How Lottery Winners Picked Their Winning Lotto Numbers: Part 2

In 2007, Cynthia Stafford was a single mom when she won $112 million from a California lottery.
6:20 | 01/16/16

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Transcript for How Lottery Winners Picked Their Winning Lotto Numbers: Part 2
We knew 7-Eleven employee and prove you can expect Visteon hunting didn't customer. Drew does hit wearing glasses. We'll have a tendency to fly back to lucky stores like this we're winning tickets were sold. But this lottery winner says the secret to winning isn't in the store it in your mind. Meet CMBS staffer in 2007 she was a single mom raising her deceased brother's kids. When she replied I think California Mega Millions lottery you fight and win. Why newer world number. Stafford says it believing and visualizing yourself winning is the key. Part of the ask that you numbers velocity popularized by the secret. And similar books a few years back I'm an avid reader. Read a book com. Isn't just hocus pocus tee it up now. I managed magic I to believe what you believe in strongly woman and a best content. And Stafford says a car believed was specific. She says she visualize the exact amount of money she would win. In twelve million dollars what's the significance of a 112 you saw that number prior to winning. I like that number eleven because I'm born in November so has pretty much it and then just skills to to act to try to cushion but it to number two. Match my birthday that's basically elevenths doing. God that's birthday big. That's crucial factor bringing neurologist listening can't what are lucky numbers they're not president connected to your birthday. And if you look at the people who win the lottery so often they tell you. You know I've played my birth numbers I put my mom's birth numbers. That's a Nissan and exit his numbers that are around you are considered a. Keys and I don't think that your birthday has any effect on your chances of winning the lottery. You can probably visualizing the esteem math professor Aaron Abrams holds for the great science of numerology. I'm open to hearing any theory that has some evidence behind it. But usually people with serious like this don't have any evidence behind. But yeah there's big pieces of JD targets which just nineteen when he won 35 billion dollars. In the South Carolina powerball jackpot in 2008. Well he was some of those winnings are watching all girls' wrestling group called red delicious the snow rather than. Yeah I have read and now there's not a chance I can compete maverick. JC grid he claims he just started steering numbers in his head. It was a voice like any other wasn't my own store anyone that I recognized us telling a number of zipped through the whole day. And did you tell anyone about numbers the cousin. He was like man you've that's problem lottery numbers so once I played the lottery once I put the numbers in the voiced out. So how long after you've bought a ticket. Did you find out your winter blues that night you weren't surprised. No then husband when this can't be surprised that he noted something's gonna happen you know might question everyone listening. You've got numbers that is how do you consider the store by your. And visualize Sharon you have to believe it's possible art happens said it believed did to her to her Cold War. Stafford said she's donated more than a million dollars to charity is the. But she also is splurge. How many thousands of dollars of handbags are looking at about 400000. Dollars in and banks. She give us a tour of her house that she also visualize. Owning. And I remember when it sigh I thought to myself this is going to be my house it's decorated in lottery winners chic pick pricey art. How much was this painting. I don't like into the price. Feigning ticket he'd does not cheap. Interesting conversation pieces like this I'm usual golden share this represents an ancient Egypt and Andrea presents. Watch. Royalty again. Outside hurts you Bentley is costing a mere 400000. Dollars all of these are my babies you might think he added that Manning. Convertible loan that's more of my family come. He was a good. Let's go first bit. This hurricane. Jim miles an hour. Why it was good for both staff first and targets. Recently there have been bumps in the road a brief marriage and an expensive divorce for. MMI and 135 million dollars wow. Carney is claims he has 50% of his winnings luck when you and your mind. Fashion. It says he's scheduled to start shooting oakcrest delicious reality show in March. You can't just. It's you know spurs all it wants adding want to be bundled stories where you know these. Can't gain the money it and that's wealth and then Lucent all. But it Cynthia Stafford was visualizing a long term financial stability. The universe hasn't delivered sadly on January 6 Stafford filed for bankruptcy. This week she told us she made some bad investments and lost money in the stock market. We told bliss McCants about the latest developments in Cynthia's life wow wow wow while. Does this ultimately mean what desist that there out like their pro. I have six panel it might raise some questions about any mystical approach to the lottery. Yeah. But they can't says we don't stop believe it in Baghdad wherever her surrender and so even issuing the money she didn't it didn't fix her life did it. As a 1123. Months. And that's a message for our own plane. If you think the money it's gonna fix your life it's not announce a whole move situation you have to do what.

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{"duration":"6:20","description":"In 2007, Cynthia Stafford was a single mom when she won $112 million from a California lottery.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"36327771","title":"How Lottery Winners Picked Their Winning Lotto Numbers: Part 2","url":"/2020/video/lottery-winners-picked-winning-lotto-numbers-part-36327771"}