Kate del Castillo on Sean Penn's Rolling Stone Article: Part 5

Del Castillo shares her thoughts on Sean Penn and his article that was posted after El Chapo's capture.
4:39 | 03/19/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kate del Castillo on Sean Penn's Rolling Stone Article: Part 5
Reporter: January 8th, 2016. Before dawn, troops move in on a house in a coastal city and el chapo is there. A barrage of bullets. But amazingly he escapes behind mirrors which hide one of his secret tunnels. The tunnel leads him out through the Mexican sewers. Here you can see in a grainy video how he pops out of a manhole half a mile away, and then he tries to get out of town in a stolen getaway car. But the vehicle breaks down and they nab him. No longer the guy wearing his silk shirt on the mountain, the man captured has a filthy t-shirt. What do you see? I see -- he tried to run for sure. Reporter: There's a famous perp-walk, officers push his head down and then turn it so the world has proof they got their man. In his safe house they found his arsenal and his personal DVD set of her show, "Queen of the south." But she thinks it's just too convenient. I don't trust the judicial system in Mexico. It's something that they want us to see. Reporter: And from the first moment the Mexican government said the ability to track her trip was essential to the capture of el chapo. Though yesterday they told us it was just a "Contributing element." So are they trying to get her in trouble with the drug lord? But do members of the cartel think you led to the capture of their leader? I don't think so. I'm not a law enforcement agent or I don't work in the government. So I -- you know, so I cannot -- you know, betray someone like that. Plus, it would be stupid. I mean, it's my life at risk and my family. Reporter: She reminds us the capture was three months after her meeting on the mountain and in a different place. So why would the government do it? To endanger your life? Maybe not to endanger my life. They want to put me as an example because they're very angry at me. Reporter: They want to take you down. I think so. I'm just a toy for them. Everybody knows it's a witch hunt. The Mexican government can leak whatever it wants to whoever it wants. They're more interested in smearing her. Reporter: And the Mexican attorney general has openly insinuated that del Castillo may have come close to money laundering. Someone released an exchange of texts with el chapo's lawyer about her tequila project. And he's like, "And maybe, you know, Mr. Guzman can invest in it." And I'm like, "Yeah, sure. That will be great." For me it was like, I'm just -- of course, I wouldn't have received one cent. I have not received one cent from the guy. Not one cent. I was just, "Yeah, whatever." That was it. Yeah. Stupid. Yes, I regret that. Yes, I do. Yes, I do. I've done a lot of mistakes in my life. You know, and -- and that was one of it. Reporter: And she says another one of her mistakes was being naive about Sean Penn's "Rolling stone" article. It appeared the day after el chapo's capture. She says it contained an inflammatory passage that simply wasn't true. Penn writes on their trip up the mountain to see el chapo they were stopped at a military checkpoint, but soldiers see the son of el chapo and wave them through. It's not true. We never stopped. We were never stopped by a military checkpoint or by any other person or checkpoint. Never. Reporter: Why is the checkpoint so important? Well it is humiliating for the Mexican government. For the Marines, for the military. It is such a big issue and we can get in so much trouble. Which I am, by the way. Reporter: We reached out to Sean Penn who says the check point incident did happen, and he stands by his story. But as of tonight, del Castillo says it still stings that Penn has been calling himself a journalist while in the article she is called "Our ticket to el chapo." "Our ticket to el chapo's trust." Well, he got it right in that way. You know, because he wouldn't be there if it was not for me. Reporter: Aren't you angry at him? Yes, a little bit, I am. But again, I'm angry at myself. Because I believe in people. And I didn't know Sean Penn. Reporter: She was so sure she says he would help her on her big project in Hollywood. I think he was never interested in the movie. Reporter: Penn answers her tonight, "I like Kate. She's energetic, sweet and has heart." But he says, "At no point did I express an interest in producing, directing or acting in her film."

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"Del Castillo shares her thoughts on Sean Penn and his article that was posted after El Chapo's capture.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"37762583","title":"Kate del Castillo on Sean Penn's Rolling Stone Article: Part 5","url":"/2020/video/kate-del-castillo-sean-penns-rolling-stone-article-37762583"}