ended up putting two and two together, is that Lorenzen, he told me, you know, sherra's sleeping with everybody in Memphis. She even sleeping with her gardener. Which was Billy ray. Continuing coverage for you now this midday about the suspect charged with killing former Memphis basketball player Lorenzen Wright. Billy turner entered a not guilty plea on charges that he murdered Wright more than seven years ago. Emotions were extremely heavy in Billy ray turner's first appearance in a Shelby county courtroom. These hearings were televised right? Yes. That's how high the interest was. Yes, they would break into the regular day programming. It was like the big thing here. New developments this midday in the 2010 murder case of Memphis basketball star Lorenzen Wright. When I saw him, I knew instantly she had used him. Because that's not what she want. You know, he had no money. She don't deal with no grass cutter. Good morning sir. You have a mother who's searched for answers for all of these years and then can finally associate a face with the person responsible for taking my son's life. And all the emotions just came out. I jumped up and I asked him -- how could you have murdered my Little did Deborah know this mystery in Memphis wasn't even close to being solved.

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{"duration":"7:41","description":"According to prosecutors, a man who knew Sherra Wright Robinson approached investigators with a story alleging a murder plot involving her and another man.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"73106695","title":"Investigators learn of alleged murder plot: Part 7","url":"/2020/video/investigators-learn-alleged-murder-plot-part-73106695"}