James Comey Part 4: Discussing Michael Flynn

Comey tells ABC News' George Stephanopoulos that President Trump said to him, "[Flynn] is a good guy, I hope you can let it go."
5:31 | 04/16/18

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Transcript for James Comey Part 4: Discussing Michael Flynn
Everyone lies ame point in their life. The important questions are bout what, H often. S and acce or given those willing to lie and rate lies. Creates a culture which becomes an entire way of life. Reporter: Froe beginning, the trump administ had beeneathe spectesian interference with the election. The first significant casualty, national securadr Michael flynn.on Monday, februarth2017, after G ss than a month, Flynn is out Transgreson was lyi about his contacts with the Russians, lyinout his contactsith the Russian ambassador to the United States. Reporter: Later, he would plead guilty to lying to the I. February 14th, you're back in the oval office. Back agai Valentine's day. We were there for a briefing, which a very gd idea, to gi the new psident an rstanding of the trism threat in the United States, which is the FBI's primary responsibility. Reporter: At the end of the brief, Comey Sahe president asked everyone but him, including vice president mience and attorney general Jeff sessi to leave the room. They didn't want to leave. Well, I know the attorney general dn't wanna leave. Clearly, his body language, at least to my mind, said he didn't a leave. And then the president said, Hanks, jef I just wanna talk to Jim. Thank you." Reporter: You're ali the office. Yup. 'Twhat was gonna happen next, but I knew that whatever it was, it was really, really important that I mb Rter: He kns he's gony something that others shouldn't hear. That was myd, that it's -- 'S so unusual for the director ahe president to be alone at all. Kthe vice prest of the united es and the attorney general, who I work for, so C talk to me alone, something was up. Reporr: And what he wanted to talk about was Mike Flynn. And that' he asked me -- said he hopes I can let it go. Reporter: When he said that, you thought? S asking me to drop the criminal investigation of his, rmer, nationur adviser. Direction. His words were, though, "I hope you let it go." I took the expression of hope as, "This is wi you to do." -- Reporter: The president says het Y that. Yeah. What am I gonna do? Id. Did you, at any time, urge former FBI director James Comey in any, shape, or form to close or back down the investigatioto Michael Flynn? And also, as you look back -- N no. Next question. Eporter: So he "I hope you can let it go." Whatyou say? He hasaid, "He's a good y,e you can let it go." And I just said, "I agree he's agood guy." And there was a brief pause and then the meeting was O Reporter: Should yove said, "Mr. President, I T discusisyou. You're doing something improper"? Maybe ough, if he didnnow he was doing something improper, why DI kick out the atto general and the vice president of the united es and the leaders of the intelligence community? I meany am I alone I hesn't know E nature of the request? But it's possible that I nt I should have -- you know, another person would have saidir, you can't me that. That's a criminal inveation. That C be obstruction of justice." R was president trump obstin Psibly. I mean, it's certainly some evidence of obstion of justice. Reporter: Ame point I your mind, have you shifted to collecng evidencof a possible crime? Well, yes, in a sense. I ntinued to believe that there was foto the FBI general counsel's argument T we're gohave to look at the president. You're inevitably gonna look at his condt, 'cause he's the head of the campaign. Reporter: Comey says the oofce meeting with phone about thssia investigation. There continued to be a oftuff in thnews about the Russia investigation. E was calling me to tell me how frustrating he found that and ASN the way his ability to make deals for the country. D to lift the cloud, he called it a C. And so wanted me to get out that he wasn't under stigation. Reporter: By may, the trump/comey relationship is strained to the breaking point, when Comey is called to the Dirksen senaffice building, room 226, to testify before the judiciary commit Loohi terrible. It makes me mildly nauseous to think that we might have had some impact on the election, but honestly, it wouldn't change the sion. Eporter: Comey again confirms the FBI is instigating ntial contacts betwassociatesf president trump and Russians who interfered in the 20len. T he stillefuses to say publicalhat he told the president privately, that Mr. Trump himself is not UND investign. Have you ruled out the I don't want people to overinterpret this answer, I'm going to comment nyone in particular Reporr: So if he's not under investigation, you've told him, why not tell the country? It was potentially midi and also would create a duty to correct. Reporter: Thedent had enough. Does thprstill have full confidence in FBI director S I have no reason to believe, I hadn't asked him -- so I don' hed the ent since the last time we spoke. Reporter: On may 9th, Comey is in los angles tal to employeeheffice, when thing playing on catches his eye. FBI direcr James Comey has been fired. Reporter: Whayost ought? That's crazy. How could that be?

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{"id":54492262,"title":"James Comey Part 4: Discussing Michael Flynn","duration":"5:31","description":"Comey tells ABC News' George Stephanopoulos that President Trump said to him, \"[Flynn] is a good guy, I hope you can let it go.\"","url":"/2020/video/james-comey-part-discussing-michael-flynn-54492262","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}