Lorenzen Wright found dead on desolate road: Part 4

Wright’s ex-wife told police he may have been involved with drug dealers who wanted to do him harm. Nine days after he vanished, Wright’s body was found. He had been shot five times.
6:33 | 09/19/20

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Transcript for Lorenzen Wright found dead on desolate road: Part 4
can keep me on Lorenzen Wright's disappearance was all over Memphis TV. Lorenzen Wright has not been seen since Sunday. One local news crew even got his ex-wife sherra to come to the door. He was fine. And he's fine now. I can't -- I'm not gonna believe anything other than he's fine now. In those days after Lorenzen went missing, his friends are all trying to come up with plausible explanations as to where Lorenzen might be. That maybe he is fine. But there's one thing that keeps coming up, one thing that sticks out when they think back about the night he disappeared. In the hours after Lorenzen took that selfie in his friend's car, they remember that Lorenzen and sherra had a fight. That evening, Phil and Lorenzen had been planning a father/son night with their boys. But suddenly, Lorenzen gets a call from sherra, and it was unpleasant. I could hear sherra say, no! No! You bring him home now. He was like, okay, all right, fine. I don't want to argue with you. So we drove on to the house. He was dropped off at sherra's house. He was just going to go see his -- go see sherra. And when we pull up at the house he said, "I'm going to go in here. And I'm going to calm her down and I'll call you later. And then we can go out." So Phil drives away having no clue that this is the last time he'll see his friend. Because a few hours later -- Germantown 911. Where is your emergency? That 911 call, which might not have been investigated then -- Y'all, I heard nothing but gunshots. But is now. Nine days after Lorenzen went missing, police are all over it. The call was revealed because they went back and checked their records and they found that they had this desperate call from a man, you know, nine days earlier. Once the 911 supervisors realized that there was a call made on that night, they did a triangulation and found the area that the call was made from. It's a rural area, a wooded area, not a lot of traffic. And when police visit that wooded area, their worst fears are realized. They find the body. Police in Memphis, Tennessee, have found the body of former NBA player Lorenzen Wright. Of course, it was a huge story on the local news. They found him almost instantly. His body was found. It wasn't much left of it because it had been out there nine days. Even if you knew Lorenzen well, there was no way in the world that you could have identified his remains as him. The condition of his body was shocking. He had literally melted in the hot summer sun. The 6'11", 255-pound NBA Senter was just 57 pounds when his body was found. Badly decomposed, investigators say he was shot at least five times. When did you find out that he was dead? When they found his body. When I got that phone call, ou know, I just threw down the phone and just broke down, you know? It was really, really -- it was really painful. Me and my girlfriend jumped in her car and flew over there so quick. I was trying to get down there where he was because I wanted to walk in his last steps because me and him were like this. So you went to the crime scene? It was as if you wanted to find a clue. Right. Literally by walking in his footsteps. Yes. You could see a mother's anguish in real-time as news camera capture her desperation to see her son. Lorenzen Wright's mother was ushered behind the crime tape by MPD investigators. She was visibly upset but did not speak to the media before leaving the scene. They had her on the news, "Where's my baby?" Screaming out, "Where's my baby?" Did the police let you get into the crime scene? For a little bit, but they wouldn't let me get all where he was. They let me get under the tape. Well, I went under the tape anyway. Of course they tried to stop me. Did you see your son? Nope. They wouldn't let me get that This area is woodsy, it's quiet, it's really remote. That area was also not very far from that shortcut where Lorenzen Wright once lived near his mother, the Callis cutoff. The caliss cutoff, that was the shortcut that Lorenzen had taken hundreds of times. It was a strange place for his body to show up. Was it a clue? No one was concentrating on it in that moment. No one was talking about the fact that, you know, that he lived nearby. The body turning up there, does it narrow the scope of people who were involved in it? Or does it widen it? It's still very hard to tell. Publicly, yeah, there was a lot of talk about other people being involved. You talk to people and ask, did you know any reason why anybody would want to hurt Lorenzen? Was he involved in illegal They also actually found shell casings and actual bullets. Turns out police found shells from two different caliber weapons. This is a critical piece of evidence. It means that more than one gun used in the shooting. Lorenzen was shot five times. But he was shot with two different guns. So, we got another shooter. But then it got really real to us. That he's gone. Somebody has killed Lorenzen. I'm thinking to myself, oh, my god, who could have killed my friend? Why would somebody want him to die? The answers wouldn't come quickly. In fact, it would take a book written five years later to shed new light on the case, a book written by none other than sherra herself. And then this book comes out which almost appears to give clues.

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{"duration":"6:33","description":"Wright’s ex-wife told police he may have been involved with drug dealers who wanted to do him harm. Nine days after he vanished, Wright’s body was found. He had been shot five times.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"73106773","title":"Lorenzen Wright found dead on desolate road: Part 4 ","url":"/2020/video/lorenzen-wright-found-dead-desolate-road-part-73106773"}