Lorenzen Wright’s ex-wife charged in his murder: Part 8

Sherra Wright Robinson and Billy Ray Turner, her alleged accomplice, were arrested and charged with first-degree murder and both pleaded not guilty.
7:43 | 09/19/20

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Transcript for Lorenzen Wright’s ex-wife charged in his murder: Part 8
It's Billy ray turner's arraignment. The first time anyone has ever gone before a judge in connection with Lorenzen Wright's murder. The victim's mother was emotional at the site of Billy turner in court. Lorenzen Wright's mother stands up in the middle of the proceedings and yells -- How could you have murdered my son? That's what I need to know. Just how? The atmosphere was one of just wow. The air seemed to be sucked out of the room at that point. Why? Who are you? We don't know you? It's like a stranger killing somebody. Ms. Wright, step to the mic. And I could see the pain in her. And I saw how she expressed that pain to him. And I knew it was real, you know? Mrs. Wright, I understand your pain. And you're not helping your son. You're not helping the administration of justice by engaging in that sort of an outburst. Because if it happens again, I would have to bar you from the courtroom. And I don't want to do that to you, Mrs. Wright. Do you have any questions, ma'am? No, I told him what I wanted to say. But please don't do that again. So I shut my mouth for the rest of the court. Now the question is about sherra, who was living in California, but was never far from Deborah's mind. We have Thursday night bible study. And I got so emotional. I said, god, please get sherra Robinson Wright. Please. That's what I said that Thursday night. Friday, she was locked up. Sherra Wright Robinson was taken into custody last night in Riverside, California. The newsfeed hit that said that she had been arrested for the murder of Lorenzen Wright. And I said, hot damn, they got her. Sherra Wright Robinson has been indicted for conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, criminal attempted first-degree murder and first-degree murder for her ex-husband Lorenzen Wright. And I'm like, I just spent almost -- you know, the last almost three years of my life with a killer? They extradite her and bring her back. It was Memphis police department's -- one of their finest moments of finally putting this thing together. Today in court, sherra Wright, right there behind me, pleaded not guilty to killing her husband. Sherra basically, I think, the reality of finally being caught really took the life out of her. In an Orange jumpsuit, sherra Wright shook her head as judge Lee coffee laid down the law. Mrs. Wright, does appear to be an ongoing danger to Shelby county, Tennessee. Judge coffee gave Wright a $20 million bond. She looked horrible. This is a bizarre situation. Sherra, who's been this sexy, beautiful person with a lot of money, a lot of boyfriends, she's now on her way to jail. This is not going to work for her. It's not uncommon for people to act in a bizarre way in jail, particularly the ones who have never been in jail. She began to unravel. According to jail east staff, Wright berated workers, stripped off her clothes and flooded a toilet. She was acting very strangely. She had stripped naked and yelled out, I'm going swimming. Mrs. Wright's behavior yesterday is absolutely shocking. I don't think she's right mentally. I think that's why she said she was going swimming in the jail cell. I think all the things that she was doing while in jail were all acts of her trying to plead insanity. I did not buy that at all. There was a lot of speculation as to whether or not she was being theatrical or had legitimate claims for what she was going through. In a stunning new development inside this Shelby county courtroom Wednesday morning, sherra Wright's attorney stepped down. I'm not certain what happened between sherra and her former lawyers. And a new legal team steps in. Quite frankly, we found that sherra was easy to work with. She had been prescribed some medication that altered her behavior. Once we were appointed on the case, her behavior had stabilized and she had no significant problems after that. I'm excited. I think we can do well. A case like this does not come along every day. And we were honored to defend sherra. The objective is to give us the fairest opportunity to present our defense in the case. Meanwhile, Billy ray turner is laywered up, too. He brings in one of Memphis' most high-profile attorneys. John Keith Perry is kind of a rising star criminal defense lawyer. This is one of his, you know, big cases. There's a substantial amount of investigating that needs to continue. I was contacted by the family of Mr. Turner, and I've been on this case now since the end of 2017. We've read and listened to, I think, just about all of the discovery. Now you compile notes, lay out your outlines, see the points of attack. I've never had a reason to regret representing Billy ray turner. According to his attorney, Billy ray turner has constantly said he had no involvement in the murder of Lorenzen Wright. He stands by that then, and he stands by that now. We think if given a fair slate, Mr. Turner will walk out with me. I absolutely think that he did not do it. Perry has several questions about the alleged case against bill ray turner, starting with his connection to sherra. Some of the things that I've heard through the community about this super romance and that he would have been willing to jump bridges and over, you know, over rivers or whatever. I haven't seen that. And even more importantly, Perry says, consider the source. He says the prosecution case starts with Jimmy martin's story. And his criminal history, according to Perry, makes him not credible. Could he be the one that did it? Absolutely. With the statement that he gave, how he gave that statement, and the fact that he is a convicted murderer, yes, there is absolutely a chance he could have committed the act himself. Credibility-wise, he would be low on the totem pole, I think. Maybe he's trying to minimize his involvement in all this. He's flipped. He's turned a deal. So far, there is no proof Jimmie martin received any benefit from cooperating in the Lorenzen Wright case. But we do know he has never been charged in connection with Wright's murder. Neither martin nor prosecutors would talk with us. But now the stage was set for a climatic trial in the Lorenzen Wright murder. Did you expect these cases to lead to convictions, and did you expect that to happen fairly quickly? Once the gun was found, I did. No case is a slam dunk. No murder case is a slam dunk. However, no one was prepared for what would actually happen next. I walk into the assignment desk and she hangs up the phone and frantically says, I just got a tip. Go down to the courthouse.

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{"duration":"7:43","description":"Sherra Wright Robinson and Billy Ray Turner, her alleged accomplice, were arrested and charged with first-degree murder and both pleaded not guilty.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"73106694","title":"Lorenzen Wright’s ex-wife charged in his murder: Part 8","url":"/2020/video/lorenzen-wrights-wife-charged-murder-part-73106694"}